I started Pulmonary Rehab

this week, 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks, the 'leader' is brilliant and very encouraging. There are lots of exercises and walking that have to be fitted in but it's all in a good cause, getting me fit! I had the result of the MRI scan on my head as well and, thank goodness, it's normal so I hope the hearing aid will help me but I don't get that until April. But what a week I've had anyway, Monday I had a, privately arranged, massage, Tuesday, hospital for a mould of my ear, Wednesday, dietician (doctor told me to lose weight) and my first session of PR, Thursday, I had my manicure and pedicure (I can't bend down to cut my toe nails but, who knows, I maybe able to when I've finished PR), and Friday it was PR again as well as shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. so I am just a bit tired. Thanks for listening. Take care. Lizzy.

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  • Gosh I feel tired just reading all you did Lizzy

    I have never done PR ( going to ask next time I visit cons) I hope you enjoy it and find it useful

  • Good one Sohara - your consultant will probably write to your doctor for a local referral for PR. Good luck. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Hi Skinnylizzy59,

    I have just finished 7 weeks of PR, I did have a break for Xmas and I had a spell in hospital after an exacerbation and ended up with pneumonia. I found them a great help and I made a vast improvement on my walking, etc. The talks with the dietician, asthma nurse, physio specialist, the nurses and physio's were very good, very supportive.

  • Hi TuckBox2, Glad you found PR helpful, a shame about the hospital and pneumonia. Good luck. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Hi Lizzy! Goodness me,you do have a busy life! I'm sure you are tired,but probably feeling very satisfied too!

    Glad you are into the PR,it is very uplifting,& definitely worth the effort! Take care,love Wendells xx

  • Hi Wendells, thanks for your support, glad every week isn't like the last one. Take care. Love Lizzy.

  • Lizzy, I need the car washing when you have a minute !!! LOL(what a busy lady!!)...

    I found PR enjoyable and worthwhile as well as meeting people with similar conditions .... Keep up the good work -Plumbob

  • Hi Plumbob, ha! ha!, sorry don't think I can fit you in for a few weeks when I hope the weather is warmer. Thanks for your support. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Lizzy it sounds like an eventful weekl. So glad yur mri was normal. I am afraid I was too scared to go in it so they are not one per cent sure if I have had mini strokes but one things for sure I would have had a massive one if they had forced me into it. Best of luck with the PR. M x

  • Hi Mocarey, I was terrified the first time I had an MRI, they had to take me out but I got my breath back and went in again and got the job done. I was still a little apprehensive this time but I got through it O.K. and the staff were very nice. Thanks for your support. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Keep away from people who have germs, not going to be rushed or bullied into anything I don't agree with, as I have good rythme myself ,like tai chi ,soft exercise .so I hope they will respect my thoughts aswell ,I don't do machines ,everyone is individual.so let's see how I get on at rehab!!!

  • Hi Invisible23, I understand what you are saying but you can only be guided by the professionals and hope it all works out. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Thanks....so far so good,

  • Hi Lizzy, your week sounds like mine. I just started a gym class called life lung fitness for mild to moderate COPD sufferers, it is similar to PR, two sessions per week for six weeks. Next week don't know how to fit it in with other commitments like you say there are still other things to be done, I am on the committee for another group, hairdressers, doctors, hospitals plus garden and housework. It is tiring when you have an illness too but I am intent on keeping my fitness to the maximum I am able. So I wish you good luck with your PR and take care not to get too tired keeping up with things

  • Think that I will go down the Dr and see if I can get on a PR course any where, is that who you go to get a referral ?

  • Your Dr , pulmonary nurse,or consultant.

  • Hi Junespoon, if you have a consultant they can write to your doctor requesting a referral or your doctor can do it. Good Luck. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Hi katieoxo60, glad I'm not the only one who has a mad, mad life rushing here, there and everywhere. I'm on one or two committees as well as attending the meetings that go with them. Thanks for your support. Good Luck. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Lizzy, you can celebrate your new you! Well done!

    I do like the pedicure who cuts my toenails and callouses. It feels brilliant when he comes.

    This is really good progress!

  • Hi helingmic, thanks for your support. I know the feeling of a good pedicure, you feel like you are walking on air. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Good for you Lizzy I think you will enjoy the classes! huff xxx

  • Hi hufferpuffer, thanks for your support. Take care, Lizzy.

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