Been to see the consultant yesterday !! More confused now!!

Help.. Any thoughts on this would be seriously appreciated. I had a breathing test done yesterday at the hospital and the results show that my breathing has improved since I last went 6 years ago and that my lungs are very good!! I'm on spiriva, Qvar and venoltin, only since taking these have I felt any sort of better quailty of beathing/ life. And still struggle sometimes it can depend on the weather, amount of people in a room, candles, sprays, bbq,( last year I had 7 chest infections) chest infections many of them etc etc. So I don't understand, I had bloods done and going back for a scan and smutm (not sure how you spell it). I have pain and throbbing in my hands, wrists and right hip. I was so surprised but VERY relieved to hear the news that I'm now wondering.. As I've improved does this mean I stop my inhalers., don't know how I'll breath??!!! The consultant didn't say to stop. I was shocked and forgot to ask any questions!! :( appointment for scan etc 10th June.

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  • Well thats good news Jeannanne...but I would not stop taking anything until you see the cons again

    Next time you see him write down before you go what you would like to ask him , its so hard to remember when you are actually there

    Its good news that you have an improved breathing result...but that does not necessarly mean you don't still have some problems

    Take care

  • Well,that is great news,maybe the meds are working well for you.Deffo keep on taking them,I am sure he would have told you to stop,if he wanted you too.

    You say you are having a scan etc,which he has ordered,so it seems he is still checking things out.

    Like Sohara suggested,do write down,what you need to ask,saves a lot of frustration!

    Best of luck with it all, xxx

  • Like others have said this is good news. However I definitely would not stop taking meds without consultants say so.

    As you say, you still struggle at times so these tests may be showing your 'best day' results - and they have been done whilst you are on the meds. Some of these meds are 'long acting' and you need to keep taking them to maintain the benefit. If it is working - don't change it!

    As wendells says your consultant is being thorough. Write your questions down as you think of them.

    I wish you well.

  • Perhaps you should ring the BLF helpline - click on the red balloon. No wonder you are confused! Good Luck TAD xx

  • I think he would have said to stop if that was the case. It shows youf on the right treatment if you are doing well so DO NOT stop . Definetly agree writing things down really helps xxx

  • Thank you all very much! I shall be taking written questions next time! :-)

  • Hi.

    Don't you have a test done every year at your GP's, that is normal practice and keeps a record of your lung function, that would show improvement if any.

  • Hi thanks for the reply. I had a test in sept at the gps and was diagnosed with moderate copd, I was already on inhalers for asthma but these weren't helping so I was put on the ones I am on now and they have helped but I still really struggle at bedtime within 1/2 hr in bed I'm coughing and coughing when I wake, not till I take my inhalers in the morning does it relieve it!

  • stay on the meds until you are told differant

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