Not long

Went to see consultant yesterday and asked him how long I have left. (IPF) He said 3 to 9 months but he didn't think 9. I have thought in my own mind for a while that I wouldn't see another winter and am so glad that summer is on its way. I can still get out in the wheelchair so looking forward to some trips out in the sunshine. Felt rather tearful yesterday but today feel back to normal and ready to cope. You shouldn't ask the question if you don't want the answer! Keep posting you good folks as it helps pass the day along and good to know we are in the same sort of boat. Going to be a good weekend they say so let's enjoy. Regards, Popplewell

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HI yes its true if you don't like the answer dont ask the question but some people like yourself will put up the good fight .I wish you all the luck inthe world and many more summers take care

love Dorothy xxx

Thanks for that Popplewell

Hi popplewell

You are so inspirational hun. I really admire your attitude - it wouldn't be normal I would have thought not to be tearful after your consultation, but as you say and I agree totally it's best to know exactly what you are dealing with, although I realise there are some folks who would not want to know.

Let's hope they are right about this weekend being good. I think we are ready now for some sunshine.

Keep in touch.

Loads a love


Thanks for that cofdrop. You have to keep strong for those around you. Popplewell

Cofdrop is so right popplewell you are an inspiration. I don't think I would be so brave. But I admire your strength of character. Lets hope they are wrong and you will see more summers and winters than they think. Where there is life there is hope. Have a good weekend. God Bless. M xx

Thanks Mocarey, You have to keep going don't you? This isn't a dress rehearsal. More later, Popplewell

What a brave, inspirational post. If knowledge is power then you have increased your power. I also still get out in my wheelchair and, like you, I will enjoy the summer. God bless you. xx

Thanks Toci, Funnily I feel a bit stronger this morning. Life is uncertain so we just have to keep going as long as we can. Lets hope the sun shines all summer. Popplewell

Keep up the good attitude. I'm sure it helps us be strong.

Thanks puff, That's what I am doing(puffing) with great determination. Popplewell

Also Popplewell, what your doctor quoted was a statistic. You are not a statistic, you are you. the way you approach your daily life with the courage that you have, you could well overtake those statistics. Keep at it and God bless you. do take charge!

Thanks for that, I am trying to stay here as long as possible. I still bake cakes for people (with my husband's help) so not giving in yet. Popplewell

Life is definitely not set in stone but having your lovely attitude will make each and every day a good one. I raise a glass (fizzy vitamins) to a long, long warm summer for us all. :) xxx

I second that. Love to all the good people on this site. Popplewell

Thanks for that. I have glanced at the site and will go back to it later. Regards Popplewell

I am really sorry to hear that popplewell. I hope very much that you can prove them wrong and live for many more summers. I agree you are an inspiration to us all and I greatly admire your attitude. You being very strong and brave. Keep it up and keep the smile on your face lovely. xx

Hey Poppywell how brave are you! Im sure you were a little tearful I wouldve been too.You have a great attitude and strength of mind which will help you manage.Dont forget we are here for you.Thank-you for sharing, heres to the best summer ever for you.See you soon Keep well now :) Janexx

Popplewell. You truly are an inspiration. We all know people who have been given an amount of time then FAR exceeded that time. There are many on this site. None of us know how long we have. But if they have the wonderful attitude that you have. They make the most of ever day they get

I do so hope this summer is a wonderful one for you. & that you will still be here for next summer too

Lots of love


Ahhhh popplewell , sounds like you really are going to live till you ........ What an inspiration , enjoying the moments, the moment is all any if us have , 10 minutes ago is the past, 10 minutes on front is the future, to be able to live in the now is really living, we had someone in our family who 'went past his sell by date' ( his words ) he taught me a thing or two above living while he was terminal, then again we are all terminal cases. This is going to be a great summer for you, of course you will be weepy at times, allow that to happen them you'll be able to cherish the days x x x keep posting x x x

