phoned doctor yesterday for my oramorph,,,, inhalers, seritide 500, spiriva, the rescue blue inhaler , saline solution and salamol, for the neb., the other medication comes in a dossete box as a repeat script,,,,,

also asked if it was possible to try


the whole lot delivered at 10am this morning , right into the house too, i was on the nebuliser at the time,, the delivery lass came right into the house, and laid it all on the couch,,,, great doctor and great service and lovely friendly delivery lass.,,,


i have have some bother with mucus, [its on a few different threads] very hard, tiring work, trying to bring this up,,,,,,,,

so lets try the carbocisteine !!!! 120 capsules of 375mg , ,, take one four times a day,,, welle see how we get on with that now.

i am just going to take the first one now , i was going to start it in the morning,,, but bothered again with trying to bring up this phlegm, or mucus,, its really got me done in,,,so the first one is going down right now,,,jimmy

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  • immy Carbostiene is good doesn t work like cough mixture, but taken regularly does help thin mucus, it works for me anyway. Did you try "huffing" technique also brilliant for shifting stubborn mucus , hope it s "all on the move soon " so to speak. Doctor s service sounds brilliant by the way.

  • hi well man, just popped on before the carer comes, yes i have tried "huffing" in fact "ive huffed and ive puffed till i blow your house down" its got be done in!!!, ,,yes brilliant doctor and service,

    i think its actually working, a lot better this morning, [nearly lol:)] thanks for the post,, regards,,jimmy

  • Glad to hear things are working for you take care

  • yes well man, were getting there now, thanks for post , all the best now,,jimmy

  • Well done Jimmy, don't worry or give up if it doesn't work immediately. I believe it takes a while to take effect, possibly two weeks - but check that with pharmacist.

    I haven't heard of that dosage before. I take two, three times a day when in need and then go down to a maintenance dose of two, twice a day to keep it in the system until I need to raise it again. P xx

  • hi peeg, hope you are well,

    yes, this is the dosage on the packet, just taken second one early this morning, it might be "in my mind" but i think its helped already,, but early days yet.,, thanks for the post peeg,, regards jimmy xx

  • I hope that the Carbocisteine works for you jimmy as mucus can be so difficult to clear. Pete uses Mucoclear but still has problems sometimes. He is now trying breathing exercises as he went to see the respiratory physio at hospital this week. I hope you are doing ok and stay well. Lots of love, xxxx

  • thanks for the post sassy , i have breathing exercises by the home resp. nurse, but she doesnt see me i the morning trying to huff this gunge up :) but giving this carbo,, a try, hope your well sassy, thanks for lovely post,, i send my love, you keep well yourself,, jimmy xxx

  • I am fine thanks jimmy and good to hear from you. Take care and hope everything works out well. Lots of love, xxxx

  • glad to hear your doing ok sassy, i am doing fine myself ,these carboc,,,,, capsules are def. working already,, kind regards,,jimmy xxx

  • You have a great service!! Good to hear positive things! Hope the carostiene helps - have you tried saline in the nebuliser? Take care, have a great weekend TAD xx

  • hi tadow, yes def, a great service, i do have the saline for the neb, this what i was using to bring this phlegm up, it was working,, but oh, hard work. however i will try this carbo, it seems slightly better this morning,,,,,,same to you tad, have a great weekend :) take care,,,,,regards jimmy xxxx

  • Hi jimmy, I started taking carbo 3 weeks ago and it has really helped, I don't bring up phlem but the congested feeling is clearing so I would say yes, it does take a few weeks for full effect, take care and stay well, weather is warming up now so we should feel better with our breathing.

    Jude xx

  • hi jude, i have four weeks supply, to try it,,,,,,as the doc says, it does,nt suit everyone,but it does some,,, but i will certainly try it,, i think it helped this morning, maybe this was just a "one off morning" but i will be able to tell better as the days tick by, yes waiting on some decent weather now, this would help us all :) glad to hear this carbo,,, is helping you, that in its self gives me a little confidence, thanks jude,, keep well now, regards,,,,jimmy xx

  • & don'y forget to drink lots of water .... that's also very good for clearing the old plumbing.

