Write to them! This is a site that allows you to E-mail your local M.P.i have been on it today and sent an email to mine asking if he can

look into my re-claim for dla following my changes in health!All I did was type in"contact my local mp"& it gives you the website to get in touch with them! I'll let you all know what happens and if I get a reply back from him. Take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

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  • Good for you Aidi Let them earn their money !! I pester mine so much that am gonna put him on my phone -a-friend list !!!. Tho I do have more than my health issues going on, as the Council is planning to build a main road and 450 house 30metres from my front door ( i overlook fields, and not even a road outside my front door it's beautiful view) I wrote to the diocese (who own the land) and all they offered me was prayer and pastoral services for the stress caused. Grrr ... Wonder if my mortgage provider will accept prayer instead of payment !!! Don't think so !! Gonna be left with an enforced move and a house in negative equity so prayers aren't gonna work (rant over !!!) Keep smiling and keep pestering your MP -Plumbob

  • how can they do this? new EU rules came in , last year I think, that ban building houses within a 100 yards?metres (?) of major roads. So you would assume that the same restrictions would apply to building roads next to houses. I am taking this up with my MP due to a new housing estate ( for families on low incomes and so implies there being young children involved) getting built right on top of the A494 . The WHO has shocking figures on the death?illness rates of folks living next to main roads and these are not just in the 3rd world eithet.. Maybe you can contact your EU M.P. and Green Peace to check on your rights. Good luck.

  • Hiya plumbob, got an email back today asking for my N.I. no. so he can look into it and see what he can do to help me! Banging, take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

  • Cheers for that plumbob,don't worry I will be doing! Im sick of being given the run around when all im asking for is what im entitled to. I've paid into the system all the time I worked so there only giving me back what I've paid in! As for your house and view the very best of luck with it, trouble is if builder's see land now they have to build on it,and re the Church, it's probably them that sold the land in the first place because we all know how poor and hard up churches are (especially the Catholic Church. Biggest land owners of the lot and the richest)take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

  • we recently found this" contact your m.p website" sent our local m.p bob blackman tori mp for harrow an invitation to come to our home and see what sort of life & the daily struggle people like ourselves face, to tell him that all the illness's that i suffer from " choose me " not the other way round, due to his stance on benefit payments to disabled people as being outrageous, sent the email off , expecting an acknowledge at the very least, but nothing came thru,got an automated email from the website asking if we had been contacted which was within 3 weeks of the original e-mail, and still nothing to date, then low & behold we had an named flyer come thru the letter box showing us all the " good deeds " his was involved in around the borough, but not one sign of any support for disabled people like ourselves, so he in turn can go and ....................

  • Tiger -the saying, shy bairns get no sweets(If you don't shout you don't get?) is my motto, every time I request info I put a specific dead line on the correspondence for the info, and if I don't get I stamp my feet on floor and scream (metaphorically of course - haven't got he energy??) then go to somebody above and make a nuisance of myself ( I won't be ignored ?) so I could be on the local papers by the end of the month ?? We can't be walked over !!! -Plumbob

  • I emailed my MP last week about the fact it's been 8 months since I sent my claim for PIP in with med evidence including report from an ATOS Dr re my esa ( got put in support group thanks to that). I received a letter from MP today telling me that he has contacted the Director General of DWP and he would let me know as soon as he hears something back. Fingers crossed

  • Hiya Ann 1webb,after I sent my email of to my local mp I thought that is the last I'll hear about that! Imagine my surprise today after I got a email back saying that he can help me with this, just needed my N.I. no. to get it looked into and get something sorted

    Sp good luck with your problems and hopefully we will both get the right result. Take care and breathe easy Aidi :-)

  • Hi Aidi, well I finally got my appointment from ATOS today it's for the 24th and it seems they have taken notice of the fact Mornings are not an option, so that's a start at long last. I wouldn't have thought that they will disagree with 1 of their own Dr's reports re my health and daily living and mobility but lets wait and see, should be an interesting 1 :)

    Good Luck to us all that are going through the process

    Ann x

  • Good for you and good luck for the 24th. I hope that everything goes ok and it gets sorted out? By the way you never said which support group your in,im guessing the non work related or "the knackers yard group"as I refer to it lol:-). Take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

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