Hi popplewell, keep smiling and enjoy how ever long you have left. Thinking of you and God bless. xxxxx

Well lovely that is still hard to hear! You are right about not asking the question if you can't cope with the answer. I am of a similar mind and need to know - but my husband won't ask difficult questions! You are very brave and now you know you will be able to cope! May your summer be full of fun and happiness god bless you xxxx

I admire your attitude so much. You are truly an inspiration. Take care and keep up the strength. lots of love fleur xxxxxxxxxxx

It is a saying you have to be strong for those around you popplewell but we are here for you when you need to let your gaurd down. Enjoy the sunshine and all the lovely happy trips out with love Judith xxxxx

each day poppywell is a gift ,hope you have many more,xxx

You are so brave Poppywell, it must be such a shock to be told this. I do hope you have loads of friends to help you cope.but Doctors do get it wrong many times.Good Luck. xxx

Well all i can say is god bless you sweetheart . Maybe he,s wrong maybe he,s right. But i,m sure friends and family and people you,ve met along ykur journey send you their love to you. God bless you and i add my hope for you. XX Sue

Hi all, I just thought I would put the below in this thread. This is a post that I put on another site that I am a member of. hope you all have a good weekend. To "popplewell" my best wishes. Cheers Dave from the LoS.

Hi to all who read our posts. I do not post much but I do read most. The thread of "longevity" seems to go on forever. It does seem that reading the posts that a number of folks tend to get a little lazy, and negative, on the subject of keeping "fit" and also dwell on the longevity of our lifespan. Yes I myself do get lazy when I am not at my best and this is one of the worst things that can happen to our group who have similar complaints. I do snap out of this mundane attitude and get on with life. One must be positive in all aspects of life, from a very early age I believed, and still do, that our brains are our finest doctor we could have so think positive. My age is 70 yrs (M) my FEV1 19% at last test. I do not use oxy, my sats run at 90 to 96 % resting and exercising, sometimes into the 80's if I don't watch it. I will not give way to this disease as i try to stay in charge of my well being. No I am not superman just trying to live my life. I will never try and put an expiry date on my life as if i were a pack of frozen peas in the supermarket. I try to be active 24/7 less my sleep time.

Good health to all. Breath easy and long.

Dave from the LoS

Great outlook on life . Keep smiling .

Enjoy the weekend and also next week looks good too . Good for a little bit of gardening ,slowly. Keep strong xx

Some 7 years ago my wife was diagnosed as having IPF. Her consultant said that she had between 6 months & 3 years to live. We changed hospital & consultant. Seven years later we look forward to another 7 !!!!

Never underestimate the power of the human spirit, we look forward to your message next spring when like us you will be looking past glorious spring & into a glorious summer.....never give up.

You have courage and spirit! And sent a powerful message to us all and I wish I had some of your bravery. Take care. Sara xx

Bless you.. I hope you prove your doctor wrong xx

Hi popplewell, I am new here but felt I had to reply. I understand you wanting to know, as I would too. Each to their own. !!! But now you know, don't watch the calendar. Try and focus on what is good today, and what will be good tomorrow. Still make plans and still be positive where you can. If you are going to count the days, then you should not of asked. I'm sure that you will make the most of what you have left, to the best of your ability, and hopefully you will be around much longer than you think. I really wish you all the best, and take care.

Each day is a struggle but I am certainly not counting them. Roll on summer. Popplewell

Love your attitude, keep smiling, thanks for reply. X

How on earth can a doctor say how long anyone has to live! I'm sure it is us that make that decision . Why do doctors think they are god.!

Hi doo not believe all that you are told, I was told in March 2008 that I had a bad lung problem which was confirmed as IPF. In December 2011 my GP said 6 months but I am still going just to prove them wrong, you see I am an awkward b-----r, well that is what my GP said, so keep going they can get it wrong. Bilko

I will try to be an awkward B too and keep going. Popplewell

My heart goes out to you and your family, make the most of every day, tell all the people you love,how much you love them. My darling husband died from IPF in September, he had IPF for 5 years and 5 months.

