Going Home from Hospital - updated BLF information

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We have now updated our information on Going home from hospital – this information is aimed at people who are admitted to hospital with an exacerbation of COPD and can be found on the COPD hub at blf.org.uk/Page/going-home-...

The booklet is also available to order from the BLF website as normal or by calling the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555.

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  • I have just returned home from hospital and, while the leaflet is very good, it does not mention weight loss and muscle wastage while there through being unable to be mobile. I have lost over one and a half stone. My doctor is prescribing me Complan to help gain weight and i am doing my own leg exercises to increase my wasted leg muscles.

  • So sorry your stay in 5* sounds like it has been very problematic for you. Hope you get your strength back soon.

    love cx

  • I know exactly what you mean Puff, I lost 3 1/2 stone after a month of sedation and it left me with no muscle. I lived off special drinks and loads of protein which got me back to being me eventually, all I need now is the lungs to match the body. :)


  • hope you get well and fit again soon puff good luck

  • nice to see you back puff,glad your home safe and well,ps hows dunky.xxxTwice

  • losing one and a half stone in a week ? wish I could do that

    I have tried every diet, even hospital food for a week

    supposed to be healthy food etc. so getting back to junk food and mc. donalds will soon pile the weight back to normal

  • Thanks for all the kind and jovial replies.:)

    I must admit the hospital food was good. The last few days there the dinner ladies gave me an extra meal so at meal times I had 2 dinners instead of one ! A lot of energy goes into breathing and fighting the infection so the body doesn't seem to get any.

  • Very sensible response. :)

  • Going home from hospital if you have bronchiectasis - Go home, get on with it, you're on your own!


  • Not much different with COPD where I live, cofdrop. x

  • Agree very much c, on your own with bronchiectasis most of the time, we are expected to just get on with it. Su x

  • There’s a hospital to home scheme. Is this the same thing. I had a technician who put and antibiotic pump and linked it with a PICC line in my arm so I could have antibiotic 24 hours a day. A nurse from the Hospital to home scheme comes every morning to change this pump and check my health. If I have a problem, she can advise me, as I had C.difficile, then passing funny poo (sorry about this) She told me I was constipated, take some Movicol. It was good to hae this advice at hand.

  • Access denied?

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