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update on last blog

hi all well l got to talk to doctor about my thirst and he orderd a blood test hba1c which l did today while l was at hospital so it will be a couple of days before l get result but will let you know what it was but lm realy here to update you all on my blood gases l had a couple of months ago l got to see the consultant and was in there seemed like ages l felt sorry for the ones that were waiting lol anyway heres what he said lm border line oxygen but he wants me to have the horrible blood gases done again but this time l will be wearing a oxygen mask get 1 or 2 lts while having this test done he also wants me to have a scan of my heart and he wants me to have a sputam test or somet and today l had to have a one of those test where you blow into a mouth piece best of three at first she was going to cancel the test half way through cos she thought l was missing my range but then l hit it but she couldn't tell me result cos she didn't have my records so she sent it to doctor so that's about it .but what do any of you think about been border line oxygen what does that tell me or you would appreciate any comments from you guys what you make of todays visit oh and he checked my ankels but said they seem fine

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Minky some drugs do make you VERY thirsty, I think Spiriva is one that makes your mouth very dry, if you are on that

I seem to recall you had diabetes or suspect Diabetes..( ignore me if I got that wrong) well a thirst is a sign of diabetes so I am sure they will check that out with you blood test.

It sounds like you are getting a good check over and in good hands there.

The blood gas test is not that pleasant as you know, but it will tell if you need oxygen

Good luck with all your tests


hi sohara yes lm diabetic tablet not insulin so l had that hba1c today to get to the bottom of the thirst and yeah had the blood gasses done about a few months ago which said l was border line oxygen so not sure what that's supposed to tell me


Do you know what your sats reading is? do you have an oximeter at home?

Its hard to tell...they may mean your readings are 'borderline' that is not very good so they will keep an eye on it

or they may mean that you are 'borderline' for having to have some oxygen therapy ... my guess ( and it is only a guess) is its the second option....and if you do need some extra oxygen, then I suppose its a good thing that they have found this out...I am sure they will test it further

I am also sure that others who are on oxygen and have been where you are now, will come in to give you there more knowledgeable opinion of what happens next

Love Sohara


hi sohara yes my oxygen reading from my finger is 91 and l commented to the nurse that it had dropped sin my nurse at home did it and she did it again and it was 92 so that's the reading they are going with also after posting my first blog about the hba1c l only got a call from the dr saying my blood test for the hba1c was 26 so he wanted me to go to hospital to stop in l said no l wasn't prepaired for that so he made me go to the urgent care center and l said ok but lm not going in hospital so the doctor there said my blood sugar finger test was 18 and he said it had dropped but he wants me to see my doctor tomorrow and get it done again so l got to do it again l was a bit better when he said l could go home cos he checked my urine keytones and they were fine and l thought god thank god cos the last time l went into hospital l was rushed in for tummy problems and l had a bad experience with it they had me in there for a month they forgot to feed me 3 occasions so l wasn't very happy and l said never again will l go in there so that's why l wont go in lm gonna ring my surgery and see what they say so yes the oxgen finger reading was 91/92 xx


Oh my goodness Minky what a bad experience you had in hospital

But its not wise to refuse help if you have may find you have some serious problems if you neglect this condition

91 is a bit low , I am glad they are looking into your blood gases etc, it is possible that you may need oxygen

Do you have anyone living with you? or that you can call on if you do feel feint or very unwell?

What with the diabetes and the low oxygen levels, you should have someone that you can call on

Please do take care of yourself, we all need help sometimes

Love Sohara


hi sohara yes l have my son and husband here with me and my grandson and my daughter next door and my brother in law at the oposit side next door so lm lucky realy to have my family round me but if l do feel unwell l will give in and tell my family well you tc too and if l have any more news on my health issues l will let you know xx


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