Hydrogen Peroxide for IPF

When I was told that I had IPF a year ago the Consultant told me that there was no treatment available. As my condition worsened someone told me to Google 35%Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade for internal use. With nothing to loose I tried it, diluting with distilled water as directed. I must say the results are very positive I can now sleep well and breath easier after only 3 weeks and not up to full strength yet.

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  • Yes that's one use Mellisa there are a multitude of uses - Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural substance that is produced by your body especially in the immune system and is present in breast milk to kick start babies immune system. The chemical formula is H2o2 That is Water with an extra atom of Oxygen

    This extra oxygen attacks Bacteria and Viruses in your body exactly as your immune system does.

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  • Did your consultant not suggest pirfenidone? Do you attend a specialist centre for IPF?


  • Maggie This is the first I have heard of this, my Consultant has told me there is nothing to treat IPF, I will certainly question this when I see him next month. Thanks a million for bringing this to my attention. I don't attend a specialist centre just the Lung dept of the Local Hospital in Gateshead.

  • Hi Wildcard

    See my answer to poppyval (Cheryl) below


  • First priority, demand a referral to a specialist IPF centre I am with the RVI in Newcastle, if it means traveling and costs it's worth every penny and the effort. There are no proven treatments or cures but there is well informed best practice. The medics listen to you and show respect for your views and experiences. They will put you through lots of tests to inform themselves of your condition, give you an honest open appraisal of things as they are and may offer you the chance to take part in research projects. Go for it wildcard its you life and Quality Of Life your dealing with, all the very best don't take no for an answer.

  • Hi Wildcard,

    are you still active here, can you please tell me of your status

  • I take it, its also known as Esbriet

    Very very expensive

  • Hi AllenHenry, i have been diagnosed with IPF .Am still working as dentist .My saturation is 98% at rest.,92% after exertion.I have not yet started treatment with Steroids, immunosuppressors and Pirfenidone.Am only 59 and having a decent life.I will try some natural remedies:H2O2, serratiopeptase, NAC and yoga breathing.I would like to know for how long you take Esbriet, if you have side effects such as nausea, vomiting, photosensitivity(rash after exposure to sun), Specially dizziness and fatigue and liver damage. Thank you

  • Yes Nausea, also noticed age spots, but find it does help

  • Hi Maggie, what is pirfenidone please. I wonder if it would help my IPF? Cheryl

  • Hi poppyval(and wildcard)

    Pirfenidone is a newish drug introduced to treat IPF. It is not a cure but is thought to slow the progress of the disease down in some situations. It has recently been passed for use by NICE. It is only used with Ideopathic Pulmonary fibrosis (no known cause); it is not a treatment for other forms of pulmonary fibrosis such as those caused (like my own) by autoimmune diseases.

    If you call the BLF helpline they can probably answer your questions or, click on the red balloon at the top of this page and go into their website. On there you will find a section about lung diseases, and within that, a section on ILD and pulmonary fibrosis. There is an information sheet on IPF and a video presentation organised by BLF last year and given by a PF specialist consultant. It gives a lot of information, both about the disease and about current and developing treatments.

    The thing is, as you will come to realise if you haven't done so already, pulmonary fibrosis and other ILD are relatively rare lung diseases. My GP said when he first suggested my diagnosis, that it was quite likely that non of the other 7 doctors in the practice would ever have come across a case. He just happened to have done so in his training. Even many respiratory consultants in general hospitals around the country are not very knowledgeable about the disease. They treat much more COPD and lung cancer.

    Therefore you need to inform yourself, and probably ask for referral to a specialist hospital where they specialise in research and treatment of this group of diseases. I don't know where you live but Papworth Hospital in Cambridge and the Royal Brompton in London are two of these. They often see patients from around the country for diagnosis, tests and development of a treatment plan which may be carried out by the local respiratory department.

    Sorry to have written such a lot but thought some background might be useful. Sorry if teaching grandmother to suck eggs!

    Others on here will be able to suggest other ILD/IPF specialist hospitals.

    Good luck Maggie

  • Thanks for all your help Maggie, very interesting. My IPF was apparently brought on by my Rheumatoid Arthritis which damages the organs of the body as well as the joints. I have a very good respiratory team here in Dumfries Hospital. I didn't know that PF was so rare, although the majority of people on here have COPD. I will now go onto the website and watch video and read up on it, obviously I did when I first came on here last year but I forget to keep checking for updates. I will show my Consultant this Pirfenidone and ask if it would help me. I was up at them last Thursday and they have suggested a bottle of oxygen at home and I have to do a trial as to when is the best time to use it, and how long for. Also maybe to use it overnight and see if that helps. It's going to be a trial, but she said not to worry it is not the end for me but just another medication. My oxy level is always 95 or 96 unless after bad exertion, but my breathing is terrible, cant even walk from one room to the other without having to sit down and get my breath back, but she took blood out of my wrist to check the oxygen levels there. Once again thanks for all your help. Take care. Cheryl

  • Hi Cheryl

    See my reply below. Don't know what I did so that it didn't connect with yours!


  • I have to take it 3 times a day, its also known as esbriet

  • Did anyone ever tell you cost of Pirfenidone/Esbriet

  • Very encouraging to hear. Thank you.

