Universal job match website - what a joke !!!!!!!!

Went on the government website today, put in the words - jobs for disabled people.

The words NO MATCH FOUND came up. So there was not 1job for disabled people. I even put in any jobs for disabled people anywhere in the country and the same result happened. What a joke.!!!!! Has anyone else had the same problem?????

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  • I think you probably need to enter a specific job title, like 'shop assistant' or 'solicitor' . . .

  • Yes you do. Also you should ask about this at the Jobcentre they are the experts.

  • I have emailed the universal job match website with my question and hopefully I will get an answer. I tried wording it differently on the website. In one I didn't tell them I had Emphysema , Bronchiectasis, scoloisis and other health problems and just put the job title I was after in then once a couple came in, I felt like a fraud for not telling the truth about my illnesses.

  • I always preferred not to be defined by my disability. I was able to work despite it and only had to give up when my condition deteriorated after 40 years working. I have had my condition for 60 years.

    I wouldn't have wanted to be chosen because of my disability. My employers over the years were helpful in supporting me to continue working but I did not disclose my disability on application or in interview. I did not feel like a fraud as I knew I would be able to do the job.

    I don't think employers are allowed to discriminate in advertising jobs, even positive discrimination.

  • You were lucky happyfeet59, I used to work but got sacked because I ended up in hospital with my 1st bladder tumour, thank goodness it was/wasn't cancer but I was put on anti cancer tablets just in case. I then started another job but got sacked there as well because I was in and out of hospital. So I have to be so careful with what job I get as I don't want my health suffering any further as I have children to look after.

  • I think you do need to bring that up with job centre.I do understand your frustration though,& wish you tothe best of luck in the future.Dont give up,you'll get there one day! xxx

  • I had the same problem, Redgan. I have extremely limited mobility, so I wasn't able to simply go for just any job on the site.

    I set up some filters for jobs that I could do that would fit in with my abilities, such as desk/office jobs, and then had to literally scrutinise each job that came up for location and access to see if I could even get there. It was a lot of hard work, but I wanted to work -- I wanted to make a contribution no matter how little.

    Eventually I got a job working from home in a virtual call centre, which meets my needs perfectly. I have never been happier.

    Good luck in your search! I wish you as much luck as I have had.


  • Ahem, I work with universal jobmatch as part of my job. I agree with all who are recommending you just to look for the work you want. UJ will not highlight any jobs as suitable for disabled, it just lista jobs available.

  • I can't do that as they have told me I'm fit for work and to apply for every job they tell me to apply for. I got recommended for a nursing job, a nursery school teacher, and a srn job by them although I am not qualified in those jobs. They told me that I had to apply for them as I have put down on my universal form that I am good with children and old people. Sorry but I am a mum so I am good with children and I looked after my mum until she died.

  • I was told at my ESA assessment that I was fit for work because I could lift my arms so I could lift an empty box.

    I have looked on WWW for empty box lifters and there was not one job advertised. However I did find a link to my post that mentioned the process I went though to get ESA and all of the pain that went with it a few lines down.

    With regards to looking for jobs for disabled under the present laws there should be no reason why an employer should not employ a disabled person under DDA or whatever it is called now. The only problem is in the real world it makes a great difference. Before I claimed for ESA I was trying to get a job but I was also going to have 2 heart procedures Once I told them at the interview, I may as well hung a bell around my neck and all of a sudden things got very different. If I did not tell them and tell them after they employ me then I have not been honest with them and they can say that they have not had time to get to comply with my needs. plus the it will reduce their profits.

  • Hi Offcut, I had that problem. I told the NURSE from ATOS that I couldn't dothe arms behind back and above head exercises as I have oosteoarthritis in both shoulders but she told me that if I didn't do them she would stop the medical straight away so I did the exercises in excruciating pain. That was back in December and last week I had 2 injections in my right shoulder as my ligament had dislodged.

  • If you don't apply for any of the jobs they tell you to apply for because of your health issues list the health issues as reasons for not applying and why these health issues mean you can't apply for the job. Also if they are telling you to apply for jobs in caring nursing etc these require high level of quals. If you don't have these quals they shouldn't be telling you to apply for them. And you can give this reason to for not applying for them. Legally these reasons are all classed as good or just cause for not applying for the jobs and your benefit should not be affected. Good luck with your job search, I hope you find the job you want.

  • Thank you for your reply, tomorrow off to doctors as my Emphysema has got worse (my breathing is noisy)also suffering with build up of mucus in my throat, I suffer Bronchiectasis. I'm not eating at moment. On top of that my JSA has been sanctioned last week. Am worried as with only one lung working, I have to look after myself.

  • That's all very well Trinite but I am in that position. I can only do certain types of jobs because of my illness but I still have to apply for 3 jobs a week - the same as someone eg living in London who is fully fit. There are often not 3 jobs or even 1 or 2 I can apply for in this area of high unemployment which I can get to on public transport. I have been told I might be sanctioned unless I apply for those 3 jobs a week. The only way is to play the game and apply for jobs I am not qualified for or those too far away. Or make a few up. The law is an ass!

  • Thank you coughalot1, I am so glad to hear that it is not only me but other people having problems. Doctors tomorrow then appointment at the job centre about my JSA being sanctioned. Had no money since 12th March, got a child to support with no money. No food in house etc.

    Still waiting for my ESA recosideration , put it in ,in January, got told it would be another 3-4 weeks. In the meantime my health is suffering

  • Coughalot1 I totally agree law is complete ass. Redgan if your benefit is sanctioned you must ask for a RECONSIDERATION. The decision may be overturned at this stage, a recon requires new/extra info regarding reasons for sanction. If that works, good. If it doesn't next step is Appeal. Also, important - if health getting worse, re apply for ESA as soon as able to. If you don't get it, you can appeal against that too which means you go onto the basic ESA rate (£70 odd quid a week) so you are getting benefit without hassle of looking for work like you have to on JSA.

  • That would be good if you could get even on ESA work related group. My sister, who has severe osteoarthritis, was on that for a while. She had to go for one interview at the Jobcentre and was told 'we can see you are not able to work at the moment so you don't need to come back'. She later appealed and went in to the support group.

    Redgan if you haven't already contacted BLF please do so. Click on the red balloon at the top. They have benefit experts there who can advise you what you can claim. You might be able to get child tax credits, housing benefit, and council tax rebate. Let us know how you get on please.

  • I was on ESA but failed the medical and put on JSA. CAB put a reconsideration in, in January but still waiting. As well as the Emphysema, Bronchiectasis, Osteoarthritis, I also suffer from Severe Double Scoliosis, only having half a bladder, Hearing problems, Tinnitus, Vertigo and GORD. I've had so many medicals and tests and passed them but failed this one. The doctor reckons I was failed because they were behind in their targets.ATOS and the DWP get a bonus if they reach their targets,ATOS also get paid to gather information from your doctor, specialist etc. But they don't ask for the information.

  • Just been on the phone to ESA and they have told me that my reconsideration will take another couple of weeks. Also they had my JSA information up on screen and told me that the job centre has made a huge mistake with my case. She told me that she could see what I had told them about my illnesses, hospital appointments, doctors appointments etc. She said that they couldn't of sanction me as I told them everything. She could see that I told them what I could and couldn't do and was truthful with them. Heads will roll once I put in a complaint.

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