How can I dazzle when wearing oxygen at a wedding!

My nephew is getting married in July and we are invited to the wedding. I am having major concerns over oxygen as I am on 5 lpm sitting and 7lpm moving about. So I need to use cylinders for the day. At least two.

Because they are the larger cylinders and too heavy to carry, I usually pull them behind me in a trolley bag. But this will look rather frumpy and will not accessorise well with my dress. Anyone any ideas? I know it probably shouldn't matter - but it does! I still like to be stylish when the occasion arises.

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  • Decorate to match your outfit! Bag could have its own fascinator!


  • Knowing our members, you will get some great suggestions. :)

    Try here for initial inspiration...

  • Toci, Thanks for that very interesting as I am getting oxygen brought to me tomorrow. I was at my Respiratory Clinic last Thursday and that's what they had decided for me. Cheryl

  • Welcome to the club, Cheryl. :)

  • What brilliant covers Toci, I loved Hilda's one....Happy feet perhaps you could have a bridesmaid one.

    But you will feel so much better if you do 'dress' your O2

    and with your feminine wish to still 'dazzle' I can tell you are still ALL WOMAN inside

    You truly will dazzle girl

    Love Sohara

  • Congratulations Happyfeet on having wedding in the family. That is a great post. I agree that you can decorate your bag so it becomes part of your outfit. Or maybe pin some flowers on? I am sure you will stylish whatever you do. Hope you have a great time. xx

  • Oh weddings are lovely aren't they? I am sure with your attitude,you will definitely dazzle!!

    Some good advice has been given.We will expect a photo later!! Enjoy the wonderful day xxx

  • What an absolutely fantastic idea to dress up your tank!

    My nephew is also getting married this year, but in June, so I have a similar problem, although not so much as I am able to cope with my portable liquid canister for the time I am going to be out. I am definitely going to put some thought into co-ordinating it as part of my outfit, now though!

    Thank you to those that replied to this post with this idea, and I hope you have a wonderfully dazzling time at your nephew's wedding, Happyfeet!

    Ells x

  • Don't worry to much about the nose hose. I have two weddings coming up, one at the end of this month, the other at the end of May. And will forget I wear it and hopefully the guests will too. Just be yourself and chat away as though you don't have one. I went out for a meal with the bride and groom for this months wedding a couple of weeks ago and they said they want me to enjoy myself. And that is what I intend to do even if I can't take on the dance floor.

  • I am 100% behind dressing up the tank with lace/net and a few flowers or a lot if you have the cash. I hope you enjoy the day.

  • A girl I know has Cystic Fibrosis - she's 18. She has a knitted cover that looks like a dog for her oxy.

  • ...... & Sue's just reminded me of a girl we saw at Thorpe Park, dragging her oxy round .... it was disguised as a Henry Hoover ..... brilliant :-)

  • Hi - I don't have cylinders (on Helios liquid) but I do decorate with various themes throughout the year - it's great fun and a good ice breaker when you are out and about... people soon get chatting to you about it :) If it were me I would go for either Toci's suggestion of decorating to match your outfit - or if you know of any particular colour or theme that is planned for the wedding you could do something that ties in with that. If full decoration as in the examples in the above link seem too much for you, (and weren't they fantastic..) try and get a creative youngster to help. A more simple idea is to get some ribbons, and ready made garlands of silk flowers, and wind them around the cylinder adding bows or whatever takes your fancy to the trolley too - the possibilities are endless .... and don't forget to share your photo's please when you have the end result ;)

  • Thank you all for your replies. Some interesting suggestions - I'm not sure if it will be a 'Henry Hoover' kind of wedding though out for lunch!!!!

    I am thinking - refined and stylish. My OH says he will carry the oxygen beside me, in it's carrier, rather than wheel a cumbersome trolley bag around. so I think it might just be a facinator in dress colours attached to the bag.

  • Buy some nice fabric and tack it neatly in place around the bag - not too flowery perhaps if OH is carrying it. Good luck, await photos :)

  • PS. Just a thought ... would a stretch stocking, leg from pair of tights, or leg from old leggings fit tightly over it? If so that would give you a well fitted 'base' to which you could easily attatch just about anything - cover it in sewn or pinned on flowers / badges / jewellry/ pinned on family photo's etc ... and easily removed afterwards with no damage to actual cylinder...

  • Hi,

    I saw your question on this forum, and wanted to try to help. I have both personal experience of living with health problems - and the effect this has on your life; as well as professional experience of working as a Social Worker. I'm currently re-training as a Psychologist.

    I can TOTALLY understand that at a Wedding, you want to feel as feminine and attractive as possible. Most Weddings are all about dressing your best, and looking good - and this is particularly so for us women!

    I related to your story, because I had a friend who attended a Wedding in a wheelchair, and wanted to know how to "decorate" it. She made me really think about the issue. Anyway, here are a few ideas about what you could do. They may help, or they may be useless - take from them anything of benefit, and discard the rest!

    1. You could attempt to find a really stylish, "designer" looking trolley bag in which to place your oxygen. There are some fantastic ones on E-Bay in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. What's even better, is they need not be excessively expensive. I have noted some pretty ones in floral prints, a lovely polka-dot one, and some leather-look ones. I have also noticed a really "trendy" animal print one (which is actually designed as a beauty case for Beauticians, but might work). Something like this could look stylish in its own right - and you could then use it as a long-term replacement for a less fashionable model. Try having a look at what is available on E-Bay. (Just type in stylish shopping trolley bags).

    2. You could do as others have said here in their responses, and decorate the bag to match your outfit using fascinators - things like that.

    3. You could steal an idea from Wedding decorators. Sometimes, they decorate plain chairs at Weddings, by putting a white cover over the chair, then tying it with a large ribbon bow (often to coordinate with the Bridesmaid dresses). For a photo example, just try typing the words "images of decorated chairs at Weddings" into a search engine - you'll see what I'm talking about. It would probably be pretty easy just to make a plain white cover to put over the oxygen, and finish it with a coordinating bow, in this way.

    4. You could, as suggested by Toci, make a fancy cover for your cylinder/bag. This gives you complete control over choice of colour, fabric, design, etc. You could use sequinned fabric, or perhaps a shiny metallic. You could try leather-look, to make it very "designer" - the choice is yours.

    5. You could purchase a ready-made Oxygen Tank bag on-line. There is one supplier that I have found that does a really good range of bags. If you're interested, type into a search engine to bring up the website and look at the range of products. I think they export from America, so don't know about timing etc. but perhaps worth a look.

    6. You could "cheat" a little, and purchase a ready-made fancy cover of the sort used to cover VACUUM CLEANERS. There is a huge range of choice available on E-Bay. JUst type into a computer search engine such as Google.

    Hoping this offers you some inspiration... Whatever you choose to do, at the end of the day - just go, and really ENJOY THE WEDDING.

    All the best,


  • Oops... Before I go...

    Just found this, as well - it's another site that sells portable O2 cylinder carrier bags that are more stylish/fashionable than usual. perhaps you could treat yourself to one, as you ARE going to a Wedding, after all. It's the opportunity to "splash out"!

    Anyway, for this website, type into a search engine...

    Hope you find something to work for you. Have a LOVELY time at the Wedding.



  • Hi Happyfeet, there are some great ideas there and I am sure you will find something to suit you. Have a lovely time. Cheryl

  • Happyfeet - Enter as a Bond Babe with your jet pack on your back !!!!. Your nephew will be pleased your there not what you look like ! (but I'm sure you'll be stunning). if people comment thats their problem not yours ! I often walk the street with a bandanna over my nose & mouth and a woolly hat on(look like a burglar from home alone?) if someone looks at me funny, I go bog eyed and look at their embarrassed expression LOL ... Be yourself and enjoy the day out-Plumbob

  • Thank you all again for your responses. I rather like ideas in scooteeder's replies. Would be happy to 'splash out' on something stylish as I am hoping to have a lovely dress and shoes. I alreadt have a wheeled bag in a stylish polkadot fabric for day to day use but it seems a little heavy for a June wedding. I shall keep looking - don't on this occasion want a 'homemade' one, my designer skills are not too good!

    I am not worried about the guests at the wedding who will, I am sure, be respectful and kind. But I do want to be as stylish as I can be like my family and all the other guests.

  • Can you please post the picture of your oxygen cover.? I would enjoy a dog one🐶

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