Hello peeps I no well at the mo!

A little scribblet to you all !!!

Aw thank-you peeps

My phone doth bleep

So many PMs

From kind thoughtful friends


Cough ,cough cough!

And just a tad

Rough,rough !

Temperatures rising!

My docs now advising !

Jane take the bliddy drugs!

Gotta kill those ruddy bugs!

My long lungs do protest!

Oooer breathing not its best !

But I'm snug as a bug

Iced juice in a jug

Cough sweets and loads of meds

All laid out nicely by my bed

Eldest son made some lunch!!!!!!!'

It was a right tasty little munch

So with a fat full belly

I now rest and watch telly

Now I'm not on my own

Coz of bleeps on my phone :)

I thank-you so much

How lucky am I

Dear friends you toucheth my heart. :)

With a bit of luck and the wind behind me these blimming bugs will buzz off toot sweet.

That's all folks!



:) :) :)


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You're a poet - I didn't know it, L.L.

You daft bat ! Oh my dayz - can I can catch your bugz from the computer screen? Nope. Oh good - eat pills, eat chocolate, and get better soon :) xx

Hi. I'm so sorry you're a poorly girl and I really, really hope you're better soon. You were so kind to me when I first joined this forum - I was SO stressed - that I would love to be able to make it all better for you. By the way, husband is improving each day so I just hope it continues. Take care. Jan x

How lovely to read another one of your classic ditties. Have missed you so much. After a crap two weeks of appointments you've made my day by being able to read your post. So, my friend I hope you are in luck shooing those bugs. Best wishes to you xxx

Another brilliant ditty! Do hope you're feeling better tomorro (((Jane))). Libby xxx

So sorry your not well Jane, hope you feel better soon.

Love your scribblets.

Hi Jane. Me too. I think I'm a bit low. My sons have all had colds and now I've got one. It's gone to my asthma and I am coughing and wheezing. Lucky I don't get it too bad but it feels like anyway. You take care . Get plenty of drinks and keep snuggled up till your better. Mavis. X

You look after yourself to Mavis,take care xxxx

Thanks Wendells. Still coughing and wheezing today. I've stopped sneezing and my nose has stopped running so I think I'm on the right side. Mavis. X

Hope you're feeling better very soon Mavis. xxxx

Thanks Libby. My nose has stopped running and I have stopped sneezing but I am still coughing and wheezing. All my Family have had it. I wish they would keep it to themselves. X

Wishing you better jane, there's some very nasty bugs around at the moment, friend who is as fit as a fiddle down with nasty chest infection, I'm on my 4th in 6 months, happy days x x x keep snuggled up x. X

Soo glad to hear from you Jane I was realy worried about you,you duffer! You must be feeling better to be able to write such lovely prose! Due to time differences,just saw it now.

So glad the boys coming to the party,lap it up while you can!!

Being serious though,do take good care of yourself,we all look forward to your recovery,but take it a day at a time eh?

Big hugs love Wendellsxxxx

Aah,That's better! So good to hear from you. You had us all worried for a bit there. Keep tucked up and getting spoilt 'till you feel better. Love the poem. The brain is still in good working order anyway gal! Sending you lots of love and good wishes. Take very good care of yourself. Sara xxxx

PS That doesn't mean you can eat all that choccy you've got tucked under the pillows and not save some for us! We'll be watching! x

Lovely to hear from you Jane, sounds like a few of us are down with chest infection and cold, I am on the dreaded,steriods and anti, My Mom used to say that it was the change in the seasons, but you take care xx

Get well soon Jane. What a fab poet you are. M xx

Haha Jane only you could make being ill sound fab!!! Poetry aside at least you are taking it easy in bed and seem to be doing all the right things to help get you well. Wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx hugs and love from Judith xxxxx

Good to see your post Jane! Sorry you are not well. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. TAD xx (ps loved the poem!)

Get well soon Jane. Only you good have such a sense of humour when you are ill. Take care xx

hope you feel better soon marian xx

Hi Jane, sorry you are under the weather at the moment but you are in the best place and it sounds like you are being well looked after, hope you feel better soon Julie x

Aw Jane...

You lay in your bed

and are getting well fed,

quite right, we all say, so you should!

So lay back and rest

and get rid of those pests

And come back when you're feeling good...

Which hopefully won't be too long :) Wishing you well again soon ~ Lovelight xxx

Jane, Oh how love your sense of humor through it all, and just know that encourages me as well!

I have been a bit down since I was diagnosed with COPD after a serious bout of bronchitis. I've been all teary-eyed and weep at the slightest thing. Probably comin' off the steroids, but still....just feeling sorry for myself a bit.

I would give you a hug right now if I could! ; )) Just what I needed this morning to feel on the cheery side of life!

God bless you, and keep getting better! Your poetry shows your bright spirit, through it all!

Just what we need to cheer us up this wet day. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Jane, I'm sorry to hear your having a tough time at the moment but the way your being looked after maybe you don't wanna get out of that bed so quick. The weathers not to good so I would stay there a little longer if I were you, clear those dam bugs with the drugs and you'll soon be setting out on Gertie again but this time let the handbrake off!!

Sharons just going out to pick up the daughter from work and bring back a Chinese take away so I'm sorted for the night, I might follow that with a little chocolate and a glass of wine while watching sport relief. I hope your trolley is well stashed with goodies too if not ring me and I'll send Sharon up with a delivery. :)

Tony xx

Hey Jane ...sorry to hear your not well ...u havnt lost your sense of humour get well soon...god bless ya girl ...love ya xx

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