Feeling fed up

Been back to gp today had Alpha1test done. I had thought i might of been able to go back to work shorter hours and days but she flatley refused saying to me i didnt realise how seriously ill id been and was just getting some health back and i was on no meds except 5mg steroid . So jist is im signed off till after Easter. Ive been off since before xmas with the worst infection ive ever had in the last five years of being like this. Im a bit down now as not only does it mean im quater through 2014 and hardly been out (i know there are lots of people far worse than me and sorry if i sound selfish thats not my intention) my hubby and family think i should be back to normal and be at work too . I have my lovely horse who by now would have been back in work ....im not going to be fit enough to do any form of riding yet so by the time im fit she will be totally unfit!!!! Sorry for rant but only people with breathing issues can understand . Hopefully ill have a better day tomorrow . Judith xxx

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  • Guessing the horse is feeling neglected until the better days hard to explain when family and friends cant understand.

  • You can't beat doing a hard days graft in the stables tigershay1

    at least you'll be back in the saddle at Easter

  • Sorry you are feeling so down Judith. Best to stay off work than go back too soon and then have to be off again. Hope you feel much better soon and can ride your beloved horse.

    love cx

  • Sorry to hear that Judith,makes it so much harder when the family don't understand!

    Just make sure you take it easy,& boost yourself up,so you can look forward to riding that horse again,& getting back to work!

    It is a bit gloomy,when you can't get out & about,& no one could call you selfish,just because others may be worse,doesn't diminish your own feelings,you own them!

    Hope things brighten up for you soon,loveWendells xxx

  • Not selfish tigershay, it is an awful stage feeling much better but unable to do the things you want to do. Go slowly and try to improve your stamina and fitness gradually. xxx

  • Thank you everyone for kind and supportive words. I think id built (and hubby) that i was fit to go back to work on phased return....probably due to ive felt better and started to do bit more...obviously looking at things now i realise im not ready at all!! As im only just starting to leave the house for couple hours without doing much.

    How we beat ourselves up at times.....pleased that you people know how things are. Love Judith xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh Judith - miserable. The problem is when you have such a bad infection it does take much longer when you have breathing problems to recover. My husband takes months - like you. He too gets extremely frustrated - don't blame him or you. The horse will still be there when you are feeling better. Work will still be there after Easter. Try to take this time to pamper yourself and catch up with all those jobs you never have time to do when you are working! Get in touch with old friends, make some lunch dates, get to the salon and have some treatments - nails and hair are a must. Find some good books you always wish you had read. Cinema trips? Have a look on groupon for offers in your area! In the long run it will be worth it - if you make a strong good recovery. AND Spring is almost here the clocks change pretty soon and you will start to feel better. Take care, lots of love TAD xx (PS when it gets too much have a good scream!!)

  • Hi Judith. Think you are feeling a bit down and not getting the support you need from your family who don't understand. They want things to be back to normal and are probably feeling insecure that the family lynchpin is not back to herself. That is not helping you at all and maybe you need to explain this to them. It is so hard to be ill with a dependent family and their needs are heavy on your shoulders when you are not well. Keep your chin up. You'll get through this as you've done before.


    Love Sara

  • Thanks Tad and Sara ...you both speak words of wisdom!! I just got a kindle for my birthday Tad so i will load it with some favourite books to read ...good idea on the pampering too x Sara youre right i need to stop feeling guilty ...think its a woman thing plus being only and eldest girl of 4 brothers haha xxx Jufith xxx

  • This illness has no rules on how fast we recover since last May I have had loads of flair ups and chest infections your body has no time to recover before it hit's again just take your time and take care.x

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