unexpected surprise

this morning we had just returned from the local supermarket to find a guy from air- liquide, he told us that he had a p.o.c the Inogen G2 model, to say that we were gobsmacked would be an under statement, we had spoken to our local g.p who has been very supportive & did a voice mail to our consultant giving his support to our plea for a p.o.c,this was about six weeks ago, we were not due to see the consultant until mid may, we did not have any contact from our local hospital-northwick park in harrow, but we resigned our selfs that if we wanted one the only way was to buy one our selfs, so maybe if anyone needs these gizmo,s try getting your g.p on side so to speak & see what happens.

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  • Thats brilliant news Tiger

  • Really good news. M x

  • You are lucky Tiger and I wish you all the best with it. Sara x

  • tiger, I am glad you had so much support. BTW wot is a P O C?!

  • POC is portable oxygen concentrator in this case Inogen G2 model usually supplied for holiday use.

  • Bless you! I'm so glad you have it. will that enable you to go to Pulmonary Rehab. You could ask your Pulmonary Nurse team what the score is about this.

  • hiya, neither of us drive so dependant of public transport etc, which in turn with a wheel chair plus oxygen cylinder made life getting about very differcult so having this portable machine makes life outdoors more bearable

  • I'm so pleased for you, they are brilliant, I love mine to bits! huff x

  • So happy for you,that's wonderful,will give you a bit more freedom! xxx

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