It is a horrible disease isn't it and no way you can fight it. Sorry about your husband. How are you coping, Lois

yes it is a dreadful disease, until you are involved in it you just have no idea how devistating it can be, Thank God for all the oxygen nurses,hospice nurses and district nurses , all wonderful.

Oh popplewell,this only came out on my site today.So sorry to hear you had bad news,but I'm sure you'll prove them wrong,you are so brave.My heart goes out to you.

Nobody knows how long we have,except the big man upstairs!

Do look after yourself,& enjoy the spring,take one day at a time,do keep in touch,we will all be thinking of you,hugs & love Wendells xxx

Hi sweetheart how aree you. ? I know its a totally inadiquate question but i was just thinking about you. X i,m sure you are having bad and not so bad days but i. Ssend my love to you. .you allways.had words of encouragement for me when i wasnt too good and i thannk you for that. All my love sue. XxX

Hi Sue, Feeling a bit more positive today and the sun is shining again. What the consultant told me preyed on my mind a bit but like everything else it fades into the background in time. My daughter is coming from Australia in May so that is something to look forward to. Have a good day, Lois

Oh i bet you are looki ng forward to seeing her. ! Its a long. Flight isnt it .my son went on holliday there with his son and his new girlfrienbs 3 kids a few years ago. And he never shut up about it. !! Needless to say the relationship sooon ended. (Thank god ! ) and he lives in Baseingstoke. Near london. He works at Mc larren. The raaceing car ream. So travels a lot. We never seem to see our kids as much as we want do we when we get older ? Mind you i love to see them come but i like the peace and quiet when they go home. .. you live lois. ? We live in staffordshire and respiratory facilities are verry good now. I hope you are being well looked after. And you have good team behind you. Have as good a day as possable. Lots of love. Sue. XX

Hi Sue, I am in Shropshire. We only moved here 6 years ago from Lancashire and wouldn't want to go back. We have relations in Biddulph, Staffs. but don't get to see them much these days. I lived in Australia for 3 years but came back. I have another daughter just across the road and a son in Warwick. I am not surprised your son's relationship broke down. Flying to Australia is bad enough (I have done it many times) but with children would be a nightmare. My daughter took my granddaughter when she was just one year and when she wasn't sleeping she walked her mother up and down the whole time. Regards, Lois

Well fancy that i ome from lancashire too originally. Aplace called Whitefield. Its near Bury. But moved to stoke on trent when i was about 15. I got relatives in Nelson and Colne. But you loose touch. Just got cousin and his family who live in gloustershire. .we keep in touch regularly. Its nice your daughter lives near. Mine lives in stone...not far i know. But. They all have buisy lives dont they. !!!!My hubby says stop making bloody excuses for them. !!!!! Mum who is 96 lives near Market Drayton and is totally independant. ..sometimes think i must be adopted she NEVER. Been in hosp . Biddulph not all that far from us. We go for runs out that way and Leek too. . Well think i go and crack whip a bit hubby said he going paint fence but he been looking at the tin for an hour. I hope you have as good a day as possable. My thoughts are with you sue. Xxx

Hi sue, My husband is like that too, he keeps saying he is going to do the garden but just gazes out. I suppose he has a lot to do looking after me. I came from Bolton although we lived in a 150 year old stone cottage out of the town. We used to love Bury market. Bolton seems to have really gone downhill. My elder daughter is coming from Australia on the 18th May so that is great. She is very practical so will be a good help. Hope you get your fence painted, Lois

We are going to end up being related before we know wher we are. !! I can remembed going to zbury market as a child and getting lost. !! Then getting good hideing as well ...alsoo Bury Baths. ! I,v not been for years mum been once or twice. Sshe still got couple relatives there but they in 90,s as well. After spending an hour looking at tin, hubby opened it and got stuck in !!!!!! Done about 3/4 of job. But big improveement. !!! Right then are you feeling. ? I bet you are physically, emotionally and mentally drained. And i bet hubby is too. Wish i could do something to help. But i,m sure you got a good team trying there best. ..Night and bless. Sue. XXX

