Back on antibiotics

Ive had to ring dr earlier as started coughing up yuk and terrible pain across back hot and cold ....back on Doxicyline 100g and have to up steroids to 30mg for 5 days then reduce. Im at consultant on tuesday as he wanted to see me when on no meds ..however i managed two weeks without antibiotics but only few days without some steroids so been on 2mg since last week now back up. Im totally fed up as i was so much better on the Doxi and 2mg steroids now back down again. Im hoping to go back to work after easter . Xxxx Judith

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  • Hope you feel better soon.

    love cx

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Judith ,

    Have been following your posts for months and athough I haven't replied much I have been really ...really hoping that you would start to feel better and find some proper answers to your health problems.

    You seem such a positive person and don't tend to let setbacks get you down for long. Best of luck with consultants next week. Fingers crossed for your plans to return to work after Easter. Hopefully better weather will bring better health and lift the spirits.

    Cheers Coastal

  • Thank you Coastal thats very kind of you to say. It is hard for many of us to suffer these "set backs" however ive read many many posts on here of people who have it much worse than myself and they manage to do some wonderful things in their lives i thinkthat helps put things in perspective. The only thing i want is a management plan of meds to support me in getting my life back to as near as possible to how it was . Your kind words are very much appretiated Regards Judith xxx

  • I agree with everything Coastal has said, I hate to see you so low Tiger, but I understand how repeatedly getting one infection after another saps your strength .

    But you WILL get through this, and hopefully they will find the solution and the right programme of meds for you

    Lots of love Sohara

  • So sorry to hear of the set back,how dam frustrating for you.

    Fingers crossed,that they get you on the right track soon.

    Don't run back to work,till you know you're ok again,you don't want to go backwards.Hows the beautiful horse?

    Take care,love Wendells xxx

  • Thank you Sohara and Wendells for your lovely are right. I hope you are both well in view of the strange weather and polution thats around in some parts. We have just got the usual damp grey we are used to!! My horse is doing very well on her "extended" holiday!!! Thank you again for your kindness. Take care love Judith xxxxxxxxx

  • Morning Judith, That's a nuisance, it is really dragging on for you. This damn air pollution wont be helping either. It can be so frustrating but I am sure you will get your life back, just taking a bit of time. Hope you feel much better very soon. Lots of love TADxx

  • Morning TAD ....Im not good at minute just waiting for pills to kick in. On plus note at least it shows my consultant that something needs sorted and i need a plan of treatment longer term to help me get my life back. Weve not (luckily) got the pollution here just the grey damp cold too its only 6 degrees!! Heatings on here. Hope your well take care love Judith xxxxx

  • Keep your chin up Judith ...I hope you get things sorted soon ...few steps fwd then a few back it seems ....slowly slowly wins the race ...hugs Wes xx

  • Thank you Wes xxx

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