Life in the Old Dog Yet

So many of you have replied to my post that I thought I would reply to all at once. Thanks to you all for lovely replies. I am back to my normal state now after the visit to the consultant. Just keeping going and hoping for the best. My children were upset but I calmed them down and we are back on track. My daughter is going to come over from Australia for a long visit whilst I am still able to get out so that is something to really look forward to. Been to the skin clinic today for the results of a mole that my husband had taken off his face but all is good news there. Will report with any news. If I don't post you will know where I have gone!!!! Popplewell. (Lois)

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Hi Lois you must be made up that your daughter will be over from Aussie how lovely for you,a good summer for you all.Gosh I bet the kids were well done for being able to help them come to grips with things not easy for you.But you do have a great attitude which must give you strength.Dont forget if ever you need to scream or speak we are only here.Will look forward to hearing about some of your summer days.Good news with your husband which must be a massive relief for you both.Yes there certainly is life in the old dog yet!! :) Janexx

Well done for keeping a positive mental attitude, with your bad news. Enjoy your time with your daughter, your a real star.


That is such good news Lois that your daughter is coming over for a visit isn't it? it will be lovely to see her. Plenty of life in the old dog yet like you said :d xx

Wonderful news Lois,how exciting that will be for you,your daughter obivously loves & cares for you.

You have a great attitude,& I realy admire you,well it's never over till the fat lady sings they say!

So glad your husband got a good result,just enjoy each day as it comes,I'm sure you will!

Hugs & love, Wendells xxxx

Thanks for that Wendells. Lois

Hi Lois, you really are a wonderful lady. I am full of admiration for you. I hopey ou have a joyous time with your daughter you so deserve it. M xx

It's spring and your daughter's coming. all this is really wonderful. Live a full one day at a time. go to the mirror and say, I'm so great today!

I don't mind looking in the mirror as everyone says I don't look 80 as I don't have wrinkles. No idea why as I am quite slim. Not that I look in the mirror much these days it is too hard getting to the bathroom!!! Lois

Popplewell, you're doing so well, so well!

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