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For the last three days been finding it hard to breath not dew to the dust that is in the air as Live In west wales but still went to rehab yesterday as I try not to miss it today if I tunch my chest and press it it was pain full on left and right so if it cares on do not know what to do as I know I Have sever copd it is not the pain that is a worry it is the breathless I get when I try and do the most easy things and that is siting down as well ?

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Hi David 12, I am sorry you are having problems... Can you ring your gp's surgery, if they are not open they will tell you how to contact the out of hours service. I was taken ill last time I was in west Wales and went to the hospital in Llanelli as Glangwili was full and they were very helpful. Is it NHS direct you contact in Wales for help? I wouldn't wait until Monday if you are so breathless and sore. Best wishes


I've been struggling more the past 3days too ,I live by the sea,but my car was covered in dust,I went out and thought I had reverted backwards ,but I think it's the air pollution.


I think it's the air pollution as I live by the sea,did not expect it,my car is covered with dust.


I was given tramadol for a painful back and have been blaming that for the breathlessness and the pains in both sides.

But now I am wondering if coughing is a more likely cause of the pains in my sides, it feels like someone has kicked me just below my ribs, and the current pollution is responsible for coughing.

You just can't win, everything was starting to improve and the light at the end of the tunnel was in view, then my back went, now everything is a massive painful effort.


I was surprised yesterday to find my car covered in Sahara dust and I live in Swansea by the sea and on top of a hill. No wonder i have been feeling so out of breath for the last week. and our pollution was only classified as moderate. x


Sorry you're suffering David, take Knitter's advice and contact a doctor. They can tell all sorts from listening to your chest including pleurisy which can be very painful......... I'm not suggesting you have that but I do agree you need to see a doctor. Chest pain can be many things.

The Sahara dust and pollution have hopefully moved on now. It was a bit like the volcanic ash clouds of a couple of years ago. All the dust & pollutants get sucked up in to the atmosphere only to drift around and drop on the populace. It contained many bad pollutants including some very toxic particles so no wonder we were all suffering.

let us know how you get on. Peeg

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Perhaps the best thing, David, is to talk to the pulmonary nurse at the course. I found them very helpful at giving advice on how to overcome things like that. Being breathless ins scary, but can be overcome. I found some exercise on Youtube, but before showing those, I'd say have a talk with your nurse there, this will be more fruitful to you.


I like to thank every one for there advice


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