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Well good start to the day, just found out my Blue Badge Application has been refused even though my heart rate goes through the roof and oxygen levels dip just walking from the hospital car park to the clinic let alone going to shops !!! How successful are you guys out there in getting a Blue Badge ? It's very frustrating to say the least (might get one if I tell them I've got a limp !!) Grrrrr

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It seems to be a postcode thing. When I applied for mine I just put " COPD Stage 3 " in the box. A couple of days later I had a proper lung function test which showed I was in fact Stage 4. So I phoned the Blue Badge people and told them I was Stage 4 not Stage 3. The chap said no need to worry as I had already been passed for a Blue Badge and it was in the post. I have no idea if they contacted my doctor or not as no information was given. Simple as that !

My husband was asked to go for an assessment in a local health centre and it was obvious to everyone that he had severe COPD and was given a blue badge. Might be worth a chat with the helpline, they might be able to advise you. Take care, TAD xx

Hi if you get mobility allowance i understand that qualifies you for a blue badge

We first applied for a BB nearly 3 years ago and nothing happened. We felt it necessary to apply again at the end of 2013 but this time got the help of Age Concern- they came to the house completed the form even posted it for us and hay presto we got a badge. It's making life so much easier as unfortunately we live in a very hilly area.


Although there is no appeal procedure with locsl councils, you can ask for a reconsideration , as it will be viewed by the same person can you offer any further evidence test result are usually good, a letter from your respitory nurse about your oxygen needs will help. At one time oxygen on it's own was a passport to a badge.

They probably think it's a cure now!

Have you been told the specific reason for refusal.

you have to be disabled if you tell them you limp that should be ok

Thanks to everyone's responses and recommendations, I will investigate them, but I think it is a post code lottery (I'm in the North East).. Just leaves you hopping mad !! (maybe that's an angle I could look at ??) Never mind ...keep on smiling ... Plumbob

That was a quick refusal for a blue badge Plumbob. Sorry to hear it was not good news. I would apply again and try to submit more evidence of disability, admittedly it is easier to get if you get mobility payments the theory being if you pass the rules for payment you must pass the eligibility criteria for blue badge if that makes sense. Oh and to get mobility you have to have more than a limp. I have COPD ,plus arthritis in hands and feet which causes limps on some days in different joints plus constant pain in many joints daily. I am also visually impaired to one side and I can assure you it took a long time to get my blue badge and mobility allowance. However I still walk and try to keep fit but will never be abled bodied by any definition. Emphasise your disabilities including health ones if you try for anything is my advice speaking from experience. Good Luck

Hi Plumbob I just heard I have had mine renewed this week. I have COPD sure you can appeal, with your complaint I would. Good luck.

Hmm, like the "Limp" bit Plumbob ! - if you ever go for a "Test" walk to prove the point - do what the Actor Sir Laurence Olivier used to do when playing "Richard 111" on stage, and in fact did during the Production of the film of the same name - Put a small pebble in your shoe - so you don't forget which foot is playing you up, when you give your Oscar winning performance !- you may not get an Oscar, BUT you may get your Blue Badge !!! ....

Our council are really good if you claim DLA you will get one without question however if like me you don't get any benefits you have to fill in a form and apply to the council

I had my assessment on Wednesday,if I don,t get it I shall involve my MP.He kept asking if my legs hurt.Nothing wrong with my legs I just CAN,T BREATH!Good luck Bob.

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