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ATOS ********!!!!!!!!!


I had an appointment for my PIP assessment today 9 months after I applied. Turned up at a very dodgy looking physio centre next to Luton Rugby Football club to be told it had been cancelled! No-one bothered to tell me. Took 40 minutes on the phone to book a new one as they wanted me to go to London! I live in North Hertfordshire. Finally persuaded them to book it in Cambridgeshire on the same day I have an appointment at Addenbrookes. I even took a day off work. Tomorrow a letter will be written cc my MP re their service.


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What a disgraceful way to treat you. So sorry. Good luck at Addenbrookes - will be interesting to hear their response and indeed if you hear from your MP. cx

alanjudy in reply to cofdrop-UK

My MP has already replied and is writing to ATOS.

Appalling, but becoming the norm.

I was under the impression ATOS had stopped all work for assessments after a scathing arse kicking from the Government.

The present lot are looking for a new service provider.

Maybe one that will do it at a cheaper cost and knock even more people off,or am I just a bitter cynical old man these days.


How frustrating - glad you have been able to re-book. Good idea to write - they need to hear complaints, too often we just accept it as one of those things! TAD xx

I really think that PIP system and its governing body, monitoring it's performance needs to be 'outed' by their poor performance, as there are so many people out there (including me) that are so fed up & frustrated with their performance. I don't think they have a set response time they just seem to plod along, while so many people struggle. Any body who has complaints against them should include a CC to their MP, and maybe if sufficient people ask the question maybe we might get a system that works..... Rant Over - Plumbob

My goodness it just shows the total useless system that they are. Its a disgrace that this has been allowed to go on. Im reading about people in very very ill health having to be subjected to these incompetent ninnies who know nothing about how these poor people are health wise and managing financially. This government should be hanging their heads in shame. How on earth people are expected to wait months for even a consultation is utterly beyond normal peoples train of thought. The private working sector would simply grind to a halt if we operated our business like they do. Utterly useless x

Arrived at the centre after a 60 mile drive and told the case was far to complex to be accessed by a Nurse and has to transferred now to a Dr, book load of paperwork stretching back 19 years and it goes on and on. Do not understand why they did not tell me that before setting off seems very odd and frustration. Waiting now to be sent back again in another few months time...

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