Bath time ?

Wife runs bath and says bath is ready go in bath room and no steam first step take two puffs of blue pump wait five min then get in get jug and pour hot as you can over back take deep breath and try and lay down get jug not shower head and pour bath water over chest and neck for a but five min then sit up And do the same to back I find it relaxes my lung and chest by doing it plus I did for get make sure someone is in the bath room with you and you got some tisso or toilet roll by bath as you will get a lot of muck of chest . Try it as you be supprise plus you will get a good sleep as chest is empty

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  • That sounds good David. I will give it a try. Thanks for the tip.


  • Hi David12 would like to try this but only have a shower,I dream of having a long hot soak in a bath aaahhhh! :) Janexx

  • Good on you David,sounds like you enjoyed it! Did you good as well.I love a bath,but have difficulty getting out,so most of the time it's the shower chair for me! Love Wendells xxx

  • I only have a shower but do stand there and let it play on my back for about 5 mins while the conditioner is on my hair. This week not only am I going on holiday with my second daughter for a week but as I stay at her place overnight on the way there and on the way back, I can soak in a bath, I see her twice a year so 4 soaks in a year isn't bad! Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • First thing that i did when I bought my flat some 30 years ago was to put in a shower, you couldn’t keep me out of it, any excuse and I was in there.

    Now, it is any excuse not to, living alone and being deaf taking a shower makes me quite anxious. Not so bad now the winter has passed and I can have the door open to let the steam out, but having passed out a couple of times before I am very wary, as the shower has a concertina folding door and I have a stool inside.

    Always use the Salamol before entering but nose always becomes blocked .

  • Oh dukes I sympathise with you. Washing my hair on a couple of occasions I have come over all dizzy and felt so scared. Now I only wash it when my Husband is here and leave the bathroom door open.

  • That's the way, Suzy, stay safe. You only black out for seconds but you can do a bit of damage on the way down. My own fault, I should have got married !

  • I got to be honest the wife helps me in and out pul she will stay in the bath room with me

  • I only have a bath when someone is here. It's not a problem getting in it's the getting out. I sometimes need a pull up. Hey ho.


  • Duke that is why the wife stays in the bathroom with me so she can stop it when it do's happen

  • What is it about showers, the very mention of the word starts me in a panic mode. Mine goes back to the very early days when I read up on copd and there was a list of things that will cause panic attacks. So each time I had to do something on the list panic set in.

    I had a course of hypnosis which really helped, most of the phobias have gone and the only one I still can't beat is the shower, I now sit on my stool and run the water over my feet and slowly move upwards, the crazy thing is I have not had an attack in the shower for ages, but I still have to sit in there and calm down before switching the water on. One trick I have learnt, I take an old mobile phone in with me and play a few games on it, by then my breathing is back to normal {well as normal as our breath becomes) and I can shower.

    Another thing I will pass on in the hope it helps some one else, I have found listening to audio books helps, stupid things like getting into bed used to cause me to tense up and a panic attack would soon follow, now I pop in my earphones and listen to a story, after a few minuets I can get into bed and just relax after a couple of breaths, b ecause the story takes my mind off trying to control my breathing. I have listened to Mark Twain, Sherlock Holmes and am working my way through PG Wodehouse. Most are free on the net.

  • What a good idea Moneal I to get all unnecessary when its shower time and always try and have somebody around ,might try listening to something as you say to take your mind of your breathing.What are we like,it is a comfort to know others are the same not that iwish that on anybody but we are not on our own. :) Janexx

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