Hi everybody

had my monthly visit to the nurse today and came away feeling good.

Two months ago she changed all my medication after having one infection after the other since last christmas!

Ime now on "seebri" once a day "symbicort" twice a day and the old faithful "salbutamol" four times a day.

my fev1 seems to have settled at 48% and my sats are stable. Two weeks ago the wife and i managed nearly 5 miles with the dogs (3 hours later and a lot of puffing and swearing) and today i decided to walk home from the doctors at a faster pace and managed 2 miles in half an hour before the wife picked me up in the car.

so like everyone on here has told me and many others you can have a life with copd if you excercise and get the right medication.

dont let the bugger win thats my new motto!

Thanks everyone for all the great support on here and all the information you put on. Keep it up.

nearly forgot! I now only have to see the nurse or doctor if i think ime getting an infection or start coughing. She also put in my notes that i am to be seen asap!

Hope thats a good thing?

Best wishes


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Well done, Bob! :D

Two great improvements reported on here today, Musics' and yours Bob. Gives me a good feeling. Well done.

Good on you! Great news Bob,take care, xxx

Well done Bob. Keep it going.

Great news! It makes such a difference when you get a doctor who cares! Take good care, TAD xx

Good for you Bob. M x

Getting the right medication is not quick and easy,take years if your dealing with people that don't understand why you want to get better and update inhalers ,and not take steroids all the time,actually doing what's best for me ,not just being another number. And take what cheapest and dished out to everyone.

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