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Achooo! Thank-you for your lovely messages :)

A scribblet quickie to all

Aachooo! achooo!

My nose I blew

Another sneeze

Blinking disease

The tissues I go through

Achooo achooo!

Vicks at the ready I smear

Do hope my tubes clear

Quite like a good sneeze

When Ive no other disease

But at the mo

I feel a little woe

With everything blocked

Im fairly knocked

So with pen to paper

With no tale of a caper

To all who are poorly

Thinking,'no more surely?'

I sympathise

I empathasise

And Im wishing you well soon

From BLFs resident loon

So dont get down

Doesnt help Ive found

Take it slow

And go with the flow

Rest and drink plenty

Puffers and pills will complimenty (new word) :)

Of course if your well

We're jealous as hell

But we're gonna be back

Giving our usual flack :p

You'all have a good week

Weather your well or up the creek

Thats All Folks

See ya soon


:) :) :)


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Jane, the best loony I've ever come across! I really hope you're on the mend and you and Bailey are back on Gertie scaring pedestrians! Libby xxx


Hi Libby bless ya thank-you.Im up and about which is good and a step in the right direction,hows you doing? :) Janexx

Snap! Sneezing and sniffling in harmony with you Jane. Olbas oil for me though as I can't abide vick. Hope you get over your latest bug soon and back to your usual highjinx :) x

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Yep arnt we lucky little bunnies,I dont think staying in bed to long is good for you especially with lung issues need to get on the move a little I find.But you misses be careful your meant to be in recovery not getting more infections,please take good care of yourself initial.(((hugs))) :) Janexx

Oh Jane,how can you still make up these scribletts?? At least your brains still working lol!

Take care& keep warm xxxx

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Hey there Wendells hows you doing and that hubby of yours how is he?Im not bad thank-you hoping this shifts soon cos Ive PR 6min walk next week and I wanna be there.See you soon keep well now :) Janexx

Glad to see your creative skilla have not been affected by this bout of illness.. your a little soldier. M xx

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Hello M haha thank-you Im getting there slowly but surely .Hope your keeping well at the moment there seems to be so many of us down with something or another,the time of year for it I guess. :) Janexx

Ha Longlungs, Very apt enjoyed this woe tale immensely.

Hope you are well? Have a really nice day the suns out in Edinburg, But so is the frost.

Keep being COOL as the teens say.


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Hi Tom ah thank-you.Im not bad hows about yourself? bit chilly where Iam today but not too bad.No likey Jack Frost hopefully not for much longer.Keepwell now :) Janexx

I am not too bad.

Still a bit week but at least the cough has gone.

You stay safe and warm also, this weather is taking it`s toll even on fit healthy folks.


Fab!! Even in the depth of illness you can make use smile! Wishing you a very speedy recovery. TAD xx

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A bit of fun eh TAD need to keep smiling and trying dont we.Im hoping im going in the right direction,Im up and about so good signs me thinks.Are you ok TAD keeping well and everything hope so. :) Janexx

Enjoyed that ..Very Good Jane

You will have to Sinus us a copy of your odes !!!... I thought my nose was running but it's (s)not !!!

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Hahaha Plumbob like your style thats brilliant,glad you enjoyed my little scribblett and thank-you for making me smile. :) Janexx

Yep gal, sounds like you are on the mend! Just keep taking the medicine and we'll see you back here soon. Just got over a nasty cold so know how you're feeling. Take care.

Love Sara xxx


Hey there Sara yes Im up and at it once again thank-you,not going to bonkers just yet though.Yes it can feel a bit yuk when everything is bunged up making breathing a little harder.Im determined to feel fit for next weeks 6 min walk though so I have my goal to work towards.Glad your getting over your rotten cold blimming bugs.Take it easy Sara. :) Janexx

Hi Jane, what a poet you are! Get well soon and you take care. Thinking of you. xxx


Hi sassy how the devil are you? Im feeling better im happy to say.Have just had my hair cut and feeling a little naked at the min brrr! Thanks for your kind words.Be happy and keep well :) Janexx

Good thanks Jane but Pete is seeing a spinal doctor today to see what can be done about his intense pain. Hope he can be helped and soon. You take care. Lots of love, xxxxx

Hiya Jane. Get better soon and get our on your hot Gertie! That's an order :) Missing you. xx


Hiya coughalot lol well Iam getting better and now that im under orders what can I say haha,Ive definitely missed talking to everyone.Thank-you for caring means a lot to me . :) Janexx

Oh dear Jane. So sorry you've been laid low. Hopefully you'll soon be on the mend and back making us titter with your adventures on Gert. xxxxxx get well soon m'dear

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Thank-you peeg yes these bugs give you a swift kick and knock sometimes,but its time for them to buzz off now got things to do places to go and people to meet lol.Yes cant wait to go out on gertie.Are you all recovered now as you were poorly too the week before last wernt you? Keep snuggled and well :) Janexx

Are you on t'mend? I began to feel normal a few days ago but then I am on a couple of courses of Azithromycin. Next one starts Hopefully this will be the last for me this winter. Like you I got really fed up but at least I can get around so I mustn't moan.

I was over your way (slightly) last night. In Brockly for fish n chips. Fancy driving 45 minutes for F&Cs , worth it though :)

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HahaSara you are fab xxx get better soon love judith xxx

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Hi Judith.

Good to see you blogging again! Sounds like you are in better spirits and that's great to hear. Sara xx

Hi Judith good to hear from you thank-you.Youve had a bit of a rollercoaster ride these past several months ?Do hope there is a final and correct diagnosis once all test results are in,then you can get back to the living of your life instead of waiting on another result eh.It might take a little time to build yourself back up but your get there I know this haha.Give Miss Ellie a tickle from me such a looker she really is. Be happy and keep well Judith :) Janexx

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Hi Jane ....yes hopefully i can get a plan of treatment for the winters !!! Oh Miss Ellie is good shes looking fab coming into spring just need to get fitter so i can get onboard again. I will give her a mint from you heehee xxx judith xx

Hi Sara thanks xxx i am getting there slowly but surely xxx Judith

Jane your not just a crazy lady but a very funny and talented crazy lady. I always love your posts and find they are very 'complimenty' too. :) . I always thought that we spoke a little funny down our way but you seem to speak a whole new language which always hits my laughter spot. :)

Hope your out of that bed now and winding up Gertie's elastic band so you can go out and get some inspiration towards the next adventure story. Us peeps are all waiting out here :)

Tony xx

Hey there Tony nice to hear from you.Haha how funny well you know how it is .Your very kind to bring a smile to you and everyone brings smiles to me so winwin for everyone,we like it like that.Iloved your dads daffodil orchard beautiful yes I agree the double ones are just a little bit more special little chunky monkeys they are.

Im winding Gertie as we speak she has arrived home at last!

Any news on yer bumboes? bless it!lol

See you soon Tony keep showing us your lovely pics they are a joy to look at. :)

Be happy and stay well now :) Janexx

That was great Jane, getting back to your old self now, Wonderful,xx

Hiya ah thank-you its good to get back on little slow but defo getting there,and my Gertie is back now so heyho and away I shall go happy days are coming,can feel it in me water lol .Hows you doing are you well?You know I feel really blessed to have found this site and met so many lovely peeps just great! :) Janexx

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