Manuka Honey

Hi have been looking at some reveiws about manuka honey so have ordered a jar on line ... Manuka Honey Comvita umf 10+ 500g... £24.10 plus £6 delivery = £30,10 has they say this is the best one to have but wow very dear price.

I have never in my life tasted honey but if this is going to help my fight against this COPD i will try it

What i wanted to ask was do you just eat it like a teaspoon a day

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  • I have used a lot of Manuka Honey over the years at great expense. However, maybe you should read this:-

    I watched a programme on t.v. last week/this which bought the fake situation to my attention, (can't remember which programme).

    Good luck!

  • Fraud on a massive scale Margo unbelievable the UK sells more Manuka than there is global production.

  • people will believe what they wish Margo heretic saying any other viewpoint

  • While it is true there is other honey being passed off as Manuka. The company you bought "Comvita" is one of the leading Manuka firms and has never been accused of selling fake Manuka. You can be assured of what you bought.

  • Agree its very good for you just take care where you purchase from...

  • O NO did not know this i suspose i should have brought it from a heath shop.

    o well another lesson learnt

  • Hi music ...I have been using manuka honey for a while now an I swear by it ,but I was informed by my health food shop recently that manuka honey is a slight con he could have sold it to me so I know he wasn't pulling one over on me...He told me to just buy raw honey if u can source it locally it will save u half the price ....his words were raw honey is raw honey ...Of course don't buy the tainted honey from supermarket shelf ...we have here in Australia called bush honey it's a raw form anything like this will save u lots just make sure it's raw with no preserves.....cheers Wes xx

  • Like everything else these days, if there a way of making a quick buck then someone will do it. I buy mine from a specialist shop, but I only have their word it is the genuine thing.

    It could be coincidence but when I started to use it a bug that antibiotics were not shifting slowly disappeared. I take a teaspoon full each day or put it on toast or a chunk of fresh bread.

  • That's a lot of money music! Amazon deliver free so it's worth comparing prices. Check the article in the mail, I think it was in Tuesday's edition, about honey. Some of the cheaper brands are just as good for us as the expensive ones apparently. Of course I've chucked the paper so will have to look it up myself. I myself take a teaspoon per day. Regards. Sara.

  • Hello, I started to use this about two years ago when my husband was ill over a weekend and needed antibiotics. I made him have a teaspoon dissolved in water about six times a day and by the Monday he was over the worst. Now I use it all the time - the first sign of a cold the children are given it, the first sign of a cold and I have it! I usually put a teaspoon on some toast - I find it more palatable like that. Try it it wont do you any harm! Take good care and let us know how you get on with it. TAD xx

  • go to Holland & Barrett, they often do buy 1 get 1 free

  • I also use Holland & Barrett for vitamin tablets but I wait for their penny sales so one jar is full price and the next is just a penny.

  • what is the profit margin when they can give a free one and still not loose money ?

  • Hi Music Manuka Honey is said to be a healer , Boots do a much cheaper one 10+ for about £18.Look up on line the benefits of Manuka Honey,I hope it will help you Regards Lola.

  • You might find you get what you pay for and get some of that fake Manuka.

  • I had terrible cramp using +15 one. I gave it to a friend for his wife's leg ulcer. She found it good. I prefer milder honey.

    Can anyone tell me why Spanish lavender honey is no good?

    There's propolis in all honey. propolis is the stuff that give energy to bees. Wikipedia says that there's too little evidence to maintain that propolis is a healer. But then you wouldn't use honey as a panacea either.

    In moderation, but not to be taken inward for some sensitive stomachs!

  • buy what does it for you no medical proof one is better than the other

    personal experience of spanish lavender why not be a guinea pig test it

  • Spanish Lavender tastes great, but it doesn't have the extra antibacterial power Manuka does.

    Bee's energy source is pollen. There is only a trace amount of propolis in honey, but there is more pollen.

  • I want to blow my trumpet for "green" food. I've just found in Whitstable, the Artisan Bread Organic. You can find this on the internet.

    I like real bread and real rye bread. This artrisan makes it with as a ferment, pea flour, maize flour and honey (not manuka!). he uses revitalised filtered water and only organic flour. Rye is of course imported frm Germany. Usually rye gives a very dense sort of bread. I don't know how this chap manages it, but his rye bread is dense, but softer. there's is still the chewy sort that is attached to rye. The taste is absolutely fabulous, that with true original feta cheese (Ewe) and you can have a lovely healthy snack!

  • At Tesco, Manuka 10+ is £9-99 for 250g, I have mine with Weetabix and warm milk, it's delicious !

  • I have a friend on another forum who is a bee-keeper - it is his living. Being a bit of a cynical soul I have always believed that the hype about Manuka is just that - hype! After all a bee is a bee, a flower is a flower and honey is the end product; I pressed him on the subject and his reply was that all honey is basically the same the world over, the only difference would be flavour depending on the blossoms visited - heather, clover etc. He did say that a good hard honey was the best option - I get mine from Lidl's!!!!


    [Quote] Hydrogen peroxide is a component of honey. It gives most honey its antibiotic quality, but some types of honey, including manuka honey, also have other components with antibacterial qualities.

    The major antibacterial component in manuka honey is methylglyoxal (MG). MG is a compound found in most types of honey, but usually only in small quantities.

    In manuka honey, MG comes from the conversion of another compound - dihydroxyacetone - that is found in high concentration in the nectar of manuka flowers.

    MG gives manuka honey its antibacterial power. The higher the concentration of MG, the stronger the antibacterial effect. [/quote]

  • I think you will find that it is the crop/flowers etc which the bee feeds from which makes it therapeutic-the manuka plant is of medicinal benefit-so I think he is very wrong in what he says!!

  • No guilt whatsoever - because I am worth it!

  • we are all worth it !

  • show the money then your worth it :-(

  • i have no guilt has i still work hard for my money and i have a lung disease so if honey is going to help me and i can afford it so be it..i also donate to blf should i feel gilty about that

  • agreed music, I work as well,xxx

  • alright jack

  • always

  • pull the ladder up after climbing

  • Thanks for that stilltruckin - I know the Romans used honey for wound-healing and a friend of mine used it for the treatment of leg ulcers - like DV above I could never justify spending so much for so little difference.

  • I think the point that you are missing is that genuine manuka honey, produced in New Zealand, can and does make a big difference for a lot of people. You cannot really put a price on health and well-being and each of us will choose how to spend what money we have, be that on honey, new clothes, boxes of chocolates or Bingo games! ;)

  • Oh how I agree with you Toci! I go out very little and don't smoke or drink. I don't gamble and have no hobbies which cost money. I rarely buy new clothing and do not have a sweet tooth. I DO buy Manuka honey from New Zealand. Before I used it I got several exacerbations per year but since I began using it nearly 2 years ago I have had not one exacerbation or infection. I would say that makes it well worth the money I spend on it.

  • I don't drink gamble,nor smoke anymore,have clothes in the wardrobe with tags on,still able to work or I would go mad,i had a bad flare 3years ago,never again,i used manuka since then and nothing,i,m not saying its the honey but I like to think it is,and will keep using it,xxx

  • Agreed. Same here Toci and Minkie

  • agree toci,what we use to spend on the blo,dy fags in a day or baccy packs,adds up to more then the price of 1 jar of manuka which lasts lot longer and better for us,my jar lasts 2weeks,no contest really,just do the maths and add up the difference,you still save when your buying manuka a hell of a lot,in money and health wise,xxx

  • Too true! :)

  • agreed there, just sorry about the bl,udy fags but its never 2 late to stop the fags,even seeing what it did,i think we think it wont happen to us, very wrong thinking,never mind,stress made me smoke more till I went in at stage 2then I woke up,no more fags ,ever,xxx

  • I use money from the little extra I get from the Government (because of my disabilities) to cover my 'care' needs and consider this one of the best things I purchase; a bargain for what I gain. However, you are quite right that each person will make their own choices and, if it is our personal choice, then it is right for us, if not for others.

  • No price on health, would give all of the little bit I have saved, to just regain a little bit of health, x

  • true junespoon,xxx

  • hi ya . have just been to tiptree jam factory .. manuka 10+ is 13.99 and manuka 15+ is 20.99 plus postage .there email is .just so as you might save some money next time if it works .

  • hi tobydoo thanks for that seems a lot cheaper

  • BTW Music, you need to check the size of the jar too. I make sure I always get 500grm jars. Some are 250grms xxx

  • But is it real Manuka? You might find you get what you pay for!

  • I have just found some manuka honey that fell off the back of a lorry, if anyone interested before I put it on e bay

  • They have used Manuka honey in hospitas to treat MRSA in wounds that arn't responding to antibiotics, but I think the thing with any raw honey is that as most will get it from local source, the same properties in that will help the indiginous population,

    Karen xxx

  • When I was recovering from a by pass 5 years ago I had an infection in my chest wound and was given Medical Grade Manuka Honey each time they changed my dressing. To be fair I was also given large doses of Antibiotics both IV and orally. It did clear up and I was told that the honey was the major contributor, I don't know was out of it for most of the time! Medical Grade is extremely expensive and is only sourced from New Zealand

    I also recently watched the food program which featured Manuka Honey and apparently it is often mixed with other honeys to make more profits. I think I would follow the Boots version as being the most reliable. Amazon often quote that they are not responsible for the manufacture of products on their site


  • Medical grade Honey is different to the shop bought stuff, it has been purified and sterile so free of any germs or microbes which can affect healing. I wouldn't trust shop bought honey on an open wound....especially with the amount of fake Manuka Honey which is flying about (no pun intended.).

  • The amount of fake product is certainly cause for concern at the prices charged.

  • Hi i get manuka 25 honey from holland and barretts its £25 per pot ...i hate the stuff actually but the blf nurse told me its good to use ....Wes is right raw local honey is good for you too.

    Im taking aloe vera juice but i think the best thing to keep infections from us is hygiene and first defence nasel spray help stop germs get inside us!!!

  • Careful, your manuka 25 honey is probably not UMF 25. It might say Active 25 or other similar words. UMF is superior to Active, and there is no definition for what Active is - so any company can write any figure they like. You can't compare active to UMF. I can go on if you ask me to, or you can look it up.

  • Thank you be honest i wont use it as i cant get away with the taste!!!

  • The highest UMF rated one that H&B sell is 15+

  • . Had some a few weeks ago ...from Aldi......10+ 250 gm for £3.99. Don't know whether it is a regular line or one of their specials but it seems ok .

  • Eek. That's quite a lot for 10+ Music. I don't recognise that brand, I normally get Nelsons 20+ freepost via Amazon and sometimes its £19. This time tho it was £21 and whilst umming n ah-ing it went up to £24, then I forgot to click on the freepost so Icould kick myself! Lesson learnt.I've also got Wellbeing 25+ before when it was a good price. Those high ones I use when quite poorly then perhaps 15+ for ticking over. I don't use it when well.

    Yes it's expensive but I also swear by it, I've had way fewer infections since using it and I figure I'm worth it.I take it straight off a coffee spoon after a meal. Never put it in hot water because the heat destroys the live quality of it. Good luck.

    I first got it after carefully sifting through thany informative reviews on Amazon. Also, Holland and Barrett often have buy one get one free X

  • The 'Active 10+' on, for example, Aldi's bargain price Manuka honey refers to the total antibacterial activity including peroxide activity, NOT the total Non Peroxide Activity (NPA). See . . .

    If the label says only 'Active' or 'Total Activity' and not UMF or NPA then buyer beware . .

    (UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) means the same as NPA but is a registered trade mark)


  • rough guess at how much of this stuff has UMF how much is rip off on the name

  • munuka honey,, great stuff, sainsburies sell the 15+stuff at about £16.[its got to be at least the 15+ stuff],,, mind you ,very dear ,,, but when you think of it,,less than the price of 2 packets of fags:) and yes, its good for very many things, i put a teaspoonful. in my tea or coffee twice a day,,,,:),,jimmy

  • i was watching a program on tv it was about the NHS using dressing with honey and it was being used on open wounds

  • Thanks for replys and at the moment has im not that bad i will take it in winter season every day and if i dont feel well.

    i did get it online from amazon and it was 500g but maybe i should of looked around more for a better price or free delivery, anyway looking at peoples reveiws if its going to help me to stop getting a infection during the winter months i will try it has i already have first defence and i think that works for me also

    At the moment i work part time and this keeps me more active and helps take my mind off this COPD and of course the extra money helps me look after myself a bit better like being able to go to a gym and buying these things,, but its working with the public so have to be carefull during winter months.

    roll on the summer

    all the best music

  • Hi

    The 25+ Maunka honey is ideally what everyone should be aiming to use. 10+ is probably OK for anyone who doesn't have a lung condition and they are looking for a boost over winter, for example. But of course 25+ is more expensive than the 10+.

    But if you find whatever you use works for you the go for it. Not a lot of research around about the benefits of Manuka - but that may change.

    Everyone needs to do what they can to keep themselves infection free - but at the end of the day the most effective things anyone can do is - healthy diet, flu and pneumonia jabs, regular activity,trying to avoid others with infections and practising good hand hygene.

    Have a good weekend

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