the oldies not so daft lol

the oldies not  so daft lol

an elderly chap went to the doctor with hearing problems, after the doctor gave him the various hearing tests,he then supplied him with a hearing aid which cured his problem completely.

on his next visit to the doctors he said, "i cant believe this, for the first time in years my hearing is perfect"

" i am so pleased for you, i bet your family will be ever so pleased" said the doctor,

the elderly chap replied " oh!! i havent told the family yet,,,,,,,,,,

i just sit there and listen to all their conversations" :)

"in fact ive changed my will three times this week!!" :) :) :)

p,s the pic above is of me and my dad ,,,,taken over 60 years ago,, it still takes pride of place in my cabinet yet :)

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  • Sounds about right! you are so lucky to have that wonderful picture of you and your Dad.

    I wish I had one with my Dad. (Mum threw them all away when they got divorced)

  • hi ptliverpool, aye it does sound about right for the olduns lol:) :)

    their not so daft as they look:) i talk through experience lol:)

    i didnt mean to bring memories like that back to you ptliverpool, i have very few pics myself now,, my WIFE:) through them all out when I got divorced:), anyway if we havent got the photo,s weve got the memories,, and money cant buy that,,all the very best my friend ,,jimmy :)

  • So true about the memories,we lost a lot of photos,in a bad bush fire in the Blue Mountains,some years back.

    Loved the photo,so glad you have it.

    As for the post,that was wonderful!! Hugs,love Wendells xxxx

  • hi wendells, thanks for your usual lovely reply, best wishes ,,,,jimmy xxxx

  • Good one Jimmy,and so nice to see a pic of you and your dad, how we all miss our parents,even though we are parents and elderly. thankyou.xx

  • hi june, yes its so true, but although we miss them, its nice to keep the happy memories, my father passed away at 50 years old, my mother into her 90,s now, still looks on me as her "wee boy:)]" ,,,im almost 70 :),,, hope your keeping well june,, kind regards jimmy xxx

  • Nice one Jimmy, I'm lucky enough to still have my mum and dad still around, their both 80 now and fitter than me which I would never have seen coming 4 years ago before I fell ill.

    That's a lovely photo of you and your dad and the words that go with it, I can see why you treasure it.

    The suns shinning in Malvern today and I hope it is down your way to. Tony.

  • hi dall , thanks tony, aye im a bit like you, the old mother is still living in her 90,s, has her probs, but is better than me,, and like you, just a 2-3 years ago, would have never thought i would finish like this.!!

    the sun was shining here in scotland this morning bot brrrr its turned cold now,,

    aye i have kept that photo through house fires etc, if it could only talk lol:),, all the best tony,,, jimmy

  • Oh that is brilliant, just like being a fly on the wall.

  • :) yes:) must be great that:),,,,,,then again,,:),, thanks mustcarryon,,jimmy

  • Jimmy - those are really touching words on your photo.. Brought a lump to my throat !! I lost my dad when I was 17 .. Thank-you Plumbob

  • hi plumbob, yes , it still to this day brings a lump to my throat, but they are really lovely words, i was about 22 when i lost my dad, but have very happy memories of him, he liked a good joke:) wish i had one lol:),, all the best,,jimmy

  • Hi Jimmy. Love the photo and the joke too.

    I think as we get older we miss our parents more and would love to just talk to them. They are the one who truly cared about us through thick and thin and as time goes on we appreciate them more for all they did for us. Hope you are keeping well and looking after yourself. Sara xx

  • hi butterfly, truer words you could not have said, glad you had a wee smile, and liked the old photo,, of when i was a nice wee boy lol :),, hope your keeping well, room for improvement my end,,,, but never mind welle get there in the end thanks for the post sara,, take care,,jimmy xxx

  • Oh Jimmy liked the joke love the photo I still miss mine too, even at my age, especially my Mum. Nobody loves you like your Mum or looks after you when you are ill with that extra mile. Her birthday, Christmas and the anniversary of her passing always make me sad but grateful to for such a wonderful Mum. xx

  • hi suzy, glad you had a wee smile, and glad you liked the old photo, ,, again its true what you say, undying love,from mum or dad,, their the ones that go the extra mile, so sad about your mum, theres no doubt about it, you feel it at special times,,, but think of the memories,, golden they are:),, kind regards suzy,,jimmy xxx

  • ah ha ha ha! I just loved that!

  • glad you liked it helingmic,, its hard to get clean jokes nowadays:),, all the best jimmy :)

  • Just take the Hoover and all the B@@@ and F*** will be swallowed up!

  • you got it helingmac :) :) :)

  • Jimmy, thanks for sharing the photo and the joke. x

  • hi toci, glad you liked it,, all the very best,,,jimmy:)

  • i like the peas one,,before this one,, still smile at it yet :) :)

  • Me too. :)

  • oh that made me laugh out loud ha ha.

  • thanks pompey lady,, yes we need a laugh:),, jimmy

  • lol very good and lovely photo and poem re your Dad - thank you xx

  • thanks you, undine, glad you enjoyed it :) take care ,,jimmy xxx

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