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dry skin

Hi to all, The skin on my arms has become really sore and if I put my arms down on the arms of a chair it really hurts. The skin doesn't look all that dry as I use cream but there is something happening. Perhaps due to the meds or even the disease itself. IPF. Just another joy to add to all the other stuff. Somehow it is the little things that get you down. At least the sun is shining and the flowers blooming. Popplewell

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Hi popplewell, I don't have IPF, but if it's sore and causing you discomfort, I'd advise you speak to your doctor or nurse. Why suffer in silence? Best to call to see if there is anything they can do to alleviate your symptom. Take care :) x


Hi popplewell, here's a tip for your skin, my husband had the same problem with IPF it's all the meds. Ask your dr for a jar of soft paraffin, after a shower get someone to smooth it on every bit of skin except face. Wrap an old bath wrap or sheet around you while it soaks in cos it will leave grease won't need to do it very often but it is inflammable so don't stand next to a naked flame! You are so right it's the little things that bug you, but try not to let it get you down it's just trivia, take care ....AL.

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I have sore places on my elbows, i use double diprobase and wear sheepskin elbow comforts, you can look on the internet, i find them very good, washable, i cannot think of the telephone number and they will advise you

good luck

jan x


Thanks to you all for advice. The Soft paraffin and towel sounds good. A hot towel would be nice. I have been thinking of soap powder too and wondering if that is irritating. Will get my mind round all this. Many thanks. Popplewell


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