Up until last autumn i had been riding my horse and training once a week with my personal trainer along with eating healthy. However due to being hit with my last infections ive barely been able to walk up my stairs let alone do my normal activities.

Well today i have managed to do 15 minutes of light pilates with my trainer .......i am so pleased with myself ive got a long way to go before i get back to my normal self but im on my way!!!! Just need my management plan sorted to try keep me well for this year and im one happy bunny xxxxxxx Judith

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  • I know what you mean. Im just recovering from an infection. I had no energy whatsoever for a fortnight and the stairs were a nightmare. Just begining to feel like exercising again this week and I`ve got to gradually build my endurance and strength up again. Normal people complain about shortness of breathe during chest infections, so its ten times worse for us. When you haven`t been using your muscles for while you lose power in them. It does make you feel good though when you get a bit of get up and go back especially when you are so ill with an infection you do wonder if you will ever get any better again but we do. :)

  • Very true ...this infections been my worst to date for many years im just trying to do a bit more every day x take care xxx

  • The summer is coming and you will start to improve with the weather, listen to your body when doing exercise and you will get your fitness back.

  • Thanks x i will do

  • I m not long out of hospital, 2 weeks IVs and oral ABs, prior to going into hospital, 4 weeks of feeling rubbish and two Weeks ABs from doctor.

    Been home a week now, and again I have a very sore lower back which has now moved up onto the middle of my back with a slight discomfort of left chest.

    Sputum is very thin and occasionally light green.

    Don't know if that means I am getting another infection ( already ), thing is my nose and throat are sore and excuse this, The bogies in my nose are yellow / green and slightly thicker.

    I will give it another week and if this feeling persists, then of to the GP.

    I don't want to break into my self medi ABs just yet as it is too easy to say "just pop the pill and it will go away.

    That's the fine line I find hard to recognise, when to say, I actually need them or just take them just in case.


  • Recommend you see doc on Monday Tom if no improvement over the weekend. If an infection is there, best sorted soonest xx

  • Worse today Peeg, so I think I will just go to doctor on an emergency appointment.

    Getting so very fed up of this cycle, not going to take anticipation ABs until I see the doc.

    Thanks for giving me your advise, it is much appreciated.


  • Oh dear Tom thats not sounding good definitely see how you go over the weekend .....hope your feeling better soon take care judithx

  • Hi Judith ...so pleased for you keep up the good work girl ...hugs Wes xx

  • Thanks Wes ...haha im stiff as board this morning but im dertermined got to do twice more before he s back on Friday. Have good weekend love Judith xxx

  • Thanks Judith.

    I think I will just submit to the problem and trot to the doc yet again.

    Thanks for caring.


  • Oh how I miss riding. I was born in love with horses, nothing smells as good as a horse. This was the hardest of all things that I had to give up. Keep working and even if you can only work in a small ring go for it... good luck.

  • Thank you Salis x oh no thats such a shame i couldnt givecmy lovely girl up she is my life line at times .....she and hubbys boy both get winter off as im at my worst then but summer is lovely long hacks and watching them pottering about in their fields pure joy xxx take care xxx

  • i also went swimming 3 times a week but last year I had two chest infections one after another and since then I unable to get my level of fitness back but I have also gone from level 3 to 4 keep up the good work and good luck

  • Thanks onamission ....i trained etc ate well and still blooming infections hit me cant understand it ...its going to be a long slow climb to get fit again and the i think why im only going to be back again in winter urrrgh makes you cross doesnt it x take care xxx

  • I know that feeling well. I couldn't do a 4 minute dressage test on my pony. Now I'm running 2 miles without a break. Exercise and fitness is the key. Well done keep going x

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