Finally Answers To My Lung Condition ASBESTOSIS Or BACTERIOL Or VIRUS Lung Infections ... Well Partly

Finally Answers To My Lung Condition ASBESTOSIS Or BACTERIOL Or VIRUS Lung Infections ... Well Partly

As Some May Know I Have Been Coughing Up Bit's Of Lung Tissue With Asbestos Bodies Trapped In Them.

My Lung Doc Or Any One Would Not Tell Me If It Was And Tried To Say My Condition Was Down To Infections Inflammation And Nothing To Do With Asbestos.

But Given This Doctors YOUTUBE Clip A Don't Have Problems Relating To What He Is Talking About .... As Like My Pictures He Is Talking About Lung Tissue Inflammation And Ephysematous Changes Or To Me And You Lung Strutrial Changes Formation Of Emphysema And Or Bullea.

But As You Can See In Doctors Clip There Are No Asbestos Bodies In Lung Tissue Sample He Is Talking About ..... Causing Lung Inflammation BUT If You Look At My Lung Tissue Sample I coughed Up You Can Se Asbestos's Bodies Surrounded By Inflammation As My Antibodies Try To Dissolve The Asbestos Fibers With Little Or NO Luck.

Thats Where Your Problems Start As Lung Tissue Is Not As Strong As Asbestos Fibers And Gets Eaten Away By Your Own Antibodies Causing Never Ending Infections And Chronic Lung Sepsis ... And So On.

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  • Way to go Daz! Glad you have finally gotten some satisfaction. You'll get there in the end. Reckon they should give you a PHD for all the tireless research you have done.

    I went to school in wooden building lined with asbestos but I did smoke for several years. Who knows? But have sepsis of the lungs among other things!

    Take care. Sara x

  • agreed butter-fly,xxx

  • Hi Butter-fly Cheers Thanks Yep Asbestos And Lung Disease And Sepsis Is Pits

  • Hi Trotter Not Sure What You Mean About Constipation .... But Yer Sick Of Lis To Osbourn Cameron Talking Threw Theres .... Its Like Sick People Have Never Contributed BUT When Cards A Lay On Table Its Us Who Have More Than Them Lot

  • thank you for the post,xxx

  • Hi Twiceshy3 Cheers

  • I think you are getting somewhere now Daz and I hope someone in the medical profession will begin to take you seriously. You are to be commended for all the research you have done and for having the guts to carry on and never give in. Good for you and hope you get a conclusion one day. Take care. xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy59 Cheers Yer The Trying To Take The Piss As I Am Member Of Lower Order .. One Thinks LOOKs To Me Lke The Trying To Blame My Smoking Or Infections When Its As Clear As Day

  • Don't let them beat you Daz. Good luck to you. xxxx

  • I agree with Butter-fly, Daz, a PhD at least!

  • Hi Toci Cheers A Think They Should Be Ashamed Of Them Self Really .... Smoking Was Not Issue When I Got Job Or When Exposed But All Of A Sudden It Is ........ Yet Like Of Cameron Osbourn BBC Clowns Dont Have Problems When They Leave Jobs Or Get Sacked

  • Too true. A politician's life is a cushioned life it seems.

  • Completely agree with the others - I take my hat off to you. I am not sure I would have been able to continue as you have. Bloody brilliant. TAD xx

  • my brother died from asbestos damage and his doctor told us that there was no doubt. it leaves really bad scars on the lungs and most people that worked in ship yards, construction is where it's found.

  • Hi salis sorry to hear about your brother .... I Get Impression Docs Are Not Being Honest With Me Last xray I Had Done A Could See My Bronchial Tree This Time I Could Not It Was All Foggy ... Must be nubulised hypertonic Saline

  • my COPD was caused by my smoking, and i have damaged my lungs by my smoking.

    (so doctors tell me)

    I haven't smoked for two years.

    I can understand that the smoking has damaged my lungs.

    I can even understand that this damage can never be repaired.


    what I can't understand is why the damage continues with out the smoking.

    When the thing that caused the damage has supposedly gone.

    one of my brothers also died from mesothelioma (lung cancer caused by asbestos) and another brother has COPD.

    Keep up the good work Dazisnotsogood


  • I gave up in 1992 and My GP has said I am classed as a non smoker now

  • Hi Lindiane Yes I To Need To Stop Smoking ... A Think Thay Use Smoking As A Cop Out ...... Am Still Waiting To Hear From Mp About What Tribunal Judge Said To Me About Al This Asbestos In Food We Eat

    That Must Affect None Smokers ..... To Be Honest A Think >docs Follow Party Lines

  • I agree with you Daz. I think they use smoking as a cop out.

    I was not saying anything about your smoking.

    I am sure smoking does't help but I think there may be other issues involved.

    Just why does the COPD continue after you give up? or even when you have never smoked?, It is very scary about asbestos in food as well.. the worse thing about these horrible little fibers is that our bodies cant destroy them.

    Just imagine what would happen if the government had to pay compensation to everybody who was made ill by asbestos fibers.(at the moment its only paid to the victims of mesothelioma), (cancer caused by asbestos fibers)

    The government were aware that brown asbestos was a killer for decades before they banned it.

    All the best Daz


  • Search for Mesothelioma!!!

  • When I was in ICU in 2008 I was asked all the time had I worked with asbestos and I told them no but I have since found I did for ten years I was lied to by my supplier who insisted it was not blue asbestos that is the dangerous one. But I found I was using the Brown! The second most dangerous one for ten years!

  • Keep moving forward Daz I seem to be having the same problem I have told them of what is happening to me and it is as if I am just saying blahblahblah. I told them how I struggle for breath when flat to be ignored for nearly 2 years to get an appointment for the lung consultant to confirm my low lung function and a further 12.5% drop when flat. But most of his observations and diagnosis are from a 6 year old CT scan and even states that he has not seen my latest xray or echogram. Then makes a statement that I have a pacemaker fitted? Which I do not, but will be seeing cardiologist in April to discuss my Pace and Ablate. He then passes it all over to my GP to see about ways of me losing weight but without exercise as I am incapable of processing extra o2 demands due to Pulmonary Hypertension combined with paralysed diaphragm plus RLD.

    Keep up the fight Daz

    Be Well

  • Awful battles you are having. I wish you lots of luck. x

  • Hi Offcutts Cheers Yer Have Been Having Trouble With Guts Pain Well Never Really Go's Away ... But Ye A Dont Think The Interested Really Unless Your Taken AE As Emergency .... I Had Stuff Out With My Lung Doc And Is Only Intrested In Lungs Would Not Confirm Or Deny Stuff So That Says It All ... My Heart Problems Will Be Like Yours ... So Am Looking Forward To That Carrie On

  • I do hope doctors will listen to you. When i was in hospital, my consultant talked to his pretty colleague or to the wall, but when I asked for the result of my blood test, he smiled and said bye-bye!!! I got the result later from the nurse and another junior doctor!

  • Hi helingmic Cheers ... Yep Defo Had A Few Occasions Like That Myself With Lung Doc

  • Top marks for persistence Daz,glad you seem to be getting somewhere! xx

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