Struggling today with bronchiectasis

PFT dropped to 150 and really struggled to breathe and even talk! Got emergency appt with my own doctor who put me on a nebuliser in the surgery. Made a big difference. PFT went up to 250 within 30mins. Now also have brown as well as blue inhaler. Back on steroids. Need to take sample of sputum in tomorrow so they can analyse and get right antibiotic. Feeling a little more positive. What a difference another doctor makes. Most just give me tablets and send me away!

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  • So glad you saw a decent GP who gave you the treatment you deserve. I hope you also see a good respiratory consultant with a special interest in cf/bronchiectasis.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    love cx

  • Great that you were able to see the right Doctor this time!

    It does make a difference,so glad the nebs are helping.

    I agree with Cofdrop,you need to see somebody with an interest in that disease.

    Hope you feel better soon,love Wendells xxx

  • I totally agree with cofdrop. Hope you feel better soon. M x

  • I'm so pleased you got the help you need, my GP put me in touch with the local hospital and I was well and truly checked over this time, hopefully your GP will arrange for you to see a specialist and they will make sure you get the best treatment there is, I think you would probably be able to make the request to see one via the doctor by phone, good luck and please let us know how you get on, take care, huff xxx

  • Can anyone tell me please what PFT stands for?

  • Peak flow test mw77 xx

  • Thanks poemsgalore(spirometer)?

  • This link compares a peak flow metre to a spirometer:

    Although the page is about children with asthma, the same equipment is used for adults with COPD or Bronchiectasis.

  • What a difference 3 weeks makes! Sleeping through the night. Cough SO much better. Infection gone. Feel almost normal again. Down to 1 steroid tablet and 2 puffs of brown inhaler a day. Why has it taken 5 months to get to here! Fingers crossed that this feeling will last a while. Thank you all for your support x

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