My beautiful mum ♥♡

Morning all! Been quite a while since i was last on here, but thought I'd let you know how mum is. Well pleased to say she is doing fine had no chest infections in the past 6 weeks. Even managing a half hour walk twice in this past week, foggy today so staying in. And i managed to get away for the night with my dauhter to celebrate my birthday, without worrying too much. Once again thanks for all your support during hard times. Take care!! Xx

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15 Replies

  • Oh that's brilliant news bmb, small steps but all in the right direction eh?

    Your mum is SO lucky to have such a caring child ...but I am sure she already knows that

    Love Sohara

  • Thanks Sohara x

  • What great news bmb, thank you so much for letting us know. Your Mum is very lucky to have you to care for her. So glad to hear you got out to celebrate your own birthday too, me time is so important when you are caring for someone. Take good care and may your Mum continue to progress. Lots of love TADxx

  • Lovely to see mum back to her usual self. Many thanks for ur kind words:-) xx

  • Makes me happy to read such good news, gives the day a nice start.

    Life can be difficult caring for a loved one, sometimes people forget that you are a person and have a life as well. Bless you both and enjoy a healthier future.

  • Thanks for your kind words. Just getting away for that 1 night really helped me plus had quality time with my daughter. Promised myself to treat myself every now and then:-)

  • How lovely to hear such good news. I hope your Mum manages to stable. Take care M x

  • Many thanks! Xx

  • That really is good news, pleased for you all, Take care.xx

  • Many thanks! Things looking up:-)

  • So pleased for you all, Spring in the air that makes everyone feel a little brighter, have a good weekend. xx

  • That is such lovely news. Made me smile (and it's my birthday today :) ).

    What a lovely lady she must be to have created such a caring loving family.

    Love and warm thoughts to you all xxx

  • Well first of all Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day and weekend:-) Take care best wishes xx

  • That's great news,how wonderful,we know how worried you were.

    So glad you got to spend time with your daughter,she needs her Mum too! xxxx

  • It's been a tough fee years as my daughter has OCD and has been having therapy for over a year, but i can gladly say she has done fantastic and have got rid of most rituals so things looking good for us now. Thanks gor your support! Xx

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