Hi Popplewell, Your daughter arriving in May will just be the tonic you need, then the summer on its way, will keep you strong, Thinking of you, Take care.xx

Hiya sweetheart. ! Just. Having. 5 minuits on neb and thought abt you ! How ere things today. ? Your daughters Visit getting nearer bet.youu getting excited . Weather a bit dull here ......just right for finishing painting.i said to hubby ,but think it fell on stony ground most of the paint yesterday. !!! Bill is the type of person who does things next week. And i want things done last week. ! When i was well enough to do things myself ,that.was ok.but have to adapt ....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !! Well bye for now. Eh up he going in garage !!!!!

Hi sue, Had to visit dentist today with a chipped tooth so that was exciting!! Anyway he did a good job and I survived (he kept telling me to breathe) so all was well. Going to see my son in Warwick tomorrow so my daughters car is full of wheelchair, oxygen and all other manner of stuff which one needs for a day out. At least I can snooze on the way. More later, Lois

Hi lois i only. Just seen your post !! Glad you survived dentist...not best place to be even if you well ! Hope you enjoyed your time in Warwick..i,ve never been but heard people say its nice. .I just fixed up a visit to my sons week monday for couple days. He,s fixing up for me and bill to go around the Mc larren factory to see all the formula 1 cars. Everyone else in family been ....he,s in charge of painting them ....but not been well enough to go. Anyway thought best get a shift on and visit. Before too late. Dont want to be morbid but ther you go eh !!!anyway looking 4 ward to it and he is too .NOt long till your visit getting excited for you. !!!! Hope you ok. Think i get my head down now ....goodness its 10 pm. Late for me. Ps fence still not completed but even i cant force him to do it in rain....nite n bless. Xx

Hi Sue, Not been online since Friday as the trip to Warwick really took it out of me. Sort of recovered now but not really up to scratch. Was good to go though as he has had alterations to his house and it looked much better than before. I have a better picture in my head now. He lives alone so enjoyed the company. Having a rest now for a few days as we are supposed to be going on a canal barge at weekend, over that very exciting aquaduct in Wales. If I am OK that is. Taking wheelchair and oxygen of course! More later, Lois

I bet you b #}>~rd. ! Its a long trip. .kids are worth it tho arent they. No matter how big and daft they are they still your kids arent they my son just moved ,and you.need to see it dont you can immagine things how they look etc. Well you rest up swearheart and get yourself in gear for this lovely barge trip. Just had picture of you in wheel chair,oxygen on and ruddy lifrjacket too. !!!!! Listen if they ask you to open any lochs.,tell em what to allowed to use expletives. Have lovely time and dont move a mussel till you get in car!! Lots of love. Strength, prayers and good sunny day. XxXzx

Hi sue, You are right about needing to see it. I now have this picture in my head of a very nice clean bedroom with a hand made quilt on the bed that my eldest daughter made, and new carpets laid all over and clean shower etc. He had a day off to clean up!!A very calming picture. Still in a pretty bad way, been to the doctors again today but it was one I hadn't seen before so they don't know all the inns and outs. I wondered if it was the new pills I am on causing bad breathing but he took a blood test and I have to go back Thursday. I am not bad sitting down but can't move about and have no appetite at all. My husband, Jim, is toting me around the house in the wheelchair but when I got upstairs last night, getting from the stair lift to the bed (only a few yards) was agony. I had a reasonable sleep though so that's a blessing. The doctor has upped my steroids so will see if that helps. More later, Lois

