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spirometry lung fungtion results

Hi i am age 57 and i cannot beleive what my results were today after my first lung test 14 months ago then was FEV1/FVC RATIO BEFORE INHALLER WAS 62% AND AFTER UNHALLER 68% so lung fungtion then was 62%..

I went for my second test this morning and blow has hard has i could twice then the nurse ask me to do the same again and again then she looked worried scracting her head and i thought there is something wrong then she ask me if i would mind blowing into the tube again 2 more times so now that is 6 times.

Then i ask should i be taking my blue top inhaller and waiting 10 mins before i blow again and she said no i dont need to has my results are showing over 80% and this is normal.

must admit I got a little upset and she gave me a little hug and said well done it must be the exercise and swimming i do at the gym.

I know this sounds not right has i was moderate but its true and i cant believe it myself has i now have to wait 4 days to get the readings from my gp.

I cant help thinking that there will be a letter come in the week for me to go back because the spirometry readings were wrong.

anyway you nice people keep up any exercise you can do and stop the smoking if you are.

I must admit the only feeling i still get with this is when i talk my voice sometimes will stop just like when you come to the end of your breath so have i still got COPD just dont know now but good news anyway

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That is strange music isn't it? But when I was diagnosed with mild copd my fev1 was 66%. The nurse upped my meds (already took them for asthma) and next time it was fev1 73%. She then said it was probably not copd but poorly controlled asthma! Last time it had gone down to 67%. But I was told that your readings can vary by a few points anyway. I hope you haven't got copd and wish you luck.

Poorly controlled Asthma taking the readings into mild COPD range is a good explanation at this level measuring the difference takes an experienced spirometry operator.

Well strange as it might be - good news it is. Whatever you are doing is working for you - keep it up! Good Luck TAD xxx


im still finding hard to believe myself the only thing i can think of is that i did have a spray of otrivine sinusitis up by nose this morning before i went has nose blocked but was only told in my letter not to exercise or smoke or take any meds inhallers..o know that might be the reason why good readings

Hi Music,

This is really good news, , From what I have read ....80.%.to 100% is classed as mild copd (nice guidelines ) However if there aren't any serious symptoms it is not usually classed as copd by the medical professionals .

Even though my readings are 55% I am pretty much symptom free .(touch wood ! ) at the moment. A big incentive to keep off the cigarettes and keep up the exercise.

Am really pleased for you Cheers Coastal .

I read different coastal. I thought it was between 70% and 80% now that is classed as mild copd. I was in that group but because mine have now dropped to 66 am classed as moderate. But I still consider myself to be mild. Someone did post the official listings on here a little while ago but not sure who. It's all very confusing.

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Can't do links but copied this from printout given at doctors .

Mild stage 1 fev1 at least 80 % of predicted value

Moderate stage 2 50% to 80% of predicted value.

Severe stage 3 30% to 49% predicted value

Very severe stage 4 less than 30% predicted value.

I was diagnosed as lower end of moderate 55% even after a retest. However doctor said he treats the person and their symptoms , rather than spirometry numbers . Fair point .As I am virtually symptom free at present ( touch wood ) I regard myself as mild .

There are official sites where thse numbers are explained in more detail but can't just find them again at moment. ( useless on computers ) . One is an n h s site. Another is Patient .co.uk.

There seems to be confusion because till recently American figures (gold ) were different to UK ( nice ) but UK has now adopted same as gold. Nice guidelines also include lots of information on the treatment of copd eg referral to P .R ., emergency antibiotics etc However lengthy document perhaps leave for another day .

Phew , This post has now taken well over an hour and as I had 2 quite large glasses of wine with an Italian meal earlier tonight had better sign off .

Cheers Coastal

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just got though to the nurse on the phone who done my test and she said that the sinis spray that i put up my nose to unblock would not have made any diferance to my readings and she is amazed by my readings

Double Excellent !

I am only 67% and I am 88

You are the same as me oxfordroad and I am a lot younger than you. Good for you. x

I am jealous !! But REALLY happy for you Music

How wonderful to get such great results....

It may be that when you had your first tests you weren't so good, we can all vary quite substantially from day to day, week to week, for no apparent reason. I went from jumping around pretending to box my son (and how I enjoyed it!!) one day a few weeks ago to being laid really low, barely able to do anything for a few weeks, no infection, just an exacerbation. Anyway, still good news!

however strange this may seem, it just has to be good news, best of luck to you :),, and keep up whatever your doing, it just has to be right,,,[excersice and stopping smoking is great in itself] its great to see some good news,, may this continue for you , regards,,jimmy

thank you everyone for replys and i have done research on copd for over a year now done a pr course went to a breath easy club just to find out more about this from other people chatting to them face to face and most of all chatting and reading about people on this site.

I know may be if you are at mild stage 1 you could reverse this lung decease but if you are at moderate stage 2 theres no going back and it will slowly progres, so that is why i am not convinced that my readings have gone back to normal.

the only thing i can think of is that it was a wrong reading in the first place has i just dont know but i do know that i have worked hard at excercise and this has got to be better then some of the drugs but again i dont know.

I used to hate exercise but when i did join a gym after being diagnosed with COPD i felt so good and fit

don't dwell on it music,it could be right,wait and see ,just enjoy the now,xxx

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Well said Twiceshy .We must enjoy the moment .

very true coastal,xxx

Well done keep it up.

I have RLD and have 57% upright and a further drop of 12.5% when flat with no improvement with inhalers :(

Fab news :)

Fantastic news Music. Don't waste time trying to work it out. Just be happy you have such excellent lungs and enjoy the feeling !!! xx


Forget guidelines. FANTASTIC NEWS you've obviously worked hard to get yourself super fit well done you. Keep up the good work, gives us all hope.


That is so encouraging. Hope for us all. Well done you

Don't dwell on it music. Of course it's right....stay well

That's fantastic - what meds and inhalers were you on?


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Hi Dedalus when i was diagnosed january 2013 i was put on seretide 500 and a blue top has and when but the blue top one i never had to use maybe just a few times at first..but when it got to august i felt ok and ask my doctor if i could try cutting my seretide dose down to 250 because of some side effects cramps husky voise and have been on that one since.

but i think it is more the excercise and not smoking that may have inproved my lungs

I can't breathe out very well I'm waiting for a spiro reversibility test

I haven't smoked for 17 years but they say it's damage from when I did smoke

I get numerous chest infections each year

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