Lost and found news.

ESA news for moi!

Firstly good news I heard from our Brooke12 such a relief was really worried about her.She is having treatment now still under and very low but is being cared for bless her heart.Im hoping and wishing her well,these things can take time as we know.But more positive. :)

Well I filled in the darn ESA encyclopedia form last May,havnt heard in all that time,didnt bother to contact as having read posts here I couldnt see the point and know how easy it is to get crotchety with the little darlings at DWP!Plus i was still receiving my incapacity all that time.So yesterday brown envelope arrived and I thought I'll open that in a little while! Today I was expecting a medical date when I opened,but no, was to tell me that I had been put into support group and I noticed that I have a rise of £15 per week!! how good is that god only knows why they didnt give me a medical but im not complaining for a minute.The next thing will be PIP havnt been asked yet to switch from DLA yet!Cant wait NOT its the blimming amount of form filling I hate so much! :)

Now know why I was feeling so fed-up,steroids in a nutshell only realised today.Bit fick of me I know not to realise.I can deal with it now it is a great relief,thought I was going to spiral downwards. :)

Three bits of good news am made up just might have to have a little Baileys to celebrate. :)

Thats all folks


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  • No such thing as might LOL. You deserve one :) xx

  • Lol your right scrobbitty it was quite large and very delicious mmm! :) Janexx

  • Good for you jane.a rather large baileys may be required me thinks .

    John x

  • Me thinks your on the money John velly nice it was too haha ive poured another smaller one :p Janexx

  • Hiya Jane, well done! For some reason, they sent me a form to fill in late last year then a few weeks later got my letter same as you. I was gobsmacked! I'm where you were at the mo, steroids sent me so down and making me feel even more ill than I was in the first place. A week and a half in, another two or so weeks to go but at least on reducing dose now so hopefully will start to feel better soon. Am glad you are on the mend. Libby xxx

  • Hi Libby isnt it miserable nasty little red things they are! I know they do good too but the side effects can be quite traumatic to some.Hang in there Libby do hope they are doing the trick for you.Yes now I understand I can deal with it,no likeylikey! Thank-you Libby :) Janexx

  • Jane, am so sorry for hijacking your post to rave on about my probs!! Was def not in my right mind last night. Feeling a little less chaotic in my head today so hopefully the reduction in steroids is starting to help me back to sanity! xxx

  • Dont be daft Libby you havnt and Im not bothered anyway if you had but you havnt hahaha,glad your feeling less chaotic it helps for the brain to breathe lol :) Janexx

  • Hope you feel like your old self soon Libby xxx

  • Aw thanks so much Wendells and Toci. A bit embarrassed about raving on, these flipping steroids have been a nightmare, my head's been in chaos but hopefully easing off a bit now. xxx

  • Get well soon, Libby. x

  • Thanks Toci, see above reply to Wendells. xxx

  • Pleased to hear that Brooke12 is getting the care she needs, Jane. And isn't it great, you being put straight in the Support Group, you must be very pleased. That extra money will come in handy :) x

  • Oh so am I initial I was quite worried about her was so happy to see her name in my emails.Iam over the moon was really dreading what might happen,there are so many awful stories out there.Every penny helps for sure.So pleased my day ended on a positive cant ask more than that. :) Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs.So glad Brooke 12 is having treatment,she sounded so low in her last post,if you are I contact with her give her my best. So happy you've had some good news after the bad luck you've had lately,all you need now is Gerti back and life will be sweet again.Love Bengunn.xxx

  • Hi Bengunn yes she was bless her,I think she is still not well but getting the right care now I think,i will most certainly pass on your message,or send her a pm might be nice for her to receive a bit of post but i shall pass you message on anyway.Yes thank-you Bengunn my day ended very well indeed im pleased to say,happy days back again i hope :) Janexx

  • So happy about your good news, well done.

  • Hello Riverbank thank-you very much.Good news is always very welcome we dont get enough of it sometimes,its very comforting to know your not on your own and people do care about you.:) Janexx

  • Hi Jane,first of all txs so much for bringing an update about Brooke,poor gal,so happy to know she is getting the help she needs.

    Congrats on the good news,a big baileys certainly deserved!

    Yes,those steroids can make you very miserable,been there,but at least you know why!

    Good luck with Gertie,when you mentioned somewhere that it could be the brakes,my imagination ran riot! Thinking of you at high speed knocking all the neighbours down!Ha Ha.

    Take care my love,keep smiling,xxxx

  • Yes it was good to get a little message from her,I do feel for her.

    Could have knocked me down with a feather! was thinking that because i can move my fingers they might say fit for work lol as has happened to some!

    Yes when the penny dropped it was a great relief cos now i know i can deal with it and no it will be gone soon.

    Hahaha got my imagination running riot there too Wendells :)

    Keep well now :) Janexx

  • Best wishes to Brooke and well done inspector longlungs for finding that out. :) .

    It seems you have been driving Gertie too hard Jane burning her brakes out like that, were you preparing for the coming F1 season or driving with the handbrake on. Ha Ha

    Well done for joining me on the support group, not sure who were supposed to support but it pays better anyway.

