Is a green nasal discharge connected with asthma, copd and possibly bronchiectasis?

I have developed a chest infection this week and despite feeling increasingly unwell decided to leave it until 2.30pm yesterday afternoon before doing anything about it. After talking to the practice pharmacologist he prescribed doxycycline and had the chemist deliver it to me. This is unheard of around here so I was very impressed. I am digressing as usual. Anyway, I mentioned to him about the severe stabbing pains at the back and sides of my head and a green nasal discharged. He said it was my sinuses and was normal with my lung conditions. Does anyone know if this is correct or has this happened to anyone else? I was prescribed Doxycycline because I am allergic to penicillin and also a lot of other antibiotics interact with my anticonvulsant medication. The pains in my head are pretty severe and am a bit worried that all the violent coughing has done something to the blood vessels in my (alleged) brain! Sorry if this is a silly question, but I am still trying to understand a lot of things. Thanks for your help and I hope you all keep better. ..

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I have had sinus problems in the past. The discharge could be that your sinuses are clearing themselves???

Pretty sure that the discomfort you are getting is due to the sinusses. But do have faith in your pharmacist/doctor. Whilst we are anxious to help, we aren't the experts. I think very worthwhile that you contact the BLF nurse Monday a.m. - see "about us" on the blue bar above. In the meanwhile, come back when you feel upset and tell us about it. Call NHS direct - emergency help. Best google it for number

All the best - pergola

Thanks for replying Pergola 1. Incidentally it was Jan from BFL whom I spoke to yesterday and persuaded me to contact my health centre. I was going to leave it until Monday but she emphasised that it should not wait over the weekend. I would also like to thank Jan personally very much as she has been so supportive, helpful, kind, patient and a mine of information. I will see how I feel on Monday morning and if the pains in my head are no better then I will ask her. I meant to ask before but with everything else going on I forgot. I think the pains in my head originate from the very violent coughing I had for months. Thanks again. Huggs

Hi huggs, I agree with pergola. Ringing the out of hours service could be a help, or even try your local pharmacist. Mine was very useful when I had a problem when my gp's surgery was closed.

Hi Huggs. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon and the medicine is beginning to work. I've been lucky and have not have had sinus problems but my daughter suffers miserably from then. She uses a nebuliser as well and says that helps. Take care. Sara.

Hello Huggs, I hope by now you're feeling a little better.

I have always suffered from sinus problems and the accompanying headaches are truly awful lasting for five days. I learnt some acupressure points years ago that relieve the pressure and release some oh the ghastly thick green stuff. Hope fully the antibiotic will help (read the leaflet and see if it deals with sinusitis too).

There are some YouTube clips to show you the acupressure points, it is harmless to do them although the bones around the sinus cavities can be very tender (ie the brow bone). One of the things about sinus troubles is the post nasal drip that occurs, it can make you cough.

Good luck to you and I really hope the antiBs kick in soon. P

Thanks peeg, butterfly and knitter. I use to suffer from sinusitis regularly and know only to well what it feels like. This,however is different. I have very sharp stabbing pains over the back of my head as well as up the side. I should have mentioned them to the doctor but forgot and only mentioned them yesterday to the pharmacologist who said it was likely sinusitis. I really do not think it is that because I have had this for weeks and is getting worse. It started after a day of particularly violent coughing when I could not even breathe for a few seconds. It has improved from them but is still debilitating. I just don't know what parts of my (alleged) brain, skull or head in general that is affected. I also have a nasal drip (bright green for those of you who want to know the gory details!!) I 'd like to thank you all again for being so kind and taking the time to reply. Hopefully the antibiotics will start to kick in soon. By the way I also bought an inhaler a few weeks ago because my voice was hoarse all the time. Other more serious causes were ruled out and they came to the conclusion that the cough caused my voice to be hoarse. Since starting on Spiriva my cough is much less and my voice is back! That's great news for everyone who took great delight in telling me to be quiet and rest my voice. Keep well everyone. xx

I have bronchiectasis, also, a few weeks ago after having a camera up my nose and down my throat I was told I have chronic rhinitis. I get severe pain in my head, also when I have a chest infection (which is often) I cough up all colours. It's a good idea what pergola suggests, have a word with blf. Hope you feel better soon. xx

Yes green nasal discharge is linked to asthma and COPD, it sounds like your having excess mucus problems go to G P they might test for cystic fibrosis

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