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results from my gp about my spirometry i had on tuesday

fev1 before bronchodilator 3.2 L last time it was2.67 L

fev1/fvc ratio 84 last time it was 62

precentage of predicted forced vital capacity 90% last time 102%

percent predicted fev1 95% last time 79%

pulse oximetry 98% last time 98%

what ever that all means

chronic obstrutive pulmony disease excluded by spirometry.. last time results are suggestive of moderate copd.

gp said i can come of my seretide but keep my has and when blue top just in case

so happy days for again to you all if you can keep up the exercise and stop the smoking (and i know how hard that was) do it.

Good luck and keep breathing



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wishing you all the best music, good luck,xxx


Great news, music. x


wahoo! brill, all the best! huff :) x


These results show you have worked at improving your breathing since last time. Well done. Doctor is obviously impressed too.


Thats great news .. Always nice great to see members improve ... :)


Good news Music, you must be chuffed.


well done ,,have you been doing exercises ect,x


Great to hear some good news,keep it up& congrats!xxx


Great news, good luck with your future. xxxxx


I think that's just really brilliant. Such good news. I am very pleased for you and keeping fingers crossed for myself!


Kick ass!


You actually reversed copd?


hi tooyoung and yes thats what my spirometry readings were has i cant beleive it myself because i do feel ok apart from i do still have to clear my throat in the mornings and i do get tierd sometimes and wake up in the night, so for now i am going to think i am very mild and try and get another test done

Dont smoke and keep active if you can and try not to worry..GOOD LUCK


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