lung function test at the brompton in london

hi everyone, has any one got any info about the part of this hospital -i believe its in fulham road, we need wheelchair access,letter was post dated as 27th march for appointment next tuesday !st so am very worried at the speed of this coming through, only asking here as there's no answer from the hospital on weekends, many thanks for any info.

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I am sorry I don't know about the layout of The Brompton, all you need to know should be on there website or phone and ask them

But I DO know that the Brompton is the very best Hospital in the area to go to for Respiratory problems, so you are in good hands Tiger

Hello, there is wheelchair access i believe the name of the street is dover street and that is where the ramp is. Ive been there a few times now. It is the best at what it does

Yes there is a ramp on the side entrance just off the Fulham Road. You will find everyone very helpful. There are several clinic areas/waiting rooms, all off a main corridor. The information desk which is in the central area will point you in the right direction; there are lifts if you need to go down to the basement for any tests etc.

I don't know how you are travelling but parking is a nightmare around that area.

Hope it all goes well.


Hi I go to the Brompton a lot the entrances are on both roads mentioned front and side. The breathing test are listed by the double lifts on the left hand side when you walk in through the double doors facing the building. They are really very good in there. I've had loads of breathing tests and theses guys are really thoughtful and really understand how hard the tests can be. Hope they go ok.

Yes the hospital is totally accessible, ramp entrance in side street. Parking is useless. Have you asked for transport ? I initially went there from London but I moved to Suffolk and they now pick me up from here.

Wow, what a service Eve

hi tigerhouse,, wow that was some quick directions and services,, great stuff,,, i hope the lung function tests go well,,, best of luck,,jimmy

Many thanks to all the members who responded to our query, the staff there were very polite and helpful, only problem was trying to get on a train at euston station, made to feel like a parcel with regard to getting a ramp sorted out for my wheelchair.

As long as you weren't being carried by Royal Mail, at least you in your parcel mode were delivered to the right place! Glad your experience was otherwise positive. x

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