  • Hi Cheryl

    If your fibrosis is caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis which like Sjogren's syndrome which I suffer from is an auto-immune disease, then it possibly may not be idiopathic i.e. it does have a known cause. Obviously I am not medically qualified so am not qualified to tell you about your illness, but this is how it has been explained to me. If you do not have idiopathic PF then probably pirfenidone will not help. For me the treatment has been to use various methods to damp my immune system down so that it will not initiate any more infection in my lungs and thus further scarring. I take steroids(prednisolone); azathioprine(also taken by those who have had transplants to avoid rejection);n-acelylcysteine ( also fights infection); plus a range of other drugs(often to alleviate the side effects of other drugs)!

    A couple of years ago I was given 6 chemotherapy sessions using cyclophosphamide. It worked well to slow down the fibrosis and luckily for me did not give me too many side effects. You will find that the video explains all this quite well.

    If you go on the website Action pulmonary fibrosis uk and press the 'living with lung diseas at the top, it lists the specialist hospitals that deal with ILD.

    My Rheumatologist consultant at my local hospital is brilliant- he runs a connective tissue clinic and runs a joint clinic with the respiratory consultant. They had actually instigated a progressive treatment plan which encompassed everything that the Brompton recommended when he referred me to them. I see him every 3 months so he can keep an eye on my progress. I consider myself very fortunate to receive such care - even if definitely not lucky to have these dreadful diseases!

    Ps I am now on 15hrs oxy at 2 lpm at night and 6lpm ambulatory oxy. Struggling at the moment.


  • Hi Maggie, sorry didn't get back to you earlier, had visitors today. Anyway thank you for all your help. I have never heard of your disease but I will be looking it up and also all the other websites etc you gave me. You sound a lot worse than me poor thing and have been through the mill, especially with the chemo. I thought my consultants were very good and knew what they were talking about, didn't realize that there were special hospitals, possibly they are all in England. You haven't drolled on and you are not teaching your grandmother to suck eggs lol, you have however been very helpful thank you. Take care Maggie. Cheryl

  • Hi Cheryl

    Hope you had a good day with your visitors. It is the start of the school Easter holidays here. My son and family are in Cornwall for a few days then he will be with us for Friday/Saturday when he comes home to see some of his old school friends. Lovely that they all keep in touch (scattered across the country now - in their early 40's). We will enjoy having him with us for a few hours Friday pm and Sat am before her returns home to Gloucester.

    Below are the centres for ILD allowed to prescribe Pirfenidone now. They also suggest at the bottom of the list that Glasgow & Edinburgh are likely to be the centres in Scotland. Possibly your consultant will have links at one of these departments, whatever type of ILD you have.

    Oxygen is often prescribed when your blood gas test shows too low a reading.(blood taken from wrist or ear). If too low then oxy needed to support your internal organs and keep them healthy (that's what my 2 lpm for 15 hrs is for. I am quite used to it now. Have a good week


    Hospitals currently permitted to prescribe Pirfenidone (as of May 2013) Centres for ILD

    Senate Areas

    Manchester & North West UH of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

    Cheshire and Mersey Aintree NHS Foundation Trust

    East of England Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    London South Guys, King’s, St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    London North East

    London North West Royal Brompton NHS Foundation Trust

    Imperial Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    North East Newcastle NHS FT

    East Midlands UH Leicester NHS Trust

    Nottingham UH NHS Trust

    South East Coast Southampton General Hospital

    South West North Bristol NHS Trust

    Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

    Thames Valley Oxford UH NHS Trust

    Yorkshire and Humber Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

    Sheffield UH NHS Trust

    Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

    Wessex UH Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

    West Midlands UH Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

    The situation is different in Scotland and Wales but it is likely that Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff will be regarded as ILD Centres on the basis of current NICE Criteria.

  • I have started using it in the mornings. 5 drops to 8 ounces of water. I think I could increase that. I've never tried it before bed-time. What strength do you mix?

  • Hi I'm new to this site and have just seen your post. I'm considering HP treatment and I've actually received my order for 3% food grade this morning. I'm working myself up to take it as it sounds very scary! I've had bronchiectasis most of my 64 years btw, and now have pseudomonas. I'm very reluctant to get on the treadmill of antibiotics with nasty side effects. I'd be interested to hear how you're getting on with it. Good I hope!

  • Hi, there have been many discussions of the use of hydrogen peroxide on here. Put "hydrogen peroxide" in the Search Healthunlocked button at the top right and you will find posts dealing with it. You could also contact via private message member "ditowler": she has written a few times about her success with it. Good luck and best wishesxxx

  • Thanks jenss I will attempt to contact ditowler. I'm now feeling very positive reading all these posts. Good luck to you too and all of us seeking to educate ourselves to better health xx

  • Well that's a good thing...I'm so glad it's working for you. :-)

  • HI,is it ok to dilute in deionised water. deionised water is readily avaialable and as i understand it is purer even than destilled water. i would be grateful for your thoughts

  • I have to ask.... do you still have IPF?

  • Hi WildCard,

    Can you please update on your health status

  • Hi Card, I have recently been diagnosed IPF could you tell me how much further 35% H2O2 was diluted for internal use, and how much of the final dilution you drank per day. Any details would be appreciated .

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