    I've been on steriods for 3 1/2 years now and never experienced the depression thing luckily but it seems many do, at least you know the cause which should help you spiral back up again. It'll help when Gertie the wonder scooter returns all tuned up and raring to go

    Tony xx

  • Hi Tony yes I think quite a few of us were worried about her bless.

    Very strange with gertie didnt do that many wheelies I thought lol .

    Your absolutely right Tony now that I know the cause I know it will be short lived very happy about that I must say,I hope you never suffer that side affect its not a nice one well no side effects are nice.

    Cant wait to hear exactly what gerties problem was and when she'll be back home ahhh!

    Hope your well Tony :) Janexx

  • I am pleased this has eventually been sorted out for you. May give hope to others. x

  • Hi Toci how are you? Yes its certainly not a quick service but sorted at last and very pain free Im absolutely positive had I have been on their case stress would have entered the equation.I do think some who work in these places forget we are human beings sadly.We need alot of patience waiting on these claims. :) Jannexx

  • hi jane, those steroids are a bit of a pig,[if you pardon my expression:)],, but so glad you got good news,, go easy on that £15 now lol:) ,,,still its better than nowt.

    just do as you say,, but take the baileys in a very large glass ,,full to the brim:)!!!!! your worries will drift away :)... kindest thoughts jane,,,jimmy:)

  • Pigs is a good name for them lol Jimmy .I know Ive had to ring my financial advisor for help! :p The baileys was delish mmm! :p Do the ear protectors help at all? :) Janexx

  • your usual good post lol:) ys they are a pig [no offence to the pig lol:) glad to hear youenjoyed the baileys,,, be a devil pour yourself out a glass ha ha:)

    the ear protectors are great, what a difference, thanks,,,,jimmy xxx

    jane i am just about to put the oxygen back on,and do my neb,my oxygen levels have drpped dramaticly,, they were up to 95 with oxygen, but about 91-92 during te day without oxygen,, i thougt i felt a bit wobbly, couldn think straight,, but levels drpped to 81,, never been that low during te day,, anyway will do my neb then put oxygen back on,, i just hope its not aninfection brewing,, it,ll prob be ok in a short while,,sorry to go off topic,, jimmy xxx

  • Oh blimey O'reilly Jimmy wack that oxy on lively eh 81 not good! Do you feel like you going down with something? also have you got yer rescue pk in case of? Take things easy dont go bonkers doing stuff thats an order!!!! :D nothing to be sorry for Jimmy you silly billy off topic? am I bovvered nah! :) Janexx

  • hi jane,, just to let you now i feel perfectly fine now,:) i have had the oxygen on for 8 hours now, levels back up to 91-92 , my mucus is clear, so have not taken any emergency steroids or anti-biotics,, ,,but for some strange reason i did not feel right at all at the time of posting earlier, i felt dizzy, breathless, sore head and dottery [if thats a word lol:)] and this happened almost all of a sudden,? so i have rested most of the day, will now just have early night, and will monitor this tomorrow , best regards jane , have a good night,,jimmy xx

  • Hi jimmy hope you have a restful night.keep an eye on yourself .See you tomorrow.nightnight :). Janexx

  • Sorry to hear that Brooke12 isn't well at the moment but thank you for posting that Jane. I think when you get gertie back you should give her a slap and have a little word in her shellike. Tell her if she does that again then in the bin she goes. At least you know she is hot stuff :) Seriously though hope you are ok and hopefully will be back on wheels very soon. x

  • I very nearly did a John Cleese on her and slap her with a leafy twig lol.Yes I shall give them a call come monday and see what her bliddy problem is :p I was very worried about her so made my day when I heard from her love her.Im good have kicked the little red devils outta the ballpark,normallity is expected soon. :) Janexx

  • Well done Jane I'm going to reapply for DLA or what ever it is called God only knows how long I will have to wait I'm ringing on Monday for a form

  • You go for it onamission,Im waiting for them to tell me ive to reapply for the now pip from my dla they did say it was going to take 2-3 years before everyone was changed from dla to pip? I know they are in a pickle over it all,no surprise there lol.Are you keeping well onamission? Hope so. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jayne I'm ok I had 4 spine blocks yesterday at the hospital so I'm going to use the time I have { before it wears off } to try and get my fitness level up. x

  • Hi onamission wow whats that for sounds bad though,how long does it last for? sorry being so nosey cant help myself lol :) Janexx

  • From my L5 { spine } down is just bone on bone so they give me these injections under live x-ray steroid and other stuff they should last 3 moths I get about 6 weeks pain relief and I get two lot's a year this is all down to money in the NHS even though you are awake all the way through the procedure.

  • Oh poor you 4 of the blighters 12 weeks out of 52 doesnt sound very fair does it,how terrible to just then allow you to suffer its so wrong! I know that pain have probs myself neck and lower back arthritis no fun for you.Well as you say make the most of your pain free time eh dont be going bonkers though lol .. :) Janexx

  • Good news all round it seems Jane ...nothing like receiving money in a brown paper bag ....hope this finds u well ...hugs Wes xx

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