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Weekend Wit- keeping with the golf theme

A couple were playing around of golf on the weekend of their 40th anniversary, just as they have done every weekend since they first met, and to celebrate their special occasion were given a sumptuous meal and champagne, laid on by the golf club as a gift.

At the table the husband plucked up courage and said to his wife - My dear for forty years I have loved you with all my heart, but have kept a secret from you,that has torn me apart for most of those 40 years and it is only fair that, because you mean so much to me that I must tell you my secret with a heavy heart !

The wife sits there bemused by what he is going to say !!

He continues - Shortly after we first met I had a stupid drunken fumble, which led onto other things with one of your best mates, and the stupidity has racked me with guilt all these years !!!

The wife looks at him and says, oh you mean Mary Fawcett don't you, I knew about that she told me a few days later, and I liked you that much I instantly forgave you as you were intoxicated and she was far more attractive compared to me. We were all young and daft?

As the husband sat there relieved, the wife said, while we are talking about guilty confessions I also have one that i have kept from you all these years.!!

The husband sat up bemused wondering what his wife was going to tell him.

She went on. - Just before we met I had undergone a sex change operation !!

What he said - A sex change? you mean you were born a man ?? All these years I've been married to a man ??

She bowed her head apologised, and tried to explain to him.. But he interrupted full of fury... I can't believe you were born a man that is so deceitful !!!

Again she tried to apologise but he interrupted again. Do you know how hurt I am ??? 40 years of playing golf together .....


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Typical male golfer,HaHa! xxx


Nice one, Bob. :)


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