  • yes,out for lunch, i think this oxygen makes me dry too, maybe other meds,, but i managed to get 48 small bottles of that flavoured water, i have two big bottles too,, so drinking plenty of that,, it saves me making too much coffee all the time, but yes, drinking plenty water,, thanks "out for lunch".

    ,,,,,,the problem is,,,,,,blinken catheter bag!!! hate it,,,i am walking around like john wayne ,with constipation lol :) :) :) ,,, and i have to take two 40 mg water tabs morning and lunch time!!!!!! im sure their doing this just to punish me :),,,,ha ha,, best regards,, blobly,,jimmy:)

  • If you are still managing to stay off the ciggies this may be helping with the phlegm situation . I know it has with me. Pity it hasn't speeded up the typing. Cheers

  • hi again coastal, yes, i am proud to say,,,,YES,:) still of the ciggies, and strangely enough it isnt bothering me too much,,,i get the bad craving at times, but if i let these cravings pass, im ok after that, then feel quite proud of myself:) ,

    it could well be the opposite i have heard that when people stop smoking,they often produce more phlegm for quite a while, so poss could be that ,, but really, this phlegm seems to be "way deep down" like in the bowels of my lungs, if you get my meaning, but a bit better today,,,,sore finger with typing now :),,,,jimmy :)

  • I'm 4 months and still think about ciggies but not as often. Think this can only be expected as they have been part of every day routines for most of our adult lives. However think it was in the Allen Carr book said need to differentiate between craves and wants . Eg .would quite like a nice fat juicy steak but don't need to go out , buy one and eat it. Also like lobster but don't carry twenty of them around all day for when I want a munch .There is a clip of a dvd showing a lobster carrier somewhere o the internet Try googling Allen Carr ....quite a few free clips.

    Best of luck with your quit . As you said it isn't as hard as you thought ! and it does seem to get easier.

  • i have never actually read the book,coastal, but have heard good reports about it.i will try google alan carr, ,,,i like free clips:) jimmy

  • Jimmy, if you try this Carboceisteine in the morning, it's bound to make you cough up and free you of the mucus in the morning. STand pretty near a container, sink or toilet, because tI found the effect quite wild. But it works, definitely works!

  • yes heiingmac,,,sounds good to me, i hope that happens to me, i will be glad of that,, i think its working already in the morning,,,,, but their doing me no harm, thats the main thing,,,thanks for the encouragement anyway,,,jimmy

  • Hi Jimmy,what a lovely positive post! Yes you do have great service,I think you find them so lovely,because you are,& that comes back to you,if you get my drift!

    Have a great weekend,hugs & love xxxx

  • och thank you wendells for the lovely post, hope you keep well now,, a wee hug from me :).,,.jimmy xxxx

  • I use carbocisteine and seems to work with me, i was also recommended Beconase Hayfever nasel spray, seems to clear the sinus mucas which stops that irritating back of throat cough, which my copd nurse can irritate and clog your airways

  • hi eskimo, yes i think the carboc,, is working good , i am not so much bothered by sinus mucus, than the phlegm from deep down in the lungs,, especially in the morning, and sometimes during the day,, but this carbo fairly shifts it,, thanks eskimo,,,jimmy

  • Oh forgot to say, Benylin Mucas cough medicine (liquid) works wonders

  • i havent tried this eskimo, asi think i am on to much mediction,, not sure i could take this along with oramorhp.,,jimmy

  • Hi jimmyw123

    I know the feeling about the drugs, but for an over the counter medicine Benylin works wonders, my wife also bought me a boots steamer (not electric) and use a little bit of eucalyptus oil with boiling water and that seems to move the mucus from deep down. cheers, Paul

  • hi eskimo, i couldnt take benylin due to other medication paul, , but the other sounds good, i have not heard of this before, but could imagine the combination of steam and the eucalyptus oil would help,

    i remember years ago [im giving my age away now lol:)] when we were kids with bad chests and choked noses, mother would use "friars balsalm" in boiling water in a bowl, with a towel over our heads,, i wonder if you can still get this?,, it used to do the trick anyway:) in a way, kind of similar to eucalyptus oil and steam. anyway paul,

    im still finding this carbocisteine working for me, still taking it 4 times a day, it is definitely is helping , thanks eskimo,, jimmy

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