Oh. Sweatheart i,m sorry you not well its hard work going to docs when you dont know doc and you have to explain everything allover ! Hope the steroids improve things for you what dose are you on ?? I cant get any lower thhan 27.5 mgs at moment but hey ho ! You paint good picture of sons place. Typical man. ! Could have been worse and had to take week off. !! Must have taken a lot out of you going there. Isnt it a bugger. ! We dont want to do a marathon or climb mount everest. Just things others take for granted. I do hope you well enough for barge trip. Dont lift finger till then. !!!!! I hope you have reasonable s.leep. nite n bless. XXX

Hi sue, I have been on 10mg for ages so the doctor said go up to 30 for a while but they stop me sleeping so I am taking 25mg and will see how I go on. I don't know how long before the higher dose kicks in. I have decided not to go on the barge trip as it is still quite cold and it doesn't seem worth it. I have done it once and we can perhaps go again when my daughter arrives. Do feel slightly better today so here's hoping. Regards, Lois

Goodness me what. A performance to be able to answer you all sorts of things been happening ....gremllins in works then forgot my password and had to reset it if you get this it a miracle. !! Right ....think it best not to go on barge whether still bit nippy. Looks nice thru window. Then you need yer vest on ! Couple of week steroids kicked in, daughter here.walmer outside.good time had by all !!! How do you feel today ? You sounded quite poorly yesterday !its an awfull thing not being able to breathe. I ,ve never asked you what exactly is it you have ? ...if you dont want to say on here its ok i understand i,m just glad none of my kids or grandkids have lung problems it would break my heart ! My respiratory nurse recamended this site and i have found it verry usefull ,and chatted with some lovely people !!!! Well hope tomorrow brings a better day im off up bloody wooden hills or monorail as bill calls it , going to watch stuff on telly bill dont like nite n bless. Sue. Xx

Hi there ,lois , how are you feeling today ? Are your steroids begining to kick in ? I hope so. Probably take few days or so wont it. Thing is it seems ages doesnt it ? Wont be long till your daughter comes will it bet she,s buisy packing away. !!! If she,s anything like me she ,ll be saying i,ll take this "just in case " then end up wearing same thing all the time !! And bring them all back home again ! Weather been lovely today here but still bit of nip in the air. Just wallm enough to nearly get bill finishing fence. 2 more panels to go and we done. ! Yaaaaaaaaaa. ! I bought some pansys couple weeks ago from b and q. ,they look beautifull look like little faces looking thru window. .i lovee spring ...soon the blue bells be out....heaven we go to a place called knypersley reservoir park on car park and all you can see and smell is miles of bluebells. I allways look farward to going. Its only about 5/ 6 miles from us take aflask of tea and we away ! Anyway i hoppe you feeling bit better. Send my love and strength to you. Nite n bless. Sue. Xx

Hi again sue, I would love to see the bluebells. I think Knypersley is near our relatives in Biddulph. I will ask them about. Seeing a wood full of bluebells is on my bucket list. Lois

Well ,hi there lois i was just coming on here to send you a note and saw yours ...i was bit worried about you ! How are you feeling ? Any better ,steroids kicked in ? ? Yes Knypersley is near Biddulph. Its niCce to just sit and people watch !!Bill says its being nosy. !! We off to sons tomorro in Woking. 200 miles nearly !!!we wont be speaking by time we get there !!but be nice to see him and 20 year old g son we coming back thurs /fri spent afternoon packing neb medication ,spare neb medication tab,spare tabs ,o2 and stuff for my infusion. Plus bills meds for high b p. !!! Gone are days of jeans and tea jumpers and coats then !! God bless lots of love. Sue xx

Hi sue, Hope you enjoy your visit and get there without a divorce. Let me know when the bluebells are out please. Lois

