A dont know how DWP can sleep at night ... thay are a disgrace to put it mildly

A dont know how DWP can sleep at night ... thay are a disgrace to put it mildly

Dying Merseyside man was told by benefits assessors ‘you’re fit to work’ Disabled Robert Barlow died last November aged 47 while suffering from a heart defect and brain tumour.

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  • Oh, I don't think they have any problem sleeping, Daz, after all, they've not lost sleep over the 10,600 who've already died within six weeks of their benefit stopping, why would one more affect them? And before you say it, that's the last figure the DWP issued in respect of claimants dying - they stopped collating the figures, but for the life of me I can't think why! (sarky). The gubberment are looking for another company to take over from ATOS, but without making any changes to the methodology to their system of assessments, it will be same old, same old, but probably at a higher cost to the taxpayer, and the individual who they miraculously cure!

  • Is shocking .. Av told dwp the not killing me and getting away with it already had atos say i was fine and i was dying at time of my assessment

  • Oh Daz,that is soo sad,I just hope he is resting in peace now.He sounds as if he had so much to contribute to society.

    What a waste of fine life.

    You keep up your good fight,I do admire you,for following everything through.Love Wendells xxx

  • I don't post very often but read everyday. I very recently had a PIP assessment with ATOS. It was dreadful, the assessor -I won't call them Healthcare professionals- was downright nasty. She slept well that night safe in the knowledge she had upset me. I will have the last laugh (I hope) I recorded it.

  • Well done suzey, if only more people would, they wouldn't get away with their lies. I do hope you've written or emailed your MP about her behaviour, as the more pressure is applied to MPs, then maybe, just maybe, they'll start taking the matter seriously, instead of yet another committee meeting coffee morning in the house of commons! I'm sick of all the talk but no action. I'm sick of hearing MPs wail and moan at our plight, while pocketing vast amounts in expenses! Can you tell I'm slightly ticked off by them? LOL :) x

  • Thanks. I have written to my MP and complained to ATOS officially.I am so glad I recorded it even although I have yet to play that card, told no-one yet. If there is a tribunal I shall leave it til then, if there isn't a tribunal I will use the recording at a later date. I am not letting her get away with it.

  • True, ATOS and DWP are paid bonuses if they reach their targets. So they get richer and we get poorly.

    Next time I will be taking a dictaphone with me and record everything.

    I hope Robert is haunting them for what they have done to him. RIP Robert Barlow.

  • I am afraid it is like we have to be in a line up if they cannot see anything wrong then there is nothing wrong.

    I had a woman say to me while I was taking my mother to the shops why I was in the blue badge bay. Until my 93 year old mother got out. She then said "oh!" for my mother to pipe up and say "For your information the badge is my son's! just because he looks like he does does not mean he is not poorly" She went bright red and walked off.

  • yer mother sounds like mi dad,when I was moving he helped me,gettin heavy stuff out of the car,people look like gawd whats up wi that lazymare,dad said might look ok ,but insides arnt up to scratch,nicely put dad,xxx I just went in laughing,

  • Hi Daz

    I think any decent health professional would be ashamed to be associated with ATOS. The work capability assessment should be changed not just the people who administer it. ATOS have made millions from this contract.

  • shocking and very sad,thay just don't care about anything,xxx

  • Daz this is not the first c**k up Atos have made they are a IT company who are not suitable to do the job why the b****y hell they did not employ retired Doctors to do the job is beyond me lets just hope Atos never come back

  • I dont think anything goes into the head, just because someone can stand and talk they are then deemed to work, my thoughts go the to Gentlemens family.


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