Hi there guys, this is my first time posting on here so bear with me please. I've just been told that my D.L.A decision made back in August

still stands, it took just "4"days for them to write and tell me this. I have emphysema(diagnosed last year as mild to moderate now moderate to severe MRC-4/5)heart condition(stent fitted last year after major heart attack, right valve 90% blocked)mental health problems as well(Dystymia-chronic depression, severe anxiety,severe stress-with severe panic attacks)I have a mobility scooter (rental from Eden mobility)which I pay for myself as I can't walk very far at all without getting extremely short of breath. Had "3"chest infections and"1"lung infection so far this year, so would like to know what to do next as cannot believe that I still don't qualify for extra money. I struggle with simple thing like getting out of bed, getting dressed, etc. If anyone can please advise me id be most grateful.sorry for waffling on Aidi:-)

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  • Hi Aidi and welcome to the forum. From what you say, it's very surprising that you have been denied PIP. I can relate to your health problems, apart from the heart. I am so sorry I can't advise you on your application, or where to turn next, but I am sure someone will be along here to help you out soon. If you put PIP refused or DLA refused, or similar, in the search box at the top right hand corner of this page it will bring up previous posts on the subject which may help you out. Best wishes and I hope you can get this turned around very soon. I'd love to see some of these decision makers suddenly not be able to breathe and see how they feel, they have no clue. Libby xx

  • Thanks for that libby,it's just so wrong that you have to beg for what you should be entitled to receive to help you out. I don't know how Dead/near death you have to be before they let you have it . Surely they must know that it's a condition that gets worse not better? Or am I missing something here. You take care and thanks again xxx :-)

  • Hi and welcome ...i would get in touch with your MP to get their help xxx

  • Thanks for that tigershay,ill make enquiries about doing that and see what happens take care of yourself xxx :-)

  • Write to them saying you would like them to review your case, the best and most important is get medical evidence to back up your condition, do you have a blue badge,a letter from your consultant. Not seen your form but sometimes we don't put down the full situation you should put in detail what it's like trying to get out of bed the pain your in how fatigued you are how long it takes you, explain how you are on your worst day and treat every day as your worst day, sometimes we think mentally we can do it but can we or do we ? Your not asking for anything you shouldn't have. If they don't review ask for it to go for appeal try your local council for welfare rights officer to accompany you at your appeal. Good luck and stay strong.

  • you have to appeal the decision you can also get an appointment with citizens advice to get them to help you fill in the forms with you it can all be down to how you filled in the details of how your condition affects you. it may turn out that you have not given them enough information its always better to get c a tohelp as they know how to answer the questions for dwp

  • Thanks for that teaky-19,I took my forms to a lady who fills them out on a daily basis for people who are not getting the help that they need and she works in a benefits advice centre, when she filled iy out for me she said that she had done it to make sure I got the right amount of money that I need. So I don't know how they have come up with the decision that they have! I've just got to wait for a decision maker"to contact me now because you can't just appeal now. Will keep you posted on what happens next so don't forget to tune in for the next thrilling instalment lol . take care of yourself x:-) aidi

  • Something I learnt at school .......

    ..... NO is not a decision, it's merely an option.

  • Hi Aidi, the rules and regulations are for ever changing but if you feel the decision is wrong than you are entitled to ask them to look at it again stating why you feel it is wrong. Good Luck

  • This is the very reason why we should set up a petition on the government web site requesting the way people with lung problems are treated when it comes to claiming benefit. Our lung condition is not going to improve it will only get worse some quicker than others I would like to see lung patients being awarded DLA & ESA automatically, if I knew how to set up a petition I would but if any person on hear can I will sign and get my friend to put the link on face book

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