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E-cigarettes - Important information

The magazine from my oxygen supplier (Baywater Healthcare) has the following article :-

'You must not use e-cigarettes whilst using oxygen.

These devices contain a battery and electrical components, including a heating element to vaporise liquid. The vaporised liquid is usually glycol or glycerine based.

These are electronic devices with potential for spark if a fault develops, and they vaporise a potential fuel source. y

You must not use them whilst using oxygen.'

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A very important point that all the elements required for a fire are present in heat,oxygen and fuel. There are safer methods of administering nicotine replacement therapy for the unfortunates unable/unwilling too escape addiction.


No potential for spark in my ecigarettes.


I agree with qbjb - I can see no potential for spark; however, I would err on the side of safety and request a definitive answer backed by evidence from Baywater. There are so many different types, ranging from look-alikes to the very sophisticated 3rd and 4th generation e-cigs which I use. One thing I would beware of is the type that can be used while it is charging from a mains/usb charger - I have never had a problem because I don't use this method, nor do I buy cheap chargers. Personally I think this is a bit OTT - but press for answers.

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I am sure the oxygen suppliers err on the side of safety and not doing that leaves them in danger of breaking health and safety guidelines but whatever we die of it shouldn't be ignorance. I notice Wales are in the process of banning e cigarettes in public places following similar action in some American states the safety of e cigarettes is unproven.


I'm very happy to share information about the brand I use!


I am COPD and quit cigarettes almost 3 years ago. I now buy non/nicotine as I simply like the flavors. Bad or good for COOD??? I used to be a 2 pack a day smoker for 35+ years



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