Hiya guy's Aidi here, went to Doc's yesterday to ask about a nebuliser, got told that im to young (45)& keep using my inhalers and spacer

Hiya guy's Aidi here, went to Doc's yesterday to ask about a nebuliser, got told that im to young (45)& keep using my inhalers and spacer

Told Dr not really sure that they are having much effect as when I go into hospital they put me on one and it makes a difference! Gone from mild/moderate to moderate/severe in approx 18mths. I still smoke (have tried to stop and have cut down)but at the moment I no that I won't be able to stop as too much stress in life, which isn't good as already suffer with severe stress and anxiety! All Dr says is stop smoking and you'll stop getting chest infections, 4so far this year and a Lung infection. I m just curious to see if anyone else is like me? (god help you you poor people lol)struggling more each day but still pushing to hard because you don't want to give up and let people down. I know that stopping smoking will help me but I enjoy smoking and I don't drink either, its like by stopping smoking im suddenly going to improve! Well im sorry but it's a bit late for shutting the stable door as the horse has already left the building (bit like Elvis lol).sorry for ranting on folks but I'm sure these Dr's etc don't know what its like to live like this on a daily basis,just feel as though I'm going round in circles continually, but hey ho still here and not looking up at wood. Lok after yourselves guy's and take it easy. Aidi:-):-)

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  • Morning Aidi - You sound like my husband!! BUT he realised he had to give up smoking. The damage is done there is no doubt about that but if you continue to smoke the damage will be much worse. If you stop you can halt the damage, you can slow down the progression. Believe me it can get worse - much worse. Stopping smoking for my husband was incredibly difficult - it took him four/five years of trying and he was saying much the same as you - the damage is done, yes it is but you don't want to do anymore.

    My husband was only given a nebuliser by the hospital. Although it can be really helpful when you are very short of breath it is not the magic wand. There are side effects from taking the salbutamol in this sort of form and it is easy to overdose. We have very strict instructions on how to use it and when. Can your doctor give you help to stop smoking?

    A call to the BLF helpline (Click on the red balloon) may help and give you better advise. Take good care, TAD xx

  • Stop smoking!You WILL feel better.I started smoking at 9years old and stopped at 56.I still have copd but it is manageable.

  • Tadaw made the brilliant point Aidi...stopping smoking will NOT make you all better, but if you don't stop you WILL get worse much worse...you most probably will stop smoking one day...well they wont give you oxygen if you smoke I believe.......so why not do it now? If you can manage to stop, you will be taking a BIG step towards trying to prevent the decline in your condition...you could perhaps stay where you are now for many years yet...but if you continue to smoke, things will get worse for you

    We are not saying this to you . because we want to stop you from enjoying your life...we are saying this to you as many of us are further down the COPD chain then you are right now, and know what difficulties and illness lies ahead for you Aidi...and we do care about you

  • Thanks for your comments guy's, I'm just having a bad day and a winge. And I know that stopping smoking will help me but it's not that easy, I did try last year and managed for nearly a month but then back on the fags again. I am going to stop as I want to (hopefully)see my kids grow up and get married. So again thanks for your comments/support. Aidi :-) :-)

  • I'm sure your kids would want you around too - and not pushing you in a wheelchair either! It is a joy to hold your first grandchild as well :)

  • I know exactly what your talking about ,and going round and round in circles as to why I can't breathe,there has to be an answer?....anxiety building up,trying my best to break an addiction,(another illness) and no-one understands,I love breathing in the smoke. Don't give up hope! Keep trying alternative if it helps,herbs or e-cig,can do no damage but get you through a difficult time, I had yrs of queuing at tobacco counters,when I had said no to myself the depths I could go to smoke a dog end from the ground even,I suffered ,never gave up as I wanted to live......then one day I knew this times it's for good,I walked further ,I didn't gasp for breathe,I felt good,kept going day by day,I was in hospital didn't even miss it,had some good weather got out abit and realized I must never go back to those loney dark days when the only person that can help us is ourselves when we stop breathing in tobacco, it's a killer it's proof.

  • Hi Aidi, I felt exactly the same as you do about the smoking. It's so depressing trying to come to terms with this illness. You feel it's your only pleasure in life. I had to get help of my GP for the depression because, like you, I couldn't stop smoking because of the stress and severe anxiety attacks.

    It has taken 8 months to get my fighting spirit back. Maybe you could have a word with you GP about something to lift your mood. As for the smoking, Keep on trying to stop by cutting down as low as you can.

    I got myself down to 2 a day with the help of an ecig. It took the pressure of me because thinking of quitting made me have anxiety attacks. I've been cig free for 6 weeks now and I don't really miss them as the ecig ended up tasting the same eventually. I'll be easing that down next to stop.

    You'll end up stopping eventually because the worrying that your making yourself sicker starts making you not enjoy your cigs and the stress gets even worse. Keep on trying Aidi x

  • Cheers for that casper99,already on meds for depression as I have what's called Dystymia, + I have a heart condition as well. But thanks for the support and encouragement:-)

  • Nebulised ventolin is fine for a short term fix in hospital but there are serious side effects and I think doctors can only prescribe it for home use under certain circumstances. You certainly wouldn't want to be on it, for life, at 45. I last used it for a week a few years ago and had the most dreadful shakes, and feelings of anxiety, with it. I have refused it since. Research has indicated that using inhalers with a spacer can be as effective as nebulising providing you are using the spacer properly. Perhaps you could see your nurse and check that you are using it correctly.

  • Don't respond here much but feel I should now cuz quitting the smokes is so important. I smoked for forty years and enjoyed every minute of it, but I realized that I will quit one way or the other, so I made it my decision while I still had some time left. Same for you, you will quit inevitable make it your decision not some doctor or the grim reaper

  • If you stop smoking GP might see you are serious about looking after yourself and give you nebuliser. I have one at home. Same age as you and had mine for number of years. Was at GP suggestion that I got mine!

  • Hiya Aidi welcome good to meet you.I feel your quandary re the fags its so hard when you like it so,I did too,Im 6 1/2mths since i last smoked,Its not an easy road but a worthwhile one.For me it was this site that empowered me and I just knew that it was the right time and everybody here was so brilliant in their support of me.So I wish you luck,weather you do or dont,you still have your lung issues and we are here for that not your habits.See you soon keepwell be happy :) Janexx

  • Good luck to you Aidi and you have had some wise words on here. People are very supportive and, no matter what, everyone is here for you. Just to say please try and give up smoking as you will be able to manage your condition better. Wishing you well and take care. xxxxx

  • Like you I really enjoyed smoking. But after recent lung surgery I decided Id give it another go at stopping. I used an E cig from VYPE for 3 days and then went into hospital. I used patches whilst in there and then for 2 weeks after I came out. Didn't go back to e cig as I worried it seemed to like a normal ciggie and I might be tempted. Anyway Im off the patches now so am using nothing. I must admit this is 4 weeks and I still get cravings, Im not going to lie and I really have to talk to myself not to start again but so far so good. I think you just have to take each day, then each week and try whatever works for you. I wish you the very best ofluck and hope that you can stop one way or another.

    love Pat x


  • Can only repeat what the others have said Aidi. You are young, I was already moderate stage at your age and carried on smoking. Gave up over 4 years ago now but at 61 am end stage. I could describe in graphic detail what it means to me and what was my life? That's sounds awful but is meant to shock you!! Come on lad, give em up any way you can. Strangely, although I had tried a thousand times, that last time was so easy, desperation maybe? Please don't get to that stage as it will be too late. Hey, think of all the tattoos you can get with the money saved! You'll be joining the tattoo addict forum for help! (Is there one??) Libby xx

  • hi aide, i have to admit that stopping smoking was absolutely very difficult for me, i was sick and tired at people telling me to stop, i was like a "schoolboy at the back of the sheds" sneaking a fag. i knew it was killing me, but i just couldnt stop. then i did have a very bad turn , finished up in hospital for the umpteenth time, but this time, something clicked, for some reason i was able to stop, and to my astonishment, it didnt bother me too much, there were times when i got the craving, but for some reason i was able to "let this pass" and it did pass, it still does.. i have the occasional e_fag but even that i have managed to cut down to a very low 8mg. i think we all know the damage is done,, but honesty aide, smoking will worsen your problems, and hit you quick and hard.. i dont mean to harp on , but i seem to have found out the hard way,i am well into my oap ,on end stage copd .and varying other underlying illnesses, most if not all,caused by smoking , please, please dont emulate me , best of luck aide,, and kindest regards,,,jimmy

  • Hy Aidi, I to really Injoy a ciggie,I don't drink,I am the same as yourself,moderate to server Emphysema, I have tried patches,campex,inhalers gum,to no avail,since Christmas I have had on going infections,my thoughts now are enough is enough,I brought a E cig,thinking it could not possibly work,but it is amazing it does work,takes any cravings away, give it try,much cheaper than real ciggies too.xx

  • It's never too late to shut the stable door Aidi. I left it late. Stopped now over a year. My son is struggling at the moment. He has been told to stop smoking, cut out salt, cut down on sugar, take exercise to try and bring his BP down. He has cut out all but smoking. He sees me struggling to breathe but still hasn't given it up. I gave all the usual excuses for not stopping, wish I had listened sooner. Take care.

  • HI Aidi ,

    I am moderate/severe .Diagnosed October. Had very bad cough and chest infections for 2/3 years .Didn't seek medical help as I didn't want the smoking lectures ! ! Clever or what?

    Finally went to docs when I was coughing , spluttering and wheezing 24hrs per day . I didn't really believe that stopping smoking .(after 48 yrs ) would do much good . Was put on Spiriva Inhaler and with aid of champix quit smoking 3 weeks later.

    To my surprise the COUGH STOPPED within 2./3 days. Stopping smoking isn't easy but strangely wasn't as hard as I thought .The big incentive to stay off the cigs has been losing the COUGH .

    There are lots of different aids .Champix was okay for me and lot of people are finding e cigarettes helpful . Whatever you decide best of luck

    Cheers Coastal

  • Within a week of stopping smoking, you will start noticing an improvement. I was using one blue inhaler a week before finishing 8 weeks ago. Now it is rare for me to have one dose a day, Some days I even go out without it....thats the difference smoking makes.

  • I don't understand why your DR said to stop smoking and you wont keep getting chest infections, I stopped 10 years ago and from last May I have had several chest infections.

    Have you tried champix that what I used but in the last 12 months I have gone from stage 3 to stage 4 and that one stage is huge the difference it has made to my life. Good luck you will get plenty of support on hear if you want to quit the cigs

  • Thanks onamission for that unfortunately im not allowed to use champix because of my Dystymia ( chronic long term depression ) so its just patches, inhalator and will power for me

  • I am fairly new to this and am only at the moderate stage (but lower end ). It may also be connected to the length of time you have had copd . However ( touch wood! ! ) have not had a chest infection since l quit smoking 5 months ago Prior to that they had been pretty constant for 2/3 years. It does seem to vary from one person to another.

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