excessive thirst`

hi everyone l just wanna ask how many of you have experienced what l have this last couple of week as you may know l have c.o.p.d with diabetes tablet control and l have had this awfull dry mouth constant with no slarvia oh and its so annoying l carnt go anywhere without the need of a bottle of pop or water and because lm no lover of water ld sooner have pop and its got to the stage where lm going through 4lts pop every day and lcarnt get rid of it the only time my mouth feels normal is when lve got the bottle to my mouth and this last urine test with the keytones as been showing the first brown square up has having sugar in my urine hope some of you will be able to advise me l need to see my gp l know that but any help would be great

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There must be a lot of sugar in 4lts of pop not knowing much about diabetes seeing GP sounds great.

hi Sophia its the non added sugar one l been having so l don't have no worries with that its the amount lm drinking god if it had been beer or wine ld be a fully fledged alcoholic by now lol good job it isn't lm going to phone my gp on Monday as l carnt go on like this its ridiculas trouble is you phone your gp and its always we don't have an appointment till the week after the one your ringing oh well we will have to try see what happens

It sounds as if you need info on diabetes. Go into your personal information and click on communities. Or just google Health Unlocked. Good luck

I also COPD & diabetic. Also get very dry mouth. I find sucking sugar free boiled sweets help and sometimes chewing gum. But you are right is horrible when mouth dry all the time.

hi bevvy thank you for replying l think my problem is going to need more than a boiled sweet to sort it but instead of the sugar free pop l was having l now get the sugar free sweets and only a bottle of pop now till the morning lm going to see if l can get in my gp surgery see what he can do l thimk lm gonna ask for a blood test to see if my hb1a as gone up so will get that done and sort it from there

Hi again. I certainly wasn't suggesting boiled sweets will solve the problem! Just they can bring some relief when you just can't drink anymore!

I am the same. It is the inhalers, I think Spiriva causes it. I drink low calorie fruit squash or fruit juice. I dilute the fruit juice 50/50. My old GP suggested freezing grapes & then sucking them!

knitty l don't think it can be the Spiriva l been on that for nearly 3 yrs now and never had any side effects l don't know what it is but l know l carnt carry on like this its just not helping my purse strings and l don't think it will help my other health problems but lm gonna phone the gp tomorrow and see if l can get in or lm due a diabetic yearly check as l haven't had one for 2 yrs l know lm suppose to go every 12mths but l had some problems the last time it was due and only got half the check so l suppose once they look and see that they will keep me in mind and sort it out for me but l got to do somet well thankyou for your reply and l will keep you all posted on what happens xx

COPDers are always tempted to breath through the mouth .... & that'll dry your mouth.

Try breathing in through the nose & exhaling through the mouth .... with pursed lips (like whistling). It's the recommedned breathing technique for COPD sufferers.

I'm a natural 'mouth breather & have to consciously concentrate to do the above, but when I do it my breathing stays 'in rhythm' much better .... I don't have so many spasms & panics. ...... & my mouth & throat don't get so dry.

out-for-lunch and all the others. i don't have diabietes, but I believe excessive thrist is one of the symptoms. Your GP sould advise you on this and refer you to a specialist.

Whether I breathe through my mouth or not. I am parched, especiallyat night time. And I have to get up to go to the loo several times. I keep a bottle of Caledonian water by my bed and make myself a pot of tea by 4 am whne I feel like it and read a bit.

I hope you have some good reult from your GP, minky.

thank you helingmic l do hope its not any thing to worry about too l have enough problems with my c.o.p.d without the diabetes problems but l will get sorted out hope fully when l ring my gp xx

Try drinking the flavoured water I like lime & lemon it really quenches my thirst and has no sugar they do all flavours

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