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Please don't think I'm crazy, but how can you tell if a lung is partially collapsed?

About 5 months ago, I had a case of pneumonia which made my asthma flare up. I had quite a bit of rehabbing with oxygen therapy, and they changed my inhalers / meds for my asthma, but what keeps bothering me, is the meds seem to be doing their job, but in my left lung, I feel something strange. I think the best way to describe it... imagine you had a balloon that was not blown up yet, and it got wet inside and dried again. You go to blow it up, and it kind of sticks together for a second at the bottom , but then then air stretches it, and it fills with the air all the way. That's what it feels like in my left lung when I take a deep breath, as if part of it is stuck shut until I fill it with air completely. I can even hear an actual wheeze / gurgle in that area (it's just about by my last rib at the bottom). I even had my husband put his ear to that area, and he could hear it. When I had x-rays and CT scan of my lungs done, they said they looked fine, but I don't know if this happened after the x-rays or not because I was having such a hard time recovering from the pneumonia. Has anyone had this feeling or symptom before? I feel that if it was collapsed somewhat I would be even more out of breath, but I just don't know anymore. This whole thing came on so fast in the first place!

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If I were you I would get myself to the hospital right now. Don't wait another hour or two or until morning to see if things improve. I think you are displaying symptoms of a partially collapsed lung, but I am unclear if you had the CT scan while having these symptoms of if you have developed them since the scan. In any case get to A&E now, as you cannot take chances with your history. I do not want to frighten you but as you probably know things can worsen quickly when your lungs and airways are involved. Please call 999 or if someone can take you there right away then you could do that, although an ambulance would be better. For your own sake and peace of mind please go right now! I hope I am wrong but you do sound as if you need medical attention. I wish you well and let me know how you get on. xx

I have been having this problem for almost a month now, and as bad as it sounds, I don't think it's something I need to rush out to the hospital with, right this minute. It's more of something that's been developing over the last month after I had the pneumonia, the CT scan, and also 4 rounds of antibiotics which I forgot to mention. I am now waiting on allergy testing, but the doctor didn't want to do tests on me until my breathing was more under control. (I'm starting to think that I can't get it under control if I am allergic to something, so how long do they plan to make me wait?) Either way, I am still concerned as to what I am feeling and hearing in my left lung. Doctors have done what seems like a million tests for different things, and all I can do is tell them what I'm feeling, but I should be getting better, not worse.

Hi have you rung the BLF helpline for advice...they are open from 10am during the working week. Have you tried saline nebules, I found they were good to help clear mucus, I would go back to your gp and explain your symptoms again.

I can't get in until Monday, but I am watching it closely. I don't feel I'm in danger as this came on so gradually, but all of this is relatively new to me, I've never had my asthma flare up so. I will definitely check into the saline

I have had numerous spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) since my teenage years (37 of them so far) and have never had the experience you describe. A collapsed lung (for me) means an increase in breathlessness and a severe, stabbing pain which comes on suddenly and is worse when breathing in, and considerably worse when trying to lay down. However, should I hear the sucking noise you describe, I would certainly visit my doctor as soon as possible to determine the cause, so that early treatment can be given if necessary. Good luck. x

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Toci, is it possible for just part of the lung to collapse? Where I am feeling it is strictly in the bottom of the left lung. I can take a deep breath without pain, but laying on my back is a problem, not that it is painful, just harder to breathe. I'll be seeing the gp on Monday, but I just seem to be getting worse than better, and all he's done is add more drugs to my arsenal. All of these symptoms are strange to me, I've never had as many problems with my asthma as I am having the last 5 months, so I am very grateful there are people on this site (like you and all the others who have commented) that I can ask questions of and get a better feel for what I need to tell the Dr. when I do see him.

Yes, there can be, and often is, a partial collapse. See your doc and get it check out. I would suggest you need an x-ray of the area. Or perhaps a new doc?

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i think I need a new Dr. also. This Dr. I have makes me wait so long between appointments, that too much happens in between and I end up going to someone else anyway. The problem is, is explaining all that's happened to me over and over...

My advice would be to seek out someone with a particular interest in respiratory diseases. Good luck.

Thanks for the link, that was quite informative. Now I can explain this to my Dr. a little better without sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about

I'm sorry I can't help or advise but I'm thinking of fluid in the pleural cavity. I'm absolutely no doctor or medic so have no knowledge to base this on but my own small experience.

I can totally see why you're so worried without any answers. I wish you the best of luck on Monday. Peeg

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Hi squady, that's the funny part, there really is no pain, just a feeling like a gurgle, or like when your stomach rumbles when you're hungry ( I am not hungry tho) Actually I feel a bit better today, and that feeling has lessened. Still going to the gp

Hi I have had this same problem happening to me for well over a year. I notice it more when I lay down or shallow breath for a few minutes. Of the mornings when I wake up its the worst. It hurts to take a deep breath, but after a few deep breaths it goes away. It feels exactly how you describe it. I have had xrays blood tests and nothing. From all the research I have done I think it is caused by asthma and mucus build up. If you find out different please let me know. Like I said before I have the exact same symptoms as you. God bless and I hope all is well for you. :)

Did you ever get a diagnosis? I have the very same thing.

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