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Beta Blockers

I recent had an angiogram and because you have to have a pulse rate of 60 bpm or less! (whereas mine is typically in the 80-90s and normal can be between anything from 60-100) - was given beta blockers to get my pulse down to the required rate. Now, I really don't know if I imagined it, but with a reduction in my heart rate, I felt I could breathe just a little bit easier. My Specialist said that this is possible and that the medical fraternity is revisiting this subject. BTW I have never had any issues that I know of with my heart. Stay well. Martin

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Hi Martin, I have a high heart rate (possibly due to other health probs), and it's normally around 110/120 although, like you, my heart is apparently fine, There is no doubt it affects my breathing, the higher it is the more difficult the breathing. I have a sedative type drug to take if I start hyperventilating, this slows the heart down and normal service is resumed (edited because I typed "reduced" - my fingers faster than my brain these days!) breathing wise so yes, as far as my experience goes, you are right. x


Interesting comment from your doctor, we never knew that hubby has COPD/asbestosis it was only down to the hospital giving him some drops for his eyes that contained beta blocker that brought the other illness to the surface with a hospitalisation in Denmark. If they work for you then why not, good luck


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