Well we got here in one piece. ! Lovely to see son and big grandson. .so now like you i ,ve seen new home i feel better irs verry modern and clean and tidy so i can now see picture in my head when we go home tomorrow. My chest not been to good so not moved much. And felt really weepy but it will pass . How are you feeling sweatheart. ? When does your daughter come ? Or is she here ? Ibet it,ll be lovely weather and you be able to sit out a bit .....i hope so. ! Do you know ,bluebells are out and all the blossom too .there big pink.cherry blossom tree outside window and accross the road a little shurch and its covered in bluebells !!( you got the picture ! ) we came just at the rite time ....all the blossom and plants are much further farward here the boys are going fishing tomorro. So we are coming home .hope you are ok lois. Lots of love. Sue. Xx

Hi sue, My daughter comes in late May. Not too good at present but keep getting there and managing to get up and dressed and eat a bit. Not been on the computer much so had 70 emails, mostly rubbish. Jim is making a cup of tea and we are going to watch TV at 9. He is really good as I just don't seem to be able to do anything much now. I would love to see a wood with lots of bluebells. They are out early this year I believe. Jim keeps bringing me pots of bulbs in from the garden. Tulips at present. More later, Love Lois

Lovely to hear from you lois ,sorry you not too good. Bill making cuppa as well, i been sitting waitinb for jamaica inn to start just realised its tomorro !!!We got about a dozen bluebells in garden but most are white ! Still look nice tho . When we were at richards last week everything out blossom way in front of us .well bet your daughter buisy packing now !! Are you excited ? Well her,s my cuppa and bag of crisps too. Nite n bless Sue x

Hi Sue, Watched the TV program on the first world war last night, which has been good up to now, but last nights' was very slow. Got Endeavor taped which is always good so that will entertain us tonight. Feeling a bit better today so trying to get up to date with stuff. Managed to cut the steroids down to 20mg so will see how that goes. Will be a busy week as I have run out of pills which the hospital provides so that means a visit there, also have to have a blood test at the GP's and a hairdressers appointment. I don't know how long I will be able to keep going but have managed it up to now. They are very helpful and will come to the house when I can't go. The sun is shining but not warm enough for me yet as I am always cold in the slightest breeze. Jim is the opposite so it causes confusion. More later, Love Lois

Well ive tried to reply to you 3 times and managed to wipe the whole lot off each time. So if u get multiple messages thats why ! Im glad you felt bit better today and getting down to 20 mgms on steroids is encouraging . I cant get any lower than 30 mgms been at that 7 months i ,m so grumpy. But bill says i,ve allways been like that !!!! Your social life as bad as mine docs hosp and all things medical. With a hair do thrown in ! Never mind eh keep on fighting it must be struggle for you both. I think about you during day and wonder howw you are . Wont be long till your excited for you both. Well best go room service here with cuppa ! Lots love. Sue x

Hi sue, Your steroids are high aren't they? Can you sleep at night too? I get annoyed with all the extra little problems that the GP doesn't seem to have any help for. My tongue has been coated for months and started off going black. Tried that stuff you use for thrush (memory going) Nystatin (just came back to me) but no help. Now GP says use mouth wash, eat pineapple and use dry mouth spray. None of it really helps. My arms hurt too even though I use cream all the time. Can't understand what is happening unless it is all down to pills. My eyes hurt and my lips are very dry but that is the oxygen I suppose. That is before you start on the breathing problems. One good thing English strawberries are out and we are having them every night. They seem to clear my tongue a bit. Must go my daughter is coming to take me for a tea and cake somewhere. More later, Love Lois

I,m begining to think that whatever you have erong ,the drs say its your steroids ! We had to have new guttering last month ,and i can assure you that was nothing to do with my steroids. !!!! Doesnt seem affect sleeping much. But suppose it effects us all diferently. . You certainly got enough to put up with havent you ..nice you r daughter fetching you fof tea. Have something nice ! I just gat som nice strawberrys fof pud tonight. Got cornish ice crea and then double cream on top !!!!! Hmmmmmmmm! Infact might miss out my pasta and have 2 puds. !! You sound brighter lois. But i know things are tough. I send you my love and strength wrapped up in parcel.with big bow. Strawberrys and some bluebells. Love. Sue. X

Hi Sue, Still here. Not been on the computer for a couple of days so had a lot of clearing up to do. We are having strawberries every day now. Nothing like British strawberries for taste. Just waiting for new potatoes to come again. I do love stuff when it is in season. My daughter has found a place where there are bluebell woods and we have got a 2 for 1 pass out of gardener's world mag. so we are going on Thursday if possible. The weather is very changeable isn't it? I do feel better if I go out a bit but am often shattered the following day. I never used to watch TV during the day but find now it takes my mind off other problems. Not that I watch much of it. I can't do with it blaring in the background all the time. We watch detective stuff and there are some new ones this week which are recommended. One with Sarah Lancashire which sounds good. Hope you are enjoying strawberries again tonight. Love Lois

Hi ther lois ..lovely to hear from you again inbetween eating strawberries ! When you said about new potatoes i had a sudden yearning for them with loads of butter. Hmmmmmmm! Glad you fixed up with bluebell visit , thing is they allways in the woods arent they !!get you hikeing boots on. But just enjoy it your daughter sounds very good. They prove themselves sometimes dont they. You right about day time telly. When im not well i watch all sorts of rubbish. Like you say it occupies your mind a bit i read a lot but again if im poory i cant concentrate and loose the thread. You need something you dont have to.think much about dont you ! We having mangoes for pudding. That,ll be a challange. !Need a beth after i eaten one of them.buggers. ! Take care lois. All my love to you. Sue. Xx

Hi Sue, I am still here on the computer trying to clear up the backlog. My youngest daughter has always been wonderful. When we took our eldest daughter to uni. my youngest said 'you are never leaving me in a place like that' and she opted for an art college in our home town. Strange really as when she was a toddler she escaped all the time and was often brought back by the police. She loved crawling under fences and banging on the school windows! She would wait until my back was turned and make a run for it. Luckily we lived in a quiet cul-de-sac so no harm done but she has always been close.and a lovely person. Glad of that as I will need more help as time goes on. More later, Love Lois

Hi there lois how you doing ? Think i must have missed your post somehow . Bill just taken sally for a little walk down to the park and i,m watching antiques roadshow. . Not much on telly tonight . Did you manage to go and see some bluebells ? There seems to be loads of.dandelions everywhere i know they,re weeds but bill keeps saying are,nt they lovely colour !!! Ughhhhh ! I,m going in hospital on friday to have surgery on my glaucoma and need surgery to save sight. .i,ve got to be there for 7:30 am. !!!That,s a challange before we start...mornings are,nt the best times are they . Oh well confidence in the team and my friend works in theatre so be ok ..What about you ? How are you feeling ? Suppose you differ from day to day. I really hope you are having.some nice days lois i do think about you send you my love sue. Xx

Hi Sue, Missed a few days on computer as I haven't been inspired but feeling a bit better today. It's one day up and one day down. I haven't caught the bluebells yet but my daughter is taking me on Thursday (weather permitting) to some place near Market Drayton. There are some out in the woods near us but I would have to climb a hill which is impossible. I think you will be good with your eye as the eye surgery these days is excellent. I had two cataracts done and had no problem. The injection was the worst bit but on the second occasion it had improved so don't worry. Getting up so early is your biggest problem I think. I lie about these days not wanting to bother but I am always up and about by 9am. Best to have your eye done as I have a friend who is almost blind with glaucoma. She is in her 90's but always wrote a lot and read which she can't do now. I will think about you on Friday. Love Lois

Hi. Lois. Hope you manage to go on bluebell trip mum llives near market drayton ! Baldwins Gate We went over to see her Saturday ..Immagine this ..mum 96 cooking tea. She had made abbout 30 ! Jars or blackberry jam and marmalade in the morning to take to the churcbring and buy on Sunday. ! We managed to con a few off her !! Bill picks the blackberrys ,mum makes the jam ,and i eat it. !!! Job done ! Well i take my hat off to you being up by 9 am. I allways concious by then but i wait till Bill comes back from walking Sally (and makes 2nd cuppa ) before i venture down , just aa llittle routine you get into ! We been to Tittesworth Reservoir this afternoon ..took buttys and flask but it was nice run out ..just other side of Leek so not far. Anyway best go ..its bin day tomorrow and Bill needs instructions on witch one to put out. !!!Are,nt theyy hopeless. All my love to you and family. Sue. Xx

Hi sue, I am doing OK then, being up by 9am? I used to be a morning person but not any more. We tend to stay up late, not feeling tired, but do sleep well which is a blessing. Managed to have a trip to town today to buy a book and tomorrow is the hairdressers but that is getting harder and harder. Wish the weather would really warm up so I could sit in the garden. I had to put extra clothes on today as it still felt chilly! Off for a bit of supper now before I take my last pill!! Love Lois

I think you doing brilliantly certainly got some fight in you !! But then i dont see how much of a sttuggle each hour is. !ican only say i admire you greatly , You allways feel better have your hair done dont you ,? Think its a woman / pride thing. I know if bill was poorly he wouldnt bother but it takes me all my time to get him to go ,and he,s ok ! We sat in garden other day for short time ,...i was frozen too. It looks nice but cold wind ...sure it will warm up soon. ! Well room service has arrived with cuppa tea and packet of ginger bics. Just right for dunking ! Lots or love xx sue.

Hiya lois how are you doing ?? Hasnt the weather been awfull this last few days seems to have rained non stop here .. the youngest grandson who is 13 and plays cricket for staffordshire and stone and stafford non stop has been fed up because matches keep being called off ! Well surgery on eye went ok got ther for 7 am and a parking spot too ! Had surgery about 8:30 took about hour and let me home abt tea time but had to go back y day then tomorro and friday ..anyway all ok and chest survived the drama i look a bit of a bugger but bill says i allways do !!!! I hope you keeping strong and got all running round after you ! Weather said to bck up next week so get your bikini out. Allmy love to you and your family. Xxx sue.

Hi sue, Sorry I didn't get back to you the other day but not felt inspired to compute. Now I have started I feel better. I will be really glad when the weather does change and I can go in the garden and have a change of scenery. I made four fruit cakes yesterday. I (we) put them all in the oven together and give them away to friends and family. It was a bit of a struggle but Jim does all the running about and cleans up afterwards. I have a Kenwood so no hand mixing. My fruit cakes are famous! Today I put a washing up bowl on a chair and washed some 'display' pots and Jim dried. Trying to do a bit every day towards my daughter coming next Sunday. She brought good weather with her when she came last year and it looks as though she will do it again. Here's to sitting out in the garden sipping a gin and tonic. I wish. More later, Love Lois

Hi there lois well all i can say is. You put me to shame with your bakeing its just one of those things i never really had the patience for doing . Mum does baking all tne time ( she 96 on tuesday ) she bakes for church w i garden guild anf village hall.committee. ! Cakes jam marmalade pies and her own bread because she cant eat gleuton. ! I just collect jam jars. !!! Welll i all of a do about your daughter exciting. Have a wonderfull.time. looks like guite good weather wise. But if not bring the paryt and g and t inside lots of love. Sue. XX

Hi sue, Actually Jim does a lot towards the baking these days but we achieve the desired effect. Not tried rolling pastry recently but I suppose I could get the ready rolled stuff. Been sitting in the garden today, after shopping, and feel better for it. Felt rough first thing but get better as the day rolls on. I don't really understand it but am just going with the flow. Bed time soon so will say goodnight for now. Thanks for message, Love Lois

Hi there lois. . How are you ? I hope you are having a lovely time with your daughter . I hope you stay as well as you can ...lots of love. Speak soon. Sue XXX

Hi there lois ... how are you doing ..just been thinking about you and wondering how you are ? Hop you been having a nice time with your daughter and enjoying this nice weather Hope you as well as you can be . Lots of love sue. XXX

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