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Good morning everybody

Sorry not been on for a while we lost our mum in law on the 9 of march and was only buried monday just gone she was given palative care one of the worst things ive had to watch my head is still in bits I no she was only my mother in law but I had that special bond with her and I dont no how to move on

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So sorry to hear your awful news, it takes time to move forward but you will in time. When I lost my mum, it was the memories that kept me going, me and my girls would talk about her together and remember the good times. My mum is always in my heart. Take care and take one day at a time. Thinking of you x

Hi redgan thankyou for your replie its the memories that are keeping us going me and my husband going xxd

So sorry for you and your family's loss, it must be a very difficult time for you all, but she is at peace.

Strangely enough I was only wondering how you were yesterday. Thinking of you.

Hi knitter thankyou for your replie its been a really difficult time and the only thimg that is giving me abit of calmness is knowing that my mother in law is at peace thankyou pam xx

Hi Pamela,please accept my condolences,to you & your husband.You have been through some harrowing times.

How wonderful that you had such a great relationship with your Mum in law.That would have been a great comfort to her,& your husband.

Concentrate on the good memories,& try & forget the worst of times.

Hugs & love,Wendells xxx

Hi wendells thankyou for your replie the ladt year are so have been very testing but my mother in law passing away as hit us really bad she was more like a mum to me as I lost my mum when I was 6 and have been with my husband for 33 yrs we aee trying to concentrate on the good memories and some days are a little easier then others kind regards pam x xxx

Oh I am so sorry for you. Grief takes time and it has been only a short time for you yet. Your good memories will keep her with you. Take good care, TAD xx

Hi tadaw I no its only been a short time and your right mums good memories will keep her with us thankyou xx

Hi Pamela, Our thoughts are with you and your family through this sorrowfull time, I kept going by remembering the good times only, you end up laughing at some of the funny times as well.Matt/Fran

Hi mattcass thankyou for your replie things are getting a little easier it waa just soul destroying watching her go the way she did but she at peace now xx

So sorry to hear your news.

It will take time to move on.

Hi riverbank thankyou for your msg and yes we no it will take time xx

Pamela sincere condolences to you and your family. I am so glad you and your Mum-in law had such a good relationship - that must have been a great comfort for her, but of course because you loved her so will make it harder for you, especially in these early days.

May you both have strength and remember all the good times you had together.

With love


Hi cofdrop thankyou for your reply I to am so glad we had such a good relationship even thou its making it harder to except her death but in time I no it will get easier thankyou for your lovely message love pam xx

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