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Aura and my bodies PH and electric magnetic field

Aura and my bodies PH and electric magnetic field

BOOM my aura is red ... here's what my red aura indicate.

Intense emotion, power, and passion. Common in those that enjoy a challenge, tend to overwork themselves, and exhibit a strong force of will.

I wonder if your bodies energy or electric magnetic field fluctuates like your PH levals

Apartly PH strips are good at telling you if you have bactrial infection ... as far as aura go's EM need to think about that

But pics look good :)

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Hi Daz, after all the terrific fight and spirit you show in trying to convince the medical profession of what is actually wrong with you, your aura could be nothing but Red! What fun and are they horns coming out of your head that I can see? You take care and keep posting. xxxxx :)


Hi sassy59 yer was thinking that myself .. Should go GP's surgary looking like that.

Might even get few honest answers and better care ..


Yes, or you could scare the you-know-what out of them. Take care. xxx


Hi yer was just looking at pic .. And can you see that in back ground next to me .. A wont say what side

Over your right shoulder? Creepy! xxxx

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Rorschach test ;-)

sorry ,,you didn't no what it was so I looked it up,again sorry as if I make a mistake I apologize,xxx

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Its ok twiceshy3 yer think someones trying to be smart


It is important to ground yourself when doing healing work. There are several ways you can ground. One way is by grounding yourself into crystals this is done by drawing a line of energy from the base Chakra between the legs or place 2 smoky quartz crystals below the soles of the feet this works very well. I find it grounds the healing as well as aura cleansing grounding with lodestone.

Hi chiggles cheers thats al beyond me really .. a was just after seeing what my energy looked like .. Will ad if you look at my pic just. To left side you can see a face with his or hers hands resting on his her chin

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What's the little candles coming out of your head? Your soul?

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