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Has anyone experienced choose and book?

Hi everyone. I had an appointment booked for me on Tuesday for the Royal Brompton. I received the appointment by letter details from choose and book today so went on the choose and book website to take a look. My referral was there but the appointment wasn't. I rang the choose and book helpline and they said that the Brompton cancelled the appointment on Wednesday (the day after the original appointment was booked). They said that maybe the hospital had brought the appointment forward but hadn't changed it in the system. The next available appointment is mid June, I am in a real panic now.

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I would think you need to ring and speak to the department you were to visit directly so that they can advise what the current situation is.


I will be ringing them first thing tomorrow. I was getting my head around going at the end of May and not knowing if I had PF until then. It's the waiting that's getting me down. I want to know and I don't want to know, if you see what I mean.


I had the misfortune of trying to choose and book a while back. It came up with only 2 appointments,one after the other and both on the same day, neither of which I could attend. Days went by and I kept checking yet the available appointments only seemed to move along one day with only two available appointments each time. I eventually called the hospital and was given a suitable appointment. What a waste of time. Libby xx


Thanks Libby. I am ringing this morning. I had my suspicions about choose and book - supposed to be so efficient as to bring down waiting times. Wonder if it has ;)


In my opinion "Choose and Book" is an expensive gimmick dreamed up by some PR obsessed politician to give a pretence of "power to the people".

My latest experience is, I feel, typical. I was offered three choices: see Dr Bloggs at Dorchester, see the same Dr Bloggs at Weymouth or see the same Dr Bloggs at Bridport. Wow! Some choice. Well I chose the Dorchester option because it was soonest and received a letter from the Dorchester hospital confirming the details, a late April appointment with Dr Bloggs.

So far, so good. But next came another letter telling me that Dr Bloggs wouldn't be available on the April date so I had been rebooked for the Dr Bloggs clinic at Weymouth in early May. The letter, of course, came from Dorchester who handle all Dr Bloggs appointments anywhere in South Dorset, a sensible arrangement. The May appointment was one of the original three "choices".

So much for choice! How much this elaborate farce cost the NHS I dread to think.

Thank heaven my appointments with the pulmonary nurse in Weymouth don't come under the same lunatic system.



Hey John

Totally agree. Just got through to the hospital who said the booking was made with the wrong consultant so they cancelled it and they had made me an earlier appointment. That's great but more anxiety is not what we need.


I have successfully done the choose and book but found it very confusing and wouldn't try it again. I've not heard very many good reports about it. You're right to call the hosp. as advised above. You can also ask them for a letter of confirmation when you get a fixed date for your visit. Also you could ask if they would put you down for any appointment that is cancelled while you are waiting for your fixed appointment to come about.

Best of Luck. Sara


Thanks for the advice, I am ringing every Friday to check on cancellations. :)


Not heard of that. But they sent me a change of appointment letter stating my Thursday 09:30 appointment was changed to 09:15 on the same day?


I chose traveling further for some minor surgery a sooner date outweighed the inconvenience I would do the same again for a one off procedure. I have not had the offer of choose and book for my consultant I would want to see someone that knew my case not shop around.


Hi Rozi, have just done a choose and book via the internet...and apart from the long waiting time it all went ok.

My referral's for the 'consultant led' pain clinic and I can't get in till June, even via the telephone. It must be even worse when waiting for a diagnosis.


Hi love light

Keep an eye on it...if you don't get confirmation make sure to give them a call. Good luck with the pain clinic, hope it works out well. :)


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