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Aerosure Medic+. Is it any good? Has anybody used it?

Aerosure Medic+ - Proven to: Reduce breathlessness, Improve Mucus Clearance, Improve quality of life. It costs £179.00. My Mum saw this product advertised. She suffers from COPD. She wondered whether to purchase this product but it costs quite a lot of money especially if it does not work. Does anyone have an experience of using this product with positive or negative results.


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Appears to do the same job as a "lung flute" which seems to work on the same principles and does the same job a damn sight cheaper.

I have a lung flute purchased from the website below which at the time seemed to be the only place in Europe you could get one:


To see how they actually work and the principles involved check out lung flute videos on Youtube. Also check out this website:


i cant say if this is any good or not but the salt pipe is very good used by instructions 25.00 and thing called the flutter which is 52.00 but if you are resperetry team to do prescrip you can get one think they are both very good i have both

I was recommended to use the Accapella for mucus clearance by my Respiratory Physiotherapist, it only cost me £40 in 2009, it has improved my condition, I would ask advice from her Respiratory team before spending out on any device.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

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Hi Chad55, I have looked at it on line and it is a flutter type tool. I purchased the Acapella, Choice, cost me about 40 pounds, same as jojam below and I would not be without it. The 179 pounds seems very OTT.

Cheers Dave.

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If you can't buy it VAT free, it has not been approved as medically beneficial. Some of these products promise the earth but in fact just costs the earth. I am also very wary of any of these products that don't disclose the price first...you have to register before they reveal the price. As guillo says, look at the Power Breath Medic. I bought one, VAT free and used it to build up my lungs before I started a PR course. It worked for me but no doubt, I could have saved my cash and just gone through the controlled breathing exercises from BLF or off "You tube". The Power Breath is available on prescription but most areas are reluctant to prescribe it...usually hospitals are bit more likely. The exercise results sheets are also available to down load from various hospitals which sort of proves to me that hospitals are issuing it.

I have just purchased an Aerobika device from Solus Medical for about £65. I have always used an Acapella or Flutter before for Clearance, but the benefits of this is that I can combine nebulised saline with my usual PEP device clearance, this saves time, I have found it quite effective too.

A awful lot of money on something only recently on the market.

I have previously recommended members to give Power Breathe a looking at.

A simple device which you are required to breathe-in through a mouthpiece. It has a graduated scale which you work thru' until you meet your comfort level. I began at 9 and am now at 4. With a noticeable improvement in my peak-flow figures.

The device cost around £25.00 and appears to do much the same as the much dearer device. It is usually readily available from Lloyds. Chemist. or on the internet . Good lUck.

I also brought the power breathe but I don't know if I was using it properly,as I started at level 1 and started to produce mucus and a cough had a word with my res nurse and she told me to stop using it until I have been to my PR course in May. should I have started on level 9?

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Hi, No level 9 is for experienced users. If you're bringing up mucus it's doing it's job. When you feel it isn't helping any more then go up to level 2 or just half-way between 2 and 1. Or another way to use it is just on alternative days. It's what you feel most at ease with. Take Care, Cyril.

Thanks to everybody who has given my mum advise about products and where to purchase them from.

Thank you.

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