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why Neurological Doctor ???

Some time ago I sent a letter to the minister for disabled people asking why is it taking so long to get a reply for ESA, well today I had a letter from the DWP as the minister could not reply.

It read the referral was sent to Atos healthcare on 24th June 2013 and looked at by a healthcare worker on the 5th December 2013. The healthcare professional advised that you need to have a face to face assessment by a neurological doctor and you will be contacted in due course.

Can anyone tell me what a neurological Doctor have to do with COPD

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Hi onamission how very odd?Do you have any other health issues?I thought that a Neurological doc was all things spine and brain,nerves etc.Do hope they were looking at the right paperwork? Sorry not to be of any help,I bet your well confused now? :) Janexx

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Yer its lack of oxygen to brain .. Is quite natrual after server illness epersode .. am surprised atos are doing there jobs proper now

Most GP hospitals just leave you to rot when you have had a server event.

Its all part of money saving and pretend all is fine.

Or it could be thay think given deficits thay are doing risk assessment.

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Maybe the brain test Daz refers to is to see who can work out why they are seeing a neurologist??????


Good point .. Am ok i have athuroty deficits problems .. i said to atos av not forgot who said i was fine

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God knows talk about I do have lower back problems which I put on my form but the COPD is the illness that causes most problems as we all know I think Daz should get a job with Atos lol


Even with my deficits i have standards defo a no no


start thinking like them,you have wit your a good poster .use your researching history ,you no how thay are now and whats what,thay have no standards or moral compass it seems,for anyone who is struggling on low pay, be it benefits or wages .and lung disease of all descriptions,sad ,

Daz, you have me rolling on the floor laughing. Thank you. :D :D :D


I looked it up but a few came up, so cant thread them, it says pain,ms,other things,onamission type the neuro;;;;;doctor in google and you have a gander,sorry love,xxxyou have back problems,pins needles etc,

it could be worse it could be gynaecology problems and its anyone guess who I would end up seeing its a joke the minister for disabled could not reply because he is inundated with letters I wonder why.


true onamission,sorry love,ile see if any gyn probs listed for neuro dc in that lot on google,think we no why,not paying anyone,xxx


The nervous system includes the brain, the nerves, the spinal cord and the muscles in the body. A neurologist diagnoses problems within any of these areas and recommends a treatment program. He interviews the patient about her symptoms and family history of neurological problems, and may run tests if the patient shows symptoms of having a disorder.


Neurologists are responsible for looking at a number of things in a patient. They will test how good a person's sense of balance is, how strong and flexible the muscles in the body are, and how the nerves in the neck and head are functioning; they will also test the patient's reflexes. Memory, speech and other cognitive abilities are also tested. Common tools used for diagnosing a problem include a CAT scan, an MRI or a spinal tap. The spinal tap is usually reserved for finding more severe problems or disorders.


Neurologists have to go through extensive training before they can practice on their own. First, a neurologist must attend a four-year university and get a degree in premed to prepare for graduate school. After she has been granted acceptance into a medical school, a neurologist must attend for four years to become an M.D. or a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy). Once they have graduated from medical school, neurologists will participate in a one-year internship for internal medicine or medicine and surgery. Finally, neurologists must spend three years in specialty training, where they will practice in their chosen area of treatment.


Neurologists are not surgeons, but physicians. They are responsible for diagnosing a problem and treating it, not performing surgery on the patient. There are many different areas in which a neurologist can work. A pediatric neurologist, for example, works with nerve problems in children. Neurologists also conduct a great deal of research to help advance the field of medicine in developing new treatment options and improving the chances that a doctor will make a correct diagnosis.

Overlapping Areas

There are two major areas dealing with the nervous system that can overlap: psychiatry and neurology. Mental disorders are thought to be caused by a malfunction in the brain and nervous system. However, they are typically treated by a psychiatrist and not a neurologist. Scientists are still researching the exact cause of mental disorders, and neurologists may participate in research in these areas. If they have a case for which they cannot find a physical cause, they may recommend that the patient see a psychiatrist for further treatment.

I'm seeing a neurologist next Tuesday and I'm hoping that he/she will agree to me driving again. I've recently been stopped from driving by my GP until I see the neurologist due to an episode 4/5 months ago when I struggled to wake up from a short sleep whilst sat on the couch.

I have had 2 EEG tests, one which involved going a night without sleep, some extra electrical activity around the brain was found so now I have to wait to see what that means.

Roll on next Tuesday when I might have a better understanding of what they think I have wrong with my electric brain. Maybe they'll switch me off and back on to 'reboot' the brain cells. :)

As Daz say's maybe this episode could be linked to lack of oxygen to the brain and my fibrosis? .


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could be lack of oxygen,as onamission as copd and back problems, also it read on one tinkling of hands and things,dont no about fibro sorry,xxx

Hi dall05 I see your neurologist does not work for Atos as your appointment is next week good luck.xx

My GP said she would do her best to get a quick appointment seeing as she has stopped me from driving. She has done a great job so all I have to do is convince the neurologist that I am ok to drive. As you say, thank god I wasn't waiting to see someone from Atos or the car would have seized up and my 10 year driving licence would need renewing again. :) xx


good luck dall05 hope all goes well.x


I'll let you know next Tuesday after a drive out in the car. :) x

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Hope all goes well, you tell the Dr you've been great driving that treadmill, no probs !!!

I'll show the neuro/consultant the 6 minute walk Dall style video and that should be proof enough but he might worry a little about my sanity and who would blame him eh'. :)

Gawd, Tony, if we were all seen doing that - we could form a line - they might just lock us all up!


Yeh' their coming to take us away Ha Ha Hoo Hoo Hee Hee. :)

That EEG test, after being told not to sleep for a night showed something on their blinkin computer but ask yourself this, would you be showing normal readings if you had to go a whole night without sleep and get to hospital early the next morning only to have your head covered with electrical sensors and told to sleep on a bed while they watched from another room on a TV screen,

Its just not natural is it?


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I suppose it is as natural as seeing a neurologist for lung problems? Who knows how they think. I hope you get your car back though. x

on some of the readings on google for nuro, thers a few so I couldn't link them all the mention of sleep apnea was on one,maybe another member can help on goolgle,xxx

Hi twiceshy3 I do feel faint and have to sit down when breathless but this is due to the lack of oxygen to my brain but that is my lungs I'm getting really excited now and can't wait for my face to face appointment knowing my luck I will end up seeing a vet lol. xx


try to sit down when making food hot drinks onamission,keep a window open slight in the kitchen, you feel the waf of breeze to help you,over come the fainting,could be lack of oxygen as on some of the stuff on google heaps of it,do you check your oxygen at night when going up, and in the middle of the night if you want to go the bathroom,and morning when you get up,when you rise get up slowly from anywere,it effects your balance as well I googled it,hope thay pay you,this is stupid these atos what there doing, xxxhave you a walking stick to help with your balance,be careful,xxx


thank you twiceshy3 I hope I get it sorted soon its bad enough living with COPD without having to put up with all this, I see on the news tonight the government have let Atos wriggle out of the contract, xx

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no surprise there then,yes its bad enough living with any lung condition ,be carefull ,xxx

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Lol well theres always that onamission ,a vet is probably more qualified than atos person if the truth be known! I for one am looking forward to your appointment now got me all curious aswell. :) Janexx

Well Jane if when i go in and I see a very long arm green disposable glove on the desk I will get out as fast as I can lol xx

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Aint that the truth how funny. :) Janexx

Hi on a mission, I'll tell you what people tell me when I have to go my neurologist and have brain scans etc. They all say, " well lets hope they can find something there then"!! As far as the vet goes, I sometimes (a lot) feel I'd be better off seeing the vet! Joking apart I hope everything goes well for you as I am sure it will. Seriously though, you could always phone up whoever sent you this letter and ask for the situation to be clarified and ask why you need to see a neurologist. It could easily be that a mistake has been made by the super efficient suits. ( being very polite here.) All the best anyway. xx

Thanks Huggs I'm not holding my breath it could be another 12 years before this is sorted, xx

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