Oxygen Levels?

Hi all, just a question, been recently told I have COPD in January of this year, been struggling for the past 4 years with breathing, I have been told im 52%

I have made an appointment with my COPD nurse for next week as im worried about my oxygen levels.

They have been reading in the mid to low 70's most days when resting, they only pick up and go into the 90's when I have been moving about (this is probably because im huffing and puffing as I walk)

Im waking with very bad headaches too almost every morning.

Been doing a bit of research but from what I can see peoples oxygen levels tend to drop when moving about, so why does mine drop when resting and pick up on moving about?

I did have oxygen levels tested at the doctors about 6 weeks ago but they where 99% but that's probably because I had been moving about.....I have taken readings from my Oximeter to take to the nurse.

anyone any ideas why my readings are low on resting and pick up when moving about?

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Sorry N0 - that is exactly the opposite to my husband whose oxygen levels drop when he is moving around rather than sitting. I would suggest you ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise - click on the red balloon in the corner. Good idea to record your results. Good luck TAD xx


The Oximeter has two readings one is your heart that would start low and rise when you move about. But I agree with TADAW ring the BLF.

Kim xxxx

I'm of the same opinion as the others. Are you sure you are not mixing the two readings up JoviLady. The pulse reading is likely to go up as you move around and the oxygen reading will lower. Your meter should tell you which is which. Libby x

Hi all, thanx for your replies, no I am reading the correct one, I got the manual out just to make sure:)

I have emailed BLF awaiting on a reply, and I have called the doctors, have to call back at 1pm for an appointment this afternoon

Hello again. That's very weird.

Good luck this afternoon, keep us posted.

Kim xxxx

Thank you, managed to get an appointment for 4.40pm today :)

My oxygen levels always dropped when resting, especially when I slept. A reading on wakening was always well below 80%, 72% at one reading. I also had very bad headaches in the night and mornings. After moving around for a while my oxygen levels would go up to 94 on average for most of the time . On advice from this site I got in touch with GP and resp. nurses and was put on oxygen almost immediately. Sara

Well my trip to the doctors seemed to be a waste of time, was told by the doctor, the nurse deals with all that, so have to go back and see the nurse next week, he gave me a course of steroids as still got infection after 2 courses of antibiotics

hi jovi-lady, i dont think much of your doc,

theres better advice from coastal,,phone 111or nhs direct for phone appoint

but i have noticed when i have had an infection, my oxygen levels vary quite a bit.

i hope you feel better and manage to get some decent respiritary nurses to care for you,,,,,jimmy

Thanx Jimmy, im seeing the nurse on monday morning hopefully she will be able to give me some advice, if not will ring 111 and see what they can advise they are still going up and down

hi jovi,, if its the gp nurse ask her to put you in touch with respiratory nurse,,, or as you say,, phone 111, hope things work out for you, keep us posted,, kindest regards,,,jimmy

Hi Jimmy, thanx, its the respiratory nurse im seeing on Monday, I have anaemia too, so not sure if this would give me low oxygen readings too, will keep you posted though thanx

If you are still worried phone 111 or nhs direct. (whichever operates in your area ).You will probably be offered a phone consultation with a nurse. Have used the service a couple of times and found them great.

hi jovi lady, so glad its the respiratory nurse you are seeing on monday, she should know more about this and hopefully get to the bottom of things, good luck in your visit,, keep us posted regards,,,jimmy

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