Never let the cat out of the bag

We decided that we should have a night out the pair of us, but were worried about leaving the house in total darkness, so we did all the usual things of leaving lights on in some rooms , we have a cat but we decided to put him out for the night as he's always trying to get at the budgie in its cage, the taxi we had previously booked turned up, I got into the taxi, but as my husband was trying to lock the door the cat dashed back inside,quickly followed by my husband, I told the taxi driver that hubby was making sure that my mum was staying with us just so he would think that the house was still occupied , a short while later my husband also got into the taxi & said that he caught hold of the little bitch, she put up quite a fight - had to poke her out from underneath the bed, screaming , smacked her arse & locked her in her room, the silence in the taxi to the restaurant was deafening.

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  • I love it ! Made me laugh out loud ! :)

  • me too, glad you're laughing again Puff :) :) :) :D

  • It's got to be done ! :)

  • Hilarious!

  • How wonderful,I nearly choked on my cuppa,very clever! xxx

  • Fantastic

  • Hilarious. What a great start to my day. Couldn't read it to my husband without non-stop laughter. Thanks.

  • P.m.s.l love it cheers Aidi :-)

  • Brill :P

  • Tiger, That was really something! :)

  • HA Ha , I needed that. Thank you. Malk

  • lol lovely thank you

  • Good one love it

  • Maybe it as an oldie for some but it will be new to a lot of people as well.

    Great fun, keep them coming.

  • ha ha, laughter is def, the best medicine:)

  • Oh how funny,thanks for the laugh,

  • Brilliant!!!

  • Hahaha I really needed that laugh and now have such a broad grin on my face... Can't wait to read it out to my husband xx

  • why cant I forward anything from this site.

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