sleeping & breathing problems?


i have "mild" emphysema and im 45 and since the nearly 3 years i found out ive had non stop problems sleeping...

up all night at times then other nights i just cant seem to keep my eyes open and drift off around 8 or 9 pm !

its mad ive even had 300 mg of trazodone to help me sleep and that don't work either its getting to me now as when i do manage sleep i find my sleep with breathing problems as nose blocks and i also feel my myself jumping awake with a jolt as if im falling off the edge of a cliff....strange as it sounds.

im on my inhalers all 3 of them and no steroids as clear of infections so far this year..

id like to hear back if anyone has the same problems as my self

many thanks.

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  • Maybe you could do with an osa test mehere, May be best to see your gp and see what he thinks. Just an idea. Btw, 3 different inhalers at the mild stage seems a lot?


  • Good suggestion. Although we 'twitch' when filing asleep and when sleeping that is not the same as jumping awake with a jolt. That could be caused by an insufficiency of oxygen and an osa test would indicate if this was the case.

  • Oh my!!!! I thought this was from my anxiety, I had no clue that was what was going on!!!!!

  • i have started getting a blocked nose sometimes and feel bunged up so try otrivine Sinusitis you can buy it from the chemist about £3

    it last about 10 hours and i find this really good and helps me breath though my nose much better.. good luck

  • Remember beig told years ago that the jolting sensation is a natural part of falling asleep. Apparently it happens every night as impulses in the brain switch from awake to sleep mode .Some nights a stronger jolt/impulse in which case you wake up. Most nights a much weaker sensation ...which you don't registerer..... .go to sleep .......then don't even remember.

  • Good article Had recalled most of it right . However the last bit about the primate falling out the tree ...very interesting ...down to earth with a

  • Thank you for the link. I was getting paranoid about this. I seem to get two or three spasms just before I fall asleep most nights. I know I have been in an anxious state lately. All and everything seems to make me panic.

  • I had lung failure in 2008 and have not slept well since, so I know what you are going though. I take Zopeclon sometimes they give me 3 hours unbroken sleep but they are very addictive so do not use much. I wake gasping for breath to but that is down to sleep apnoea plus the RLD and PAH.

    I have used memory foam toppers and pillows but they have not helped a great deal at all. I do hope you get it sorted out.

    Be Well

  • I don't want to worry you(How old are you?) I was told by my GP that zopliclone can cause memory problems in older people and he put me on Temazepam instead. I was 60 when diagnosed with emphysema. Bets wishes to you.

  • My Memory went down after my 32 day ICU stint, it got a little better after 6 months but I do have short term memory problems. I will be 59 next month. I do not use them that often as the best I get is 3 hours.

  • yes it happened to me but mine was caused by reflux desease i cured mine by tilting the bed up by about six inches ( the head bourd end ) had no problems since

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