I was admitted to hospital with pneumonia on Sunday and had 24hrs of IV antibiotics and nebulisers. Now at home with high dose of antibiotics, steroids and have a saline nebuliser. I have a form of bronchiectasis called Lady Windermere Syndrome. I've never had pneumonia before so just wondering how long it takes to recover. Feeling shattered and wheezy but chest pain is gone thankfully. Was hoping to go away with my children next week but it would involve a lot of driving!!

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  • Afternoon.

    I have severe Emphysema so don't know what difference it makes but it took me three months. You just have to go with your body but I know the exhausted feeling and you think you'll never get better but you will.

    Kim xxxx

  • Hi Fiddlededee, as kimmy59 says, it's a recuperation time span of months, not weeks. Please don't overtire yourself, as all you're doing is delaying your recovery. Think of this time as a convalescence period, and take things slowly and in moderation. Plenty of rest, and minimum effort, that's my advice. Learn from my mistake, of trying to do too much too soon, as all that did was cause me an extra month off work! Take care :) x

  • Hello it depends on how quick your immune system recovers ive had pneumonia and it takes a long time to recover physically . It took me a year the last time before i was totally back to normal. This time although classed as chest infection ive had the infection in my left lung as previous infections straight there too. Ive been off work sice beginning dec and looks like i wont be back till after Easter. I would advise you to listen to your body and rest as much as possible also eat well and start to do some light exercise to build back up slowly. Best wishes xxx

  • I have mod/severe COPD and a friend of mine who is a doctor told me to get the anti pneumo jab asap.

    He said everyone with COPD should and is entitled to have it.

    Better before than after the event !

  • Thanks for your replies. I guess I'm just going to have to take my time with this. All jabs up to date so maybe it would have been worse without that! Hope